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Weight Loss
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I have only lost 3 lbs in the last month, August 27- September 25th,  counting calories.  I am supposed to eat around 1200 and am buring around 1700/day.  I am usually sticking to that unless it is a friday or saturday.  I am a designer, so I do not have an active job and would like some advice from people with similar issues.  I am 5'-6" tall and weigh 149 lbs.  I would like to weight 130 lbs- before next January.  I wear a C cup bra and have for years, so I fall in the heavier side of the scale when considering body type. I drink alcohol on the weekends and this is what keeps my calories high on the weekend.  I would ultimatly like to lose around 5lbs a month for the next...months.

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1200 calories a day, and burning 1700 gives you a daily deficit of 500 calories each day (which is very safe and healthy).

This means you will lose about 1lb a week.  However, since you eat a little more on Friday and Saturday... let's say you're actually only maintaining a 500 calorie deficit 5 days a week.

This gives you a 2.8 pound loss a month.

You arn't losing slowly, you're losing normally.
Alright- I am going to post another log in one month with an update of the weight loss.  If I have lost another 3 lbs, we are good.
Slow and steady is the way to go.  If you loose to quickly you are more likely to gain it all back.  I started Aug 27th myself and I lost 4lbs but I am a little heavier then you are.  Don't forget the alcohol on the weekends adds up and takes away from the work you are doing during the week. Plus while drinking most people are more likely to snack or lean towards quicker unhealthier options when they get the munchies.  You are doing good keep it up! 
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