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I have yo-yo dieted for a very long time. I gain weight so fast, its incredible.  I'm convinced I have the metabolism of a snail. ( If that is the slowest on on earth )  How can I know if my metabolism is damaged, how long does it take a body to recover from the decreased metabolism, and how can I increase my metabolism? Any info out there?
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Have you tried doing a Google search on the subject? Have you read this post by CoachDee? http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/7598 .html
The good news, though, is that yo-yo dieting typically doesn't hurt your metabolism, unless you've been doing something silly like starving yourself. Starving yourself can put you in starvation mode, bringing your metabolism down and it takes time for it to get back to where it was.

Fad diets are bad. They promise us phenomenal weight loss that we can't maintain the moment we get off the diet because we've never learned how to eat properly in the first place. Fad diets are all about foods we can't eat like Carbs, Chocolate or Fat instead of teaching us how to learn eat smart and learn what your body NEEDS.
the only way to improve yor metabolism is to exercise and eat. you have to eat enough for your body so that it doesn't think it is starving... think of food as fuel for your body; as long as it is properly fueled, it will start working for you, and it doesn't actually take that long to get your metabolism going again. you just have to be consistent and you have to make changes that will be permanent... seriously, eating well and exercising are the only way to do this right!
Thanks to all.  The info on the link was very helpful.  I'm relieved to know that there is hope.
I get this concept but my question is...if I am eating about 1400-1700 calories a day, and working out burning about oh, let's say 600-700, do I subract those calories burned and go by that? Or do I have to get those burned calories back after I work out...

i.e. > I eat 1400 cals by 4:00.  Work out for an hour (cardio) burn about 600 calories.  NEW total = 800 calories for the day...I am recommened 1700-1800 cals/ day.  Should I "catch up" and consume 900-1000 calories after my workout? 

This is confusing...any advice on that would help greatly....thanks so much..I hope this isn't confusing
The Weight management program taught by CURVES suggests a "metabolism tune-up" to increase the amount of calories you can consume without gaining weight.

They recommend that you eat 2500 calories every day, watching the scale. When you have gained 2 pounds, drop your eating to the minimum required to take it off quickly. When you drop the 2 pounds, go back to eating 2500 calories per day... They say that you will find that it takes longer to gain the 2 pounds every cycle that you do this. According to their research, your body will actually improve its metabolism from this "tune-up."

Frankly, I have not tried it. Some women I know have done it and say it works. I'd be interested in knowing what coachdee and others who are educated in nutrition have to say about this.
jlieb, this is what works for me... i take my calories burned (exercise + normal calorie expenditure) and make sure i eat 500 - 800 calories less than that total number. for example, today:

ran, burned 854 cals + nce 1499 = total calorie expenditure 2353 - 500 = max calories i should eat today (to lose) 1853 or subtract 800, and get the very minimum cals i should eat today, 1553.

i hope that didn't confuse you more!
thnks for the replies, it does help.  I will have to do some experimenting with this and see what works best...I am at a stand still right now..so frusterating!

Ok so my NCE is already up in the 2000's...is this normal to be that high?  and I would get a total calorie intake (using your formula) of 2269...isn't that a lot?  ..but I guess not if you are really supposed to have 2000 per day..

I will have to try it out..

Thanks again

It may take some time, but stick with it and it will happen.  After a fad diet and skipping meals for years, I gained weight super fast. It's taken me a year and a half to finally lose it.  If I reduced my calories, my metabolism slowed.  It was frustrating!

Finally found this site in February.  But I didn't get consistent weight loss until March and even then, I've been through a couple plateaus.  Now, I'm down 20 pounds.

Being consistant with calories and eating enough (yes, you have to eat) and exercise seems to have kick started it my metabolism.  I notice a big difference between now and when I first started.  But you need to be patient.

1) Like what Melijo wrote - don't let your deficit fall to more than 800 less than you burn.  Any more than that shuts my body furnaces down and does not burn fat. I stall. 

2) Have a maintence day every once in a while. Have a couple days of 800 deficits, then a few 500 days.  Get your body to trust that you are going to feed it, so it doesn't have to hold on to what it has.

3) Eat a snack every few hours.. an apple, an orange, yogurt. Keep the fires burning.

4) Drink LOTS of water - at least an ounce for every half pound you weight (200 lb person = 100 oz).

5)  Avoid the scale.  Don't let it discourage you.  Look at your food log:  are you eating healthily?  Getting exercise?  Then it's working. Don't get too discouraged by the scale.

Over several weeks of doing this, I noticed a change in my metabolism and saw a steady weight loss of about 4-6 pounds a month. The important thing is to STICK WITH IT and not get discouraged.
are you male or female?

i entered my activity level as sedentary and then just add my exercise, what is your activity level set at? that will affect your NCE.
wow thanks...

I am a female.  I think I do have activity level set to moderate, so I should change it b/c I sit at a desk most of my day..

this is only my 3rd day on this site, so I am new.  I knowit's going to take time, but I want to get it right w/o fiddeling around.

thanks again, Jlieb
totally recommend setting it at sedentary and logging all your activity.
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That was super helpful Squirrel!

I'm with you guys - I've worked out for 90 days and just snacking mostly all day. When I learned what a typical 300 calorie meal is: http://www.diet-blog.com/archives/2007/04/26/ what_do_300_calorie_meals_look_like.php

I realized I wasn't eating enough! I've been doing cardio and strength training every day and while I'm seeing myself tone - my fat is not going ANYWHERE! I think my body has stalled from the getgo.

Snacking on an apple or an orange doesn't help a bit - that's only like 80 calories. Just be aware girls that we all eat less than we should be! Unless we're eating a high calorie item like cheesecake or a burger. But think about how many meals you eat in a day? its hard to pack in 4-6 small ones!

Does anyone have a site on typical easy meals we can have every day to substantiate like a 1500 to 1800 calorie diet. I'm afraid my metabolism and my body is just holding on to the fat for dear life!

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