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Weight Loss
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the more I exercise, the fatter I feel!

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I've been exercising a lot, averaging an hour a day. I used to do an hour a day 4 days a week. I am starting to feel bloated, even though I've netted a nice daily deficit of 500-700 and my BMI is merely 22.2. My stomach, my legs-- and I'm afraid to get on the scale because I feel like I've gained! I'm even eating the exact same amount as before I upped the exercise.

What gives?!
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Muscle. If you did gain, and you very well might have, it's muscle weight. Don't weigh if it's going to freak you out. You're not "fatter."
I don't get it. I even look chunkier!! I thought increasing my exercise was supposed to help with weight loss!

Are you sure it's muscle? this is so stupid!
Good lord, someone please help... I've gone into a panic-- I can't zip up my jeans!!!!!! This is truly horrific.

Advice, anyone?!
If you exercise a lot, especially weights, or a certain type of exercise all the time, certain parts of your body will gain more muscle.  For instance, if you work on the stairmaster, your glutes and legs will probably build muscle. 

If you had little fat to begin with, you would notice the larger muscles in the fit of the clothes (and even if you had some fat, the fat will poke out more on top of the muscle, until it goes away).  If you look at bodybuilders (both men and women), you'll notice that their muscles "poke out" more than other people's - and so it is for everyone, to a lesser extent, when they exercise.  Not sure if that's the case here, but there's probably no way you can be gaining fat right now.

I also just started reading a book called "Escape Your Shape" (found it on Amazon) which mentions different body shapes and the types of exercises that accentuate the parts you don't want (e.g. "spoons" should not do lunges or stairmasters or their legs/booties will get bigger and make the upper body look even smaller).  You may want to look at it, to see if easing up on some of the lower-body exercises makes sense, if fitting into jeans is the issue. 

For me, I know my waist is small, but it has no definition, so as I do crunches and ab work, I expect my waist size to go up a bit as the muscles build up (which is much healthier for my back, too).

Did you just start exercising/counting calories lately? You didn't mention your weight or what your goals are, so it's hard to answer.
zarelha, will you look in that book and see if there is an exercize to GET a waiste line?  
I've been counting calories since February. I am 17 years old, '5-"1, and 115 pounds. i don't think that's overweight, but hey, I could be wrong... so I'm going for another 5-pound loss to hit 110. (I started at 125, which isn't obese or even very overweight, but I feel better now, and that's what counts.)

Sorry for flipping out. My calves are getting big though-- but harder. And my butt hasn't decreased in size (lucky me), but it is firmer.

Do I need to lose a lot more weight? I wish I could focus on maintaining and being healthy and not have to obsess over calories... but it's for my own good.

Sorry for rambling!
And then, of course - let me know what it is.
Short answer: No, you do not need to lose any more weight.  In fact, at your age, you may not be done growing yet, so you don't even want to restrict your calories too much.

As a teenager, your body has been "out of control" for a while - growing up, growing curves that were never there, trying to adjust itself.  Not every part grows at the same rate, so sometimes it takes time to adjust to the "final product".  You may not see the "final product" for a couple more years, so it makes no sense to obsess about it now.

Don't sweat it too much.  Just keep doing the healthy things that you know are good for you.
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if you are working out alot, but still feel like you are gaining wait, try drinking alot of water( i hate water so i drink green tea! has a ton of good stuff in it, and it will rehydrate you after you sweat without having to drink flavorless water...i drink lipton green tea with citrus and its like a sports drink but healthier) when i was in the military, i always seemed to feel bigger even though i was losing weight and i finally figured out it was because i needed more water/hydration.... someone finally suggested that you should drink at least a gallon of water a day if you are working out on a daily basis...especially in the summer!! hope this helps...and btw, no i dont think you should lose any more weight....i think know you should just maintain the progress you made!!

Your still growing so i wouldnt be freaking out. That aside if your feeling like your not seeing any improvement adjust your exercise plan. It takes a good 6 weeks to see results. Then you should alter it from there. I would suggest you do weight traing 3-4 times a week and cardio 5-6 times a week. Your still young so it wont be hard for you  to tone the rest of your body up. You dont want to lose anymore weight just tone up what you have.  Take measurements and track your weight by that. I hate scales they tell you how much your overall body weight is which includes (skeletal frame, fluids, waste, organs, muscles, and fat). So dont go by that just see how your clothes feel and take measurements. Yes and if you are working out alot please replenish your body with water. If your thirsty that usually means your all ready dehydrated.  Good luck
I didnt' read everything here...

But let me emphasise the importance of Cooling down after exercise... expecially serious cardio.   Blood will pool in your legs if you don't cool down properly (and even stretch as well) and it'll cause your legs to swell some.   If you run too often then you could constantly get this feeling as well.   Usually it's accompanied by the "heavy leg" feeling.

So just 1 suggestion... make sure you cool down enough.   If you are running make sure you spend 5 to 10 min after walking.

Oh and drink plenty of water every day.   You need around 2.5 liters a day ... expecially when you are exercising that much.

Also hey, maybe your jeans are just too small.  If you are aiming for being unhealthy skin & bones... and so on... instead of just good health and fitness then it's possible you are aiming in the wrong direction for jean sizes.   What size do you wear.   What is your current weight, height and so on.   Maybe you need to rethink your self image for a bit... and if super skinny is your goal you probably need to just stop exercising now.
I think i'm a 5/6 (at Old Navy maybe a 2... haha). i got this awesome green and black dress for my aunt's wedding, and everyone told me how fabulous I looked. Somehow, I took that as a cue to lose more... that may not be the healthiest mindset to be in!
You look fabulous = lose more weight???  Sorry, but that logic is over my head.  ;-)
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It sounds as though you are starting to border line anorexia which is extremely bad and could cost you your life.

jcs980 - you might want to check the date of this thread.

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