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What does being more hungry mean?

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So today I woke up more hungry than usual.  I did have a good workout the last two days and I have been eating about the same cals for a while.  But this morning I woke up really hungry.  So I had a few wheat thins to tide me over until I had my breakfast (oatmeal).  The oatmeal normally keeps me going and not hungry for about 3 hours.  But today I am still hungry.

What does this mean?  Should I eat more food today or stick with my orginial planned cals?  Does this mean I am loosing?
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when that happens to me, i try to eat more protein. let me know how it goes if you decide to try that.
Well, first thing I'd do, in that case, is drink some water. Are you awake or still tired? I've noticed that if I'm thirsty or tired, I can feel hungry.

If you aren't thirsty and aren't tired, than maybe you just need more food than you planned. In this weather, your body may be fighting to stay healthy. Try not to overdo it. A few wheat thins was probably a good idea.
I added some avocado and egg white to my salad to up the cals a little bit and get a little more protein.  Have started drinking some water now. I am still pretty hungry.  I already at my afternoon snack :(  just save room for dinner I guess.
you metabolism is speeding up and since you are weight training your body is going to need more food for energy. Muscles burn more calories in a 24 hour period than any cardio you will ever do. I always tell my client to try and get a good protein meal about an hour and a half before bed, some egg beaters or a protein shake are excellent choices. something lower in calories but high in protein. That will also help your body reciver and repair itself while you sleep(thats when the body does all of that stuff). Let me know how it goes.
Well I work out after work, usually around 6pm and I get home and have dinner around 8:30.  Dinner always has a protein and veggie and a carb.  I usually go to bed at 11. 

So I guess since my metabolism is speed up (lets hope that is what it is) that I am burning more cals, and loosing inches.
When I eat a lot right before bed, as opposed to eating little or nothing, I wake up super hungry. I believe it's a blood sugar thing. Besides that fact, it's normal, of course, to feel differently on different days. Just like with working out -- some days you're full of energy and can take on the world; other days it's all you can do to get through your workout. 
I've noticed that right before my period I seem to be ravenous- maybe this is the case?
I didn't realiss you ate dinner soo late; meybe try increasing your protein and low glycemic carbs through out the day. you should be a little cincerned because you want your body to stay in an anabolic state that mean it need nutrients in your system. If you are waking uo hungry you are not getting enough grub! You could also try supllementing with an Amino Acid. The extra aminos will help you to stay in tha fat burning zone.
I probably do need more protein during the day.  I am trying to get that up but its hard with out getting out of control.  what would be a low glycemic carb?  I eat lots of fruits and veggies, that is pretty much were most of my carbs come from.  I do eat oatmeal in the AM every day and then a carb with dinner.

when do you take those amino acids and how do you take them, is that in a pill form like a vitamin?

it is right before TTOM so it could be that also.  I always feel like I can eat a ton during TTOM.
Did i ever tell you how happy i am to be a man!

The amino acid's are in pill form just take them befor bed. be careful though the pills are a little big.

some great low glycemic carbs are sweet potatoes, yams, baked beans, wheat bread, brown rice. you can do a search on google for a huge list. The ones i  listed are very easy to make and travel well.

be careful of the fruit intake, fruit has a a lot of fructose which can mess with your blood sugar and can cause a bit of weight gain.

the carbs I listed are a little on the heavy side if you try one of those before bed especially the sweet potatoes it should help. 
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