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Measuring your weight loss. Instead of Weighing in.

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Ok being im at a high weight and almost got my scale maxed out it been hard to get a exact or even ideal of my weight being my scale maxes out at 400 pounds and i weighed 395. I started my diet on the 12th of September and as of today 2nd of october my scale said i weight 378 on day but then shows me at 390 one minute of the day and then back down to 385 next day. Its so jumping around i know i want get a accurate reading until months down the road. So im deciding to measure myself with a cloth tapes measure to see where im sliming down at in area. Basically my question is what are the key places to measure yourself besides your waist line.

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Measuring is a really good idea instead of weighing because of muscle gains and things. Measuring around the top of your thighs is a good place, and around the top of your arm too I think. Good luck!

waist, neck, (and hips for a girl, )you can also add thighs and biceps for S&G.  You can use the waist and neck measurements to calculate body fat percentage based on the US Navy method too which may help you with a rough estimate of body fat % decreasing. 

Good luck with your journey :) 

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Look, at this stage I would focus 100% on changing my life style and maintaining a 500 - 700 cal deficit and I would pay 0% attention to the scale. You will lose weight but the pace of weight loss is not really that important - you have to be able to stick to a new life style without the gratification of knowing about X amount of lost pounds.

Unless you have an exceptional scale, it will be most inaccurate anyway when it gets close to its max limit. Measuring might be the better option.

To do all that at 395lbs though is like buying a factory new car and checking the wear of your tires on a daily basis starting day one.
Hi Mrfantasticoo, I think that measuring in different places and logging the date and measurements is a great idea. It will give you a direct picture into how you're progressing. Put the scale away for awhile temporarily, maybe two to three months. If you have doctor's appointments coming up where the office/facility has a bariatric scale that's calibrated regularly, use that until you are down enough to weigh at home. For a long time, I had to use the bariatric scale at my cardiologist's office to weigh until I found a digital scale that I ordered that weighs to 550 pounds. For the first time in more than 20 years, I got to weigh at home on a regular scale nearly two weeks ago. Like an earlier responder said, focus right now on getting your eating patterns/calories where they should be and do body measurements for the time being. Good luck and hang in there!!!!!!!! You will see and feel the results over time!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Mrf, Welcome to our "family" I want to wish you good luck, good health and God bless all your efforts to a new life. I'm really glad you decided to this!!Laughing

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The U.S. Marine Corps uses that method also.  While not a hundred peercent accurate, it is still an excellent and inexpensive way (i.e. no need to pay be measured at a gym or to purchase calipers, etc.) to keep track of bodyfat reduction.  Good luck to all!

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I too find measurements useful.  Maybe do this once every two weeks.  I keep track of upper arm, bust, midriff, waist and hips along with upper and lower thigh (right above the knee)  I walk and find that these spots tend to tone with that exercise. 

I do weigh myself but found that daily weigh-ins give me a picture of how my body reacts to various foods (i.e. water retention, etc)  The fluctuations that occur, rather than making me fear that my 'diet' isn't working,  taught me to understand.  Limit your weigh-ins at least for now.  Pay attention to your measurements and maybe try on a handful of clothes (if you have them) that were a bit 'tight'.  Check out how your clothes are fitting... it's probably the best gauge of your success. 

Congratulations and best wishes for your success.  Remember... it didn't go on over night... it will take quite a while to get it back off. 

I agree with the comments about ignoring the scale for now.

When I started I was also frustrated about what the scale was saying. I then decided to ignore the scale for a few months and trust the process. THAT, was the trick.

AND . . . . .

remember, it is not a diet, it is a change in lifestyle. Diets are not sustainable, lifestyles are.

First, I totally agree with the poster who said to focus on lifestyle changes first. 

"Good habits are as hard to break as bad habits."


To answer your question,



Circumference Measurements with tape measure.



Measure your neck at mid-point.



Measure around the fullest part of chest



Measure your waist at belly button without holding the tape too tightly (or too loosely).



Measure the hips around the fullest part of your buttocks with your heels together.



Measure the upper thighs, just below where the buttocks merge into the back thigh.



Measurements is a great way to help track, I would do them every six weeks or so when I first started, it helped me keep perspective when the pounds weren't coming off as fast as I wanted them to. Are you weighing yourself at the same time every day? You will see fluxuations during the day, mostly due to water weight. I weigh in every week with a nutritionist, but I also monitor it at home, I weigh in every morning right after I get up and use the bathroom. Throughout the rest of the day I have a five pound window I bounce around in dending on how much water I've had, where I'm at in my eating schedule and what kind of workout I've done.

Great job, keep it up!

The military used to use a neck to waist ratio.

I agree that healthy habits need to be formed first.  I like measuring, but a fun way to do the measuring would be to find a piece of clothing in your closet that is about one size too small and try it on every week or so.  When that fits, find another piece of clothing that is a size or so too small.  Using clothing will give you an overall feeling of loss all over to say nothing about the good feelings that come with fitting in them when you did not before.  I use a scale for weighing myself, but I try to weigh myself within 15 minutes of waking up, I would have had my bowel movement by then as well as my first pee, and it is the same each week.  If you are weighing yourself at various times of the day, you could get an inaccurate reading since it may be based on what you have eaten in the last few hours prior to weighing in.  Also remember that as you build in exercise into your new way of life, that some weeks, you may not lose on the scale because you are gaining new muscles, and we all know that muscle weighs more than fat.  Good luck on your new journey.

I'd use a body fat calculator online. They may not be the most accurate but the main thing is the trend. Keep a log of your calculated percentage and, presuming you're using the same site every time, if it's going down you're doing something right. I agree re the lifestyle too, diets don't work.

Pictures are also a good tool. I'd recommend not worrying too much about the scale though, a lot of people seem to get attached to a certain number which is ridiculous.

Ok dont give up is the first thing i will say..i too was at 400 lbs in 2009 and i knew i had to do something...well with so many health issues i knew the time had come and i needed to figure out what i had to do to survive..

 dont let that scale scare you and remember slow and steady is way better than fast..also its the little non scale victorys that count way more than the number on the scale..if you can walk 5 more steps further then a week ago that is a Victory..

if you can notice clothes fitting baggy and oh i love the chair victory...you know the one with arms that we squeeze ourself into..i remember the first time i sat in a arm chair after loosing some weight..you would of thought i had just hit gold..haha  it felt good to sit all the way back into the chair..or what about for the first time feeling that knee cap..i thought mine was a tumor cause i had never felt bone before only fatty knees..so its really important to watch for all those things we take for granted..they will make you smile also.

       I ended up going to a TOPS MEETING..(taking off pounds sensibly) cause i couldnt do it alone no more..so i reached out for support..that is the number one advice i suggest you get..we all need it cause we have been so hard on ourselfs and our self esteem is so low we sometimes forget we are people too only because we arent treated this way..but at my meetings its a wonderful

feeling..i thought for sure they would make nasty looks or turn away and snicker but oh the oposite happened..they welcomed me and made me feel so special and that was what has kept me coming back...i have since lost all the way down to 254 and i still have a way to go but im doing it slow..no big losses for me..im lucky if i loose half a pound a week and lots of time i just stay the same..so see not big losses but im keeping it off ...

I even won a trip to Hawaii in february cause of going to tops and i am so excited..me on a plane wow...

       its a retreat for members and this is going to be a dream and a one you can conquer too in your life..dont let no one tell you negative words..you have to own your own self image and let what the bad world tells us to run off your back...

       &nb sp; Drink your water and eat all your meals, skipping will mess up your metabolism big time i know i learned...i thought if i ate less i would loose more..WRONG... i gained as a matter of fact so eat..i eat 1600 calories a day and was told by my nutritionist until i hit the 200 mark not to eat anything less..so im doing as she said..

       so get that ribbon out that is what i use and measure yourself and log your food and jot down your feelings..its important to look back and see what worked and didnt.. i wish you alot of luck and your a winner so long as you keep on trying...

measure around you waste.

This might be a basic recommendation, but is your scale on a carpet?  That will give you varying readings.  It needs to be on a hard floor.  Just a thought.

Another recommendation is not to measure yourself everyday, but once a week.  That's how weight watchers did it from what I remember.  That way you see bigger results, and you're looking forward to the reward of the inches/pounds lost, giving you incentive.  You won't be discouraged if you don't see results from one day to the next.

Blessings to you on your journey, and you should be commended for making the start - that's the hardest part.  The next hardest is finding something that works for you. Smile

Best to you!!

My rule is to never weigh myself any time other than first thing in the morning.  Before any food or drink and always naked. This takes away all the variables.  Keep the scale in the same place on a flat, uncarpeted floor.  I had an aunt who used to say said, "Getup, pee, poop, strip and just before you step on the scale, turn around and spit." LOL. 

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