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Most ideal weight calculators for people 5'5"

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Most calculators i find online say that a woman that is 5'5" should ideally weigh 125 pounds.  I would feel like a skeleton at that weight with me weighing in around 235 right now it's a long way off!! I have lost over 40 pounds since i have had my son 6 months ago so i am doing well but does anyone else here think that the ideal is just too skinny for them?? When i was around 175-180 pounds back in like 1992 i felt pretty good then so thats what my first major goal is to hit 180.  What do you all feel about "ideal weights"?


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All I can say is... PSHHHHHT!!!

They don't take into account frame size, genetic/personal history, afflictions, etc. Every single person is different. I was frequently told I was chubby at 125 lbs. at 5'5". And yeah, I was because of my freakishly small frame. I completely ignore the calculator. At least half of my friends are in the same position as you.

I can't imagine EVER weighing 125 LOL  That's crazy.

I'll be happy if I ever see 140 myself but I'm shorter than you!  When you hit 180 we are having an internet PARTAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There is no way I could weigh 125! I am currently 180 and hoping to get to 160. I am muscular under all this fat, so unless I had zero body fat or lost a bunch of muscle or some vital organs, I can't weigh 125. a lot of girls 5'5" are aiming to get to that or under, but I think there is a huge range and unfortunately, it's difficult to find an accurate body fat percentage calculator that you can do online. I get tons of diff answers when I do those, but it would be a better indicator than bmi.

That's exactly what i say wistful!! :)  I just feel that i would be really bony by the time i got to 125.  Haley i know i can get to 180 it just seems so far away girl!!


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I let the CC calculator decide my goal weight which is 139.  I'm 5'5 1/2" and I think I have a large frame.  When I was in my 20's, 125 was a good healthy weight for me.  I'm pretty sure I would not look good at that weight now.  I'm a lot more muscular for one.  Fitness has a lot to do with "what you look like at which weight". 

For instance, 3 years ago, I rapidly lost weight without trying and was 150.  I still looked fat and wore a size 16.  I rode a bike and worked a physical job but no other exercise and I was still eating junky.  When I moved, I stopped working and riding the bike.  I regained what I lost and put on more.

After counting calories, eating healthier foods and exercising in a variety of ways, I'm 155 and size 10.  I lost inches much quicker than pounds. 

So, when I was 125 I was probably toned but not muscular and I was incredibly active.  I felt normal at 130-135 and I doubt I will go lower than that when I reach my goal. 

Ideal weight for an average woman is generally 100lbs for the first 5 foot and then 5lbs for each additional inch.

of course this can be argued that it varies for build, muscle mass, age etc, but its a good guide. Im 5'7 so my idea is 135, being that im 137 i think the calulation is about right, however that said id still like to drop to 125.
Original Post by chelseagirl:

Ideal weight for an average woman is generally 100lbs for the first 5 foot and then 5lbs for each additional inch.

 I haven't heard that since high school, but I remember back then I was about spot on at 5'6" and high 120's to low 130's.

I'm back in that range now (129 today!) and I'm pretty far from "skin and bones".

A lot depends on your build and the volume of muscle you carry v. fat.  I wouldn't rule anything out, OP.  As you get closer to that number it may not seem so unrealistic.  Either way, you can evaluate at 5 pound steps as you approach it - and stop when you feel comfortable.

I've heard this as well, and as ktcort, I am aiming to get to 160. 150 was always my "set point" when I was younger. I'd get hungry if I went below that, not hungry if I went above it, so I think that was where I was meant to be.

The only time I got even close to 125 I weighed 130 pounds, and to maintain that I was working out over 2 hours a day, which was unsustainable for me in the long run. Therefore, 150-160 just feels right to me.  If I could get to 140 I would be VERY VERY impressed.

I eventually want to get to 150 but i feel like 180 is a good start and if i lose anymore after that it's ok :)


I am almost 5'5 and currenlty 138lbs.  If I was to lose 13lbs to get to 125 and lost all fat, that would put me at just under 14% bf which would be too low (I'm aiming for 16-17%)  To be 17%bf and 125lbs I would have to lose about 4lbs of muscle and 8lbs of fat.  I really don't want to lose any muscle, which means it will not be possible for me to be 125 without being underweight

I have to say that I agree each body is different and to lump everyone in together into certain ranges is obsurd. It doesn't take into account frame size,body fat just says that should be your weight. I myself am 5'4" and at 125 I feel I am overweight..I have always been small though, I think I broke 100 pounds my senior year of high school. Ideally I would be comfortable at 115 now since I am older and do not want to look like a child..in fact I am happy with my weight now..if it doesn't change. I have lost 11 pounds and my cw is 120 pounds with 21% BF. But every"body" is different. Aim for your comfort level.

Original Post by betl5:

Ideal weights should give you a range. for 5'6, it's 118 to 150, I think. I would literally die before I reached 118...or 130. At 127, I would be cutting into my essential fat -- fat in fingers and other obscure places, necesary to live. at this point the thin layer of fat under my eyes would start hollowing out. My shoulder blades poke out at 160, my ribs poke out when my stomach is still at 140. my lean mass is 117. At 150, I'm at 23% BF, 20-25 being ideal. girls at 17% bod fat (139 for me.. still at the high end of the range) are ripped, competitive triathletes, etc.

use a matrix of BMI (least accurate), body fat, and measurements.

I'm 5'5 and I fluctuate between 119-123 (more towards the 123 end) and I would hardly classify myself as skin and bones...my body fat percentage is 17% and I am definitely not ripped or a competitive triathalete lol I wish!It really all depends on how your body is built..

I'm 5"5/6 and I would never try to weigh that lil, yuck. 140 is my goal I liek to look like a woman not a lil 12 y/o boy, lol (no offense to those that are that weight you know what looks good on you). My friends were tellin me I looked oto skinny at 140 but thats where I feel comfortable.

I'm 5'5 & in the low 120's- down from 125. It's not that little.

Perhaps my perspective is a little off.  I started at 226 and am currently at 160.  My goal is to get to 154 which would be just inside the healthy range of my bmi.  I'm hoping to get there by mid-July.

I'm 40 years old and 5'6".  I'm wearing a size 8 comfortably and sometimes a size 6.  I feel really healthy and good about myself.  I could lose another 25 pounds, but my goal was never to be a size 0. 

I'd say that as long as you feel happy, healthy and like what you see in the mirror, then that is your ideal weight.


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I am 5'5 and currently 138; like several others have said before me, 125 for me would hardly be skin and bones. I could definitely afford 10 lose 10-15 lbs (especially from my butt and thighs)!

I think it comes down to perception and taste, I have pictures of me being about 140 and I myself think I look bad in those, as in waaaay too thin, all sticky and bony, so I am aiming for about 150 now, but I guess I'll kinda decide as I go, maybe I think I have to stop before that, dunno yet.
You can't discuss about taste anyway, I think it doesn't really matter in the end it is all about where YOU are happy at.

If you go by BMI, a 5'5 woman can weigh anywhere between 112 to 149 pounds depending on her frame size/build, her bone mass, muscle and etc...a little heavier is okay too, at the end of the day it's her body fat percentage that counts...below 32% BF is considered quite safe for a woman, ideal  BF is 21%-25% for general fitness, and 18-20% is considered excellent...most women already look quite fit and svelte at 21-24% BF....btw, I knew a woman who was 5'5, 125lbs and 32% body fat...compare that to a 155 pound 5'5 woman at 27% body fat, and clearly the 155lb woman is healthier even though her BMI would class her as being slightly overweight. 

I definitely agree that it has a lot to do with the person's frame.  I'm 5'5" and weigh 114 and I think this is the ideal weight for me because I have a small friend but I have friends who look the same as I do but they weigh more.  There is no ideal weight for everyone. 

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