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Weight Loss
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3-Month Bikini Body Challenge!

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If you're looking to tone up and lose weight before bikini season, come join the challenge and get support from fellow CCers! We weigh-in on Mondays and Fridays for accountability. dy-challenge-g4191

Come join and introduce yourself on the forum. Can't wait to see the group grow and if requested we can close it after a certain number of members. Merry Christmas and lets start a healthy new year!
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I'm ready to join!!! I've lost 60 lbs so far since I started in April I just gave birth to my third son in march. I started at 206 now down to 146. I want to lose 30 more lbs. I'm 5 ft 4. I watched my calorie intake n started running to lose the sixty lbs. I just signed up for the gym so hopefully I can lose 30 more. :)
That's an amazing weight loss so far! I would love for you to come join my group!
I'd love to join too. I've been wanting to be in bikini as long as I can remember. I have always worn them ( but only when it's dark or no one's around) but this time, hopefully I'll able to wear it and be confident. Starting weight - 139.8 lbs Goal weight -110 lbs

How many miles did you run and was it on a treadmill. I hate running on the treadmill I feel like I'm trapped because I'm not moving anywhere. So I can use some suggestions. Thanks!

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I ran outside my neighborhood during summer. I would do three miles in the morning an walk during my hour lunch. But when fall started I ran on my treadmill at home. It was not as bad because I had a t. V. But I do prefer outdoor running better because of the fresh air. I've slowed down a little because of the holidays and how busy it's gotten but I'm back on track tomorrow and hopefully will start training for a half marathon....
I'd love to join this! I was 190 in April and I'm down to 163, I was 155 a week ago so I've been gaining :-/ I need to kick it up a notch for sure! I'm 5'7 so my ideal would be 135-140 but I'd love to build muscle too!
I've been sending you guys all invites to join the group. There are already introduction, nutrition, workouts, and weigh-in forums!

I'm in.

Not used to the group thing, usually always use the forums. It's much easier to stay connected, but hey I'm up for a change!

Got in great shape from a summer trip this year, down to 120, and since returning home I've put on about 10 lbs again (we'll see after xmas damages weigh in).

Looking to get back to the 120 area, and get firm and toned. Actually don't care much about the number as much as the consistency of my behind! lol.

I'm terribly out of shape... no gym, yoga perhaps? Home workouts? It's winter!! ahhh!



I would love to join. I am 5'2 and 143. My goal is to lose 28 pounds and reach 115, I never wore a bikini in my life. It wound be amazing if I could.

I would love to join too!  I am 2 months postpartum with my second baby and have 3 more pounds to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight but 13 pounds to lose overall to get where I would like to be.  I love the extra accountability with 2 weigh ins!  I'm not really familiar with how the groups work, but I would love to be a part.

Hi everyone! It's Friday here and I woke up early excited about the weigh in.

SW - 139.8 lbs

CW - 138.6 lbs

GW - 110 lbs

I watched my food intake carefully this week. But I didn't have time to exercise. I made sure I ate small sensible meals every 3 hours and even set my iPhone on alarm for those times. I'm looking into starting P90X lean this Monday. I've started watching the video just to familiarize myself with all the moves.
I would love to fit into a bikini again n not be embarrassed. I would love to be in between the 100-110 range and I'm 5'5
Hi I would love to join. I got pregnant but then miscarried :( would love to get in shape again!

I'm in too!!  I'm a collegiate rower but still have some excess body fat id like to get rid of before bikini season!  (which is soon for SoCal!)  I'm 5'7" and 163 and I'd like to be 150.  

I would love to join! I lost 77 pounds last year and then went on vacation, and then my son was hit by a truck so I couldn't get to the gym. Well, I have gained 53 pounds back. :( time to get it off!!

I'd love to join!! A bit more than a year ago I lost 40 lbs then gained 10-15 back again.  Right now I've stabled off but really want to be lean and fit :)  Six pack here I come!!;)

I'm only 16 years old, but I'd love to join in! I currently weigh 135 but I'd like to be 120 by summertime. I'm 5'8.
5'7 and 130 I was at 118 last year, my goal is 120lbs. Have to fight of sugar and bread cravings!
Happy New Year everyone!!!

I started my P90X workout today and boy was I disappointed in myself. I couldn't even do a single push up!!! But I finished the entire 57 mins of Core synergenetics with my own modifications but I'm sure I didn't do all the routines in proper forms though. I'll try another shot tomorrow. I just couldn't let myself give up. I still eat clean and plan every meal ahead of time. So I'm good at that part of the equation. Here's my stats as of today

SW - 139.8 lbs

Cw - 138 lbs ( .6 lbs loss since last week) W/o exercise Gw - 110 lbs
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I would love to join as well! I need something like this to keep me accountable for everything! Especially since spring break is in less than three months. Eeek! Starting weight: 137 Goal weight: 120 Here's to a new year and renewed motivation!
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