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milligram vs gram

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Ok here goes to all of you good at numbers. I was looking at my sodium intake for yesterday and it said 4000. I thought OMG. I went back through what I ate. When impost what I ate, I make sure it matches what the box or container states. The question is this. How do I keep track when the box states mg and calorie count works in grams and puts me way over. I am finding the sodium is getting me. Can anyone help me with this please
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CC does sodium in mg. It does carb, protein, fat, fiber and sugar in grams, and everything else in mg, except for Vitamin A which is done in IU. The nutritional info on boxes usually does the same, so there shouldn't be any trouble in that regard, I don't think.

1 gram = 1000 milligrams

If you ever come across a food that lists sodium in GRAMS, throw it away as fast as you can!

If you are struggling with high sodium, keep in mind unless you have an existing cardiovascular condition such as high blood pressure, or kidney issues, you shouldn't have to worry about your sodium intake being higher than the DRV. If you are worried, however, just balance it out with potassium. It is the balance between these two that truly matters, not their absolute numbers by themselves. The problem is that the vast majority of the population, myself included, does not get anywhere near enough potassium from their diet.

Thank you. I do have high blood pressure. What is the best form for potassium?
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