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Weight Loss
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What about after Micheal Thurmond's 6 Week Body Makeover..

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I am currently doing Micheal Thurmond's 6 week body makeover.
The diet is very restricted (no salt, dairy, sugar, or fat, not even the healthy fat..) and I am afraid if I loose all the weight with this diet I will gain it all back when I go back to eating in the real world. Not that I am going to eat unhealthy, but a normal balanced diet (yes, with some sugar, dairy, salt and healthy fats...) with excercise...Has anybody done this program and kept it off without eating such a bland diet the rest of their life? I already read all about the living lean after you loose the weight with the 6 week body makeover. I just don't think that this diet is realistic for the rest of your life. Therefore I am very hesitant to continue when I know I can loose weight just eating healthier while making a calorie deficit through exercise and food.

Anyone, with any input and experience with this diet please let me know what you think pertaining to my question. Thanks!!!


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i haven't done it but have though about it. is it very expensive?

I'm not sure how expensive it is...I heard it's around $100.00 and you can make payments. A friend of mine is sharing hers with me.


Voice of experience: highly restrictive diets are UNHEALTHY.  They do NOT work.  You will gain the weight back - probably quite fast, possibly gaining more than you lost in the first place.

You have a healthy plan here at CC.  It works and is as close to painless as it's going to get.  Why would you dump a good plan and get into something that's bad for you?

I agree with gpm55.  Sure it works great, but when venturing back into the world of real food that hurts.  I am using Weight Watchers that is nutritionally sound and lets me eat real food.  I also use CC as a tool.  I can get my nutrional information so I can track my points with WW.  Plus it's nice to see that weight loss graph pointing down hill.  As far as expense goes WW where I live is $13.00 a week.   Even less if I purchase a "Monthly Pass". 

I have used Michael Thurmod's 6-week plan and was successful.  I have discovered that I can use household items like cans of baked beans to exercise with, and my back porch steps to run up and down for whatever time I want.  When I quit MT, the weight came back, but this time even more.    It was a sad realization.

Good luck to you.  Please, please work on learning about real world nutrition for your future healthy eating habits. 

the only reason that that diet works is because you cant eat hardly a  veriety of food. my grandma found a  full kit at a garage sale for 5 bucks so i didnt waste like 150 dollars but i think that that diet is to much time consuming

I used it and went from 200+ (just had a baby) to 165 (190 was pre baby weight) in a very short time.  I hated the resrtctions but I was thrilled with the loss.  I gained back to 176 and stay there for about a year before finding this site.

I still use some of the tools I learned from the program always eat protein with carbs and such but I just couldn't see myself living with his plan. 

Weight loss is a lifestyle change you have to live with forever.  This (CC) is a lifestyle I can live with. I gotta have my salt and cheese.

Yes, Ive also just tried the MT make-over but after thinking about it more realised Id probably just put the weight back on once I added dairy or wheat back into my diet.  I really battled to not have dairy and I think his plan is to restrictive as a lifestyle change.

Everything in moderation, exercise and understanding how food fuels your body is ALL you need in the end.  Commit to the lifestyle you know is right for you and you can stick with for life.

I know MT, Trained with him for a few weeks. He is all about the money. Not that he cannot help you but he is not a Guru. He does provide some good info but nothing that is not available on line. Most people who pay to have his help are just searching for ANY help. Remember you want to increase your metabolism and decrease calorie intake. One pound is 3,500 calories. So decreasing your intake to 500 calories a day x 7 days is 3,500 calories, exercise can burn off the other calories and you can easily loose an average of two pounds a week with consistent exercise. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED if you do not see a weight loss after the first week, remember that you have not done anything for a while and what seems like work is just regular activity to many. Stay away from the scales and be consistent!!!

First thing is to count calories, begin an daily exercise routine, tread mills walking are a good start and you will notice weight loss. 1500 Calories a day and walking for 30 minutes a day will result in a weight loss of one to two pounds a week.




Further, understand Micheal was a very successful competitive body builder, look at him now. He is soft and out of shape. How is it he can advise people for money and not take his own advise? Some people are just lost and will follow anyone. Gaining weight while it may have been enjoyable was not easy. It takes time and effort to put on weight, it takes time and effort to loose it also.

I also did Thurman's plan about two years ago. I took some weight off but couldn't maintain, it was far too restricting. When husband called me the food nazi and likened the house to a concentration camp I decided the plan wasn't worth it and tried the maintanence plan which wasn't a whole lot better. Pieces of the kit now live in my attic, the rest is gone forever.

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