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Do you ever feel the mental craving to eat, although you are perfectly aware that you are not physically hungry?  I was doing fine during the first 5 days of my diet, but now I feel that I need some carbs in the form of cookies, sweet cereal with milk, or some dessert.  I need to be strong.  I am a bit nervous about my mother in law visiting tomorrow from abroad, I suppose anxiety translates into hunger in my brain.

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hey, im a recovering anorexic and trust me when i say i know what im talking about... dont be too strict on your diet because u will have these mental hunger 'pangs' more frequently until you binge on all of the desserts/simple carbs&sugars that u may be depriving yourself of. keep aa space open in your calorie count for a small treat each day even if its just 1 small piece of chocolate or a cookie. good luck!!

I have to admit I am skimping on the carbs a bit, and focusing more on the proteins.  I have such a long term goal (6 months) that I need to find a comfortable level to be able to last that long.

Thanks for the advice!


I do this all the time. I am also a VERY emotional eater! I learned what goods I could cut out completely (potato chips, french fries, cereal starchy foods like that) and what I couldn't - namely, ICE CREAM! OMG if I don't eat ice cream every few days, I will end up eating a whole tub! (Or two!!!) So I buy some lower calories ice cream bars and a lot of popsicles. I'll have one bar, and then if that doesn't do it, I'll have a popsicle or two. But this way I can keep my snack in the range of 200 calories. This is acceptable for me. Way better than a whole bag of potato chips - I can easily down this 1000+ calorie "snack" - or a whole tub of ice cream which I can also down in one sitting!

Emotional eating is very common. But working with it and conquering your cravings works better the further along you are in your journey. The right mindset is key for me. I am aware of my emotional eating. When I get cravings I ask myself if this is really

1 - necessary

2 - worth the calories

3 - something I can channel and instead eat something sensible

Often enough I can substitute my cravings with a small or low calorie snack - my favourite these days is microwave popcorn.

Sometimes I just HAVE to give in. Ice cream for sure! Chocolate! Crackers or chips.

My personal solution is to not have ice cream at home. If I have considered all points and I came to the conclusion that I deserve and need ice cream I walk to the gelato place close by and buy a SMALL cone with my favourite flavour. And I enjoy it!

If I decide I HAVE to have chocolate I measure out a quarter cup of baking chocolate chips, dark, high in cocoa. I let them melt in my mouth and often enough I dont even need all of them.

Emotional cravings are tough to manage and if you run into the problem of craving comfort food more often you might want to consider talking to your doctor about it. If you need to lose weight for health reasons your physician can prescribe you either low dose antidepressants that can help with emotional eating or other meds that support your journey of learning and living a healthier lifestyle.


Tin: I am also a very emotional eater.  In my case, I am a self-pity eater, if something upsets me, I say "poor me... here have a cookie".  What I have done is to cut dessert cold turkey...  I have tried having low calorie snacks for desert, but what happens is that one leads to another until I have consumed enough low-calorie snacks to make it a high calorie binge.¨Embarassed

Mermaid:  You give me hope.  I believe that I am getting better at controlling my cravings.  Just today, my husband, some friends and I were at this restaurant, and my gf suggested dessert.  I just said no.  I knew that the salmon sandwich that I ordered had way more calories than anticipated (they fried the bread!!!) so my calorie budget was overdrawn.

After dinner I went to the gym to burn a few more calories, even if it was only 15 minutes.


For some reason I can do lower calorie ice cream and be okay. But any of those "100 calorie" snack pack things are absolutely a no-no for me! So I totally understand. I can eat a whole box of those bad boys... =(

And good for you! I find it someone offers me dessert it's sooo much harder to turn down so that's impressive to me! :D

Well, last night I sinned... big time... creme brulee.  My biggest weakness.  So this morning on the threadmill, I was thinking creeme brulee... creme brulee... creme brulee.   But as a friend of mine said, if you are going to sin, make it worthwhile. Tongue out

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Carbohydrates help the brain to manufacture serotonin - an important neurotransmitter that helps reduce depression and anxiety....  Therefore, it's not surprising that you would crave carbohydrates when you are anxious.

Yup, I get horrible cravings for salty food (i.e., chips) when I'm stressed. And also, if I go on any diet where I'm forbidden to eat something, I immediately want some, even if I normally don't really crave it (e.g., ice cream -- I hardly ever crave it, I can refuse it if offered, but if forbidden, I want it.)  So I tell myself I'm allowed everything in small quantities, and don't buy big bags of chips or cookies. 

Of course, I've only been at this for about a month now, so... let's see if this approach works.

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