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Movie Theater Popcorn... I am so sick

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Before I began this lifestyle change... I had cut out movie theatre popcorn. Besides being expensive, it taste awful. That said... everytime I eat it ... i feel sick, nausea, mild headache.... gross. Anyone else feel that way? Is there something in it that I could be allergic to? I only ate it today, because I took my kids to the Veggie Tales movie.... very funny recommend it for kids10 and under. Just curious.
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Well i have IBS and it effects me in a way that when i eat i get sick and throw it up as my bowl rejects it, could it be possible that it might be ibs? Or maybe it just doesnt agree with you? The headaches sound strange though so maybe go to your doctor and discuss it? Ive never had this problem but i get it with some foods (minus the headaches though)

hope this helps! x 

Maybe MSG? I'm not sure if it's in movie popcorn, but that could definitely cause something like you say, lots of people get 'MSG hangovers'
Oh my, I love movie theater popcorn! When I eat it I get sick too because of all the oils. I cant keep my hands off it though =*(. Popcorn is my only weakness.

xD Movie popcorn owns.

I had some on Saturday seeing Sweeney Todd (not that anyone can really EAT while watching that move, heheh), and it was my first bite of real popcorn in months.

Ahh...popcorn...how I love thee.

Well, frankly, I don't go to the movies unless I feel that I can eat popcorn.  A movie isn't a movie without it.  But lately, I have been feeling queasy too and likely that is because I eat so well most of the time, and my body isn't used to the butter and salt that is in the popcorn at the theater.  It is just the amount that I eat ( a lot)  and the richness that makes me sick....
Normally if I get popcorn, I don't get the added butter.  I went to the movies with my mom recently and she wanted butter.  We shared the bag, but I felt so sick from it.  You'd be amazed at the fat and calories the butter adds.  This isn't so great for someone with IBS, slow gastric emptying, and horrible reflux.  I resolved then that if I do get movie theatre popcorn, I will no longer use the butter.

On a brighter note, I recently bought an organic microwave popcorn (Shop Rite store brand, but i'm sure there are others out there) and tried it for the first time yesterday.  A serving is only 110 calories and has 5g of fiber.  I think if I want popcorn at a movie, the next time I'll make it here and take it with me.  Oh yeah, and it was REALLY tasty :)
I am going to the movies today. If I go with other people besides this particular friend, I rarely get the popcorn. But this friend always gets the popcorn and it is very hard to resist that salty greasy disgustingness. Why, when I know it is so bad for me, is it so hard to say no???
A reason for the possible headaches is how much sodium is in there if you eat movie theater popcorn you deffinatly have to drink alot of water so you don't get dehydrated.

Could also be that you have a mild corn allergy. 

Usually people don't eat large amounts of corn.  But those giant movie theater popcorns are another story.  Going to the movies may be the only time you consume enough corn to trigger the allergy.  I get the same symptoms eating any type of popcorn in large amounts.  So maybe try popping up a bag of microwave popcorn and eating it all to see if you get the same results. 

I love popcorn. I almost lived on it in college and still love it.  With a young child I haven't been to the movies almost at all lately, and I miss the popcorn as much as the movies themselves.

I've been hearing a lot lately about popcorn lung, normally associated with workers in microwave popcorn factories. But a consumer who had 2 bags a day for many years is now filing a lawsuit that he has popcorn lung.

I'm not sure if movie theatre popcorn and butter could cause the same problems. Most movie theatre popcorn is popped in coconut oil if I remember correctly - I think its something to do about not burning as much while popping. But the added topping could be anything.

AMC do-it-yourself butter pump always tastes metallic to me. Famous Players has butter and Becel. I use Becel at home and love it on popcorn so thats my choice.

If you love the butter, but your stomach/bowels can't take it try getting them to put a little bit halfway up, and then only 1-2 pumps on top. A little goes a long way for flavor, and spread out like that you don't get soaked popcorn on top and dry on the bottom.

And hey, for all its faults popcorn has lots of fibre! I always pass gas after eating a whole bag. :-) 

I don't know about the stomache issues, but I also get headaches from eating movie theater popcorn.  It's never made my stomache upset, but has often left me with a headache.  I'm not sure if it's the oil in which they pop it or the butter topping...?

I've also started to notice that the same sort of headache happens right after I take my vitamins.  I'm wondering if it's a dye that they have in common?

I LOVEEE movie theater popcorn. Seriously, I have considered just driving there and only getting popcorn. :>

That being said...I get sick because of all the butter. I found that once I have too much butter whether it be with popcorn or if I'm eating it with seafood then I will throw up. :( 

I can't say to the US movie theater popcorn since I haven't lived there in over 4 years now, but the junk they server here in the UK smells like stale cardboard with melted crisco poured over it.  I never get it because I'm mostly afraid it will taste exactly like it smells.

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