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most fating food

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OKay i think i spelled fating fattening? they both look wrong to me buy anyway...i'm sure this has been asked before and I'm sitting here eating a dulce de leche yogurt wishing it was an actual dulce de leche icecream but...just for fun...what is the most fattening food you ever ate??

For me it had to be this huge banana split with hotfudge and whipped cream and lots of nuts....it had to have had over a 1000 calories! it's been a while but once in a while i fantasize :-)
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Denny's Breakfast...over 1200 calories! I'll never eat there again.

I don't think I can classify the "most" fattening food I've ever eaten because I used to eat like that everyday.  Even foods that seem to have a good nutritional value aren't that great for you.

Eating out is probably the worst because they use so much more butter and sauce than you would use at home.  For example, an 8oz Steak with loaded baked potato and a side of veggies has 1780 calories!!!  That's a whole day!

The worst thing I've eaten recently were french fries and fry sauce at this greek restuarant we went to for lunch.  I try to not eat fried foods at all but sometimes they just sound good.

when i was little (like 5) my mom would give me a spoon with butter on it. So i would just eat butter.

a nutritious snack for the ever growing obese nation.

OMG! i have never heard of eating a spoon with butter! but then again i remember when i was a kid i used to eat about 5 pieces of toast with butter AND sugar on it!

 my hubby like to eat saltines with butter on it...lol (just thought i'd throw that in)
Deep fried mars bar. Never tried it but massive cals!
Speaking of Deep frying; a deep fried twinky!!!!! >< yikes!
just thought i'd add i used to eat toast with butter and sugar (and cinnamon YUM).. and saltines with butter as well.... hahaha That what i binge on now is butter with a little bit of toast in there. agh
chicken alfredo from olive garden cazzzy fattening
How 'bout... an ENTIRE bag of peanut brittle at Christmas, by myself.  Yeah, yeah, a lot of it was the "good" fats... but still.  It's the eating endeavor I'm the most ashamed of.  I just physically couldn't stop.
Deep fried milky way. It was at a county fair sooo good but soooooo fatty. Oh well.
Hollandaise Sauce.   I never had it in my entire life until a few weeks ago and then looked it up after I had some on asparagus.   1/4 cup of that evil shyte contains 3 egg yolks and an entire stick of butter ... that's um, let's see ... 1,100 calories!!!!    I wanted to throw up when I realized how I wrecked my day with that (and the otherwise perfectly good asparagus.)   
Original Post by amberrr:

when i was little (like 5) my mom would give me a spoon with butter on it. So i would just eat butter.

a nutritious snack for the ever growing obese nation.

To this day, I can't resist eating a spoon of margarine or butter if I am using it on something!

lol rachelann, i've managed to give up that habbit. However peanut butter, or icing if i'm making a cake is a different story.

After making my friends birthday cake i had 1/2 tub of vanillla icing left, so i saved it and had it on graham crackers. it was wonderfull, but i'm pretty sure i won't be doing that again soon!

I love pb with a spoon right out of the jar

French fries, because they're not satisfying and they're soaked in oil. It's easy just to wolf 1000's of calories worth of them!
I remember when the book of lists came out and one list was the most caloric foods. 

Number 1 caloric edible item was solid animal fat which is found on meat.  This was followed by fats (lard, oil, butter, mayo).  The first listing that was a food and not a condiment was bacon. 

Funny how sweet things didnt show up for a while.
BTW not a fan of bacon anyway.

Cardini Ceaser dressing, the original available in stores.  160 cal for 2 TB of which 153 are from fat.  Its not clear but creamy and I used in place of condiments like ranch, ketchup, tarter sauce, cocktail sauce etc but its just a memory now.

EVERYTHING  on the Chili's menu.



cheesecake! that chocolate molten cake w/ice cream @ chilis!
I used to eat thin mints by the box.  Wowwww.

I also used to make fudge and then eat most of it.
ya i think the samoas girl scout cookies, maybe under a new name now,  U only get them once a year and you HAVE to eat them before someone else does.
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