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I messed up!

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I was sooo hungry today, and it had been so long since I'd eaten without feeling starving all day. I had had my 1150 for the day and had planned on eating nothing else... But then I decided one day wouldn't kill me. Even if I went over ym calorie limit. I had a slice of Domino's pizza, two of the cinnomin things they have, and a bite of a huge cookie. How many calories do you think that added? Will one day ruin my diet? I kinda went overboard...
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it does not hurt every now and then to have a relapse.

i do it to remind me that its not good to do that on a continuous basis - like i used to. hence that is why i am the size that i am today.

use it as a treat day - dont beat yourself up literally about it - put it behind you and get back on track.
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I should add that for weeks I have felt absolutely ravenous the clock around..
look at what you are eating and try and eat something in the morning like oat based cereal - it keeps you fuller for longer or wholemeal bread etc - ie higher fibre - i am working a 12 hour shift today - i am having baked beans on wholemeal toast for breakfast - i have the same for lunch - hopefully that will keep me going until i go home later tonight at 6pm - started at 6am this morning. as i am working such a long shift i will only allow myself to go up to bmr - 2300 - and will have a treat chocolate.
Nope it wont RUIN your diet, we all fall off, it is what u do tomorrow that matters

Up your excersise, and drink lots of water, cause of the sodium all good!!
hehe. I don't call it falling off the wagon, I'd like to call it my free day. Sometimes when I have my period or maybe something else has happened, I just have something extra. I try to limit to one sin, though, like either the pizzaslize with an ice cold light beer, or else the cookie with a cup of coffee.....

And then I sit down and enjoy :-)
Just get back into your diet tomorrow and don't sweat it. In fact, if you have been so ravenous maybe your calorie intake should be a bit larger and if it is you will be able to stick to the diet better and will likely lose more weight.  But if you are steadfast on sticking to such a low cal diet I recommend you spend some time on the food board and veggie board and learn filling ways to get those calories. You would be surprised how full you can be on 1200 calories with a little elbow grease and some grocery shopping.

I sometimes also have relapse days. I just log my calories and usually there is some small blip in the scale upwards which resolves itself in a few days and mostly with a nice extra little step down too. Sometimes the body needs a few extra calories to wake itself up.
The reason you've felt ravenous is because you're starving yourself. I looked at your journal, and saw your plan of eating 500-900 calories a day.

Yeah, you definitely messed up. You need to eat more every day, then your body won't be screaming at you for nutrition.

You don't need to starve to lose weight.
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Thanks to everyone who answered! :D I feel a lot better about it.. I don't don't feel like a failure anymore!

And to those who suggested I up my cals, I think you've definitely got a point there. I haven't been eating enough at all.. I've since upped them to about 1,500 when I excercise and 1,200 when I don't. It leaves me with about a 700 calorie defecit a day, which sounds a lot less excruciating than what I've been doing... I'm hoping I won't be so irratable and starving anymore :D
One slice of pizza? I had six on Saturday (i work 'til 4a.m and was tempted by the evil takeaway that lurks outside my place of work. ha) don't worry about it! i felt really bad, but you have to have off days to keep on track in the long run. i just did some extra exercise and was really well-behaved (calorie-wise) on Sunday, so i figure it evens out.

Treats are important in my opinion =)
I wouldn't even call it messing up...i've "indulged" 3 times ...once on BWW naked tenders wrap with cheese, i had french fries one time and one time i ate a WHOLE pint of hagen daaz light smores icecream...i knew that it was gonna be a lot of calories each time i did it...but i aslo knew that i wasn't gonna do it agian the next day...I feel like its okay to enjoy a meal that isnt' all too healthy every once in a great while...but you can probably look up the calories on here you might not have did as bad as you think!
I don't really worry about eating above my goal as long as i don't eat more then I burn that day, i veiw those days more like a short pause in my diet and a bit of a good thing to help maintain my metabolism, i just try not to let it happen more then once a week.  :)
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