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Measurements... from all sizes!!!

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I'm 18... 5'5" tall, weigh 140 and working on losing at least 10 lbs... food is most definately my weakness.  My measurements are 36"31"35"....  want to share yours???  

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i am 24 5'7" weigh 123 looking to tone up. My measurements are 34"26"33"

20, 5'6, 92 pounds, 33"24"33

I want to gain some weight and then maintain. :)

18, 5'2",113 lbs and my mesurements are 32-25.5-33  =] (I'm a uk size 8-10, which I think in the US is like 3-4??)



I'm a little lopsided on the bottom, haha

I'm 29, 5'6", and 128.6 pounds.  Measurements are 37.5/26.5/35.5 (formerly 35.5/26/35.5).  I'm 10 weeks 2 days pregnant, so I'm on the weight gain track. Smile

I am 28, 5'7"....I currently weigh 164 (down from 190).

Measurements? Currently

32.5/31/41 OR 39.5/31/41 if you mean actual chest measurement and not band measurement.

.....but these stats are down from 33/33.5/42.25 just ONE MONTH ago....not even!

I'm 21, 5'5 and I weigh 129 down from 150

i'm 32.5/27.5/37.5

i hate the last one. anyone have any ideas on how to reduce your hips and thighs? i've lost 20 lbs and that number hasn't budged!!

Just keep eating right and working out.  I was pretty sure my hips had got as small as they were going to - then, a week ago, I measured and they were down at least another half inch!

July/08 = 176 lb = 43/37/41   (I'm doing this from memory, so bust or hips might be a smidge off)

Jan/09 = 151 lb = 39/31/37

Oh yeah, and I'm about 5'3-5'4.

it might just be genetics, but it's supposed to be rally good to have a big difference between your waist and hips, healthwise.  I'm gonna go searching for where i've heard that before!



http://www.healthstatus.com/cgi-bin/calc/calc ulator.cgi:

christined24 - You have a waist to hip ratio of 0.74. The information you entered: Sex = Female, waist = 28 inches and hip = 38 inches.

Your shape puts you at reduced risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Frequently referred to as pear shape, you tend to keep fat off your midsection and more on your hips. Your body does not convert this lower body fat as readily as midsection fat, which keeps cholesterol down.

from wikipedia:

Studies show that 80 percent of women over the age of 18 have a WHR of at least 0.9[citation needed]. This is a 40 percent increase since 2002, and it keeps increasing. A WHR of 0.7 for women and 0.9 for men have been shown to correlate strongly with general health and fertility. Women within the 0.7 range have optimal levels of estrogen and are less susceptible to major diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and ovarian cancers.[3] Men with WHRs around 0.9, similarly, have been shown to be more healthy and fertile with less prostate cancer and testicular cancer.[4]

WHR has been found to be a more efficient predictor of mortality in older people than waist circumference or body mass index (BMI)[5]. If obesity is redefined using WHR instead of BMI, the proportion of people categorized as at risk of heart attack worldwide increases threefold.[6]

i don't know much i weigh because i have not stepped on the scale in a month, i'm afraid to.  But my measurements are 35.5/29/36,  at this point last year i was probably around a 26 inch waist and then slowly but steadily gained weight. ugh.

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I'm 5'5", 160 pounds, 37-28-38.

silly question, but are you supposed to measure UNDER your breasts or are they supposed to be incl. in the measurement?

I'm 39, 5'8", 185 lbs. My measurements are currently 42/35/44.

I've lost 42 pounds, but not so many inches, since I started at around 44/37/47. Ah well, I just started with a personal trainer, so I expect to see that change.

Original Post by arieldorflinger:

silly question, but are you supposed to measure UNDER your breasts or are they supposed to be incl. in the measurement?

 I'm not sure, but I think you're supposed to measure at the fullest part of your breasts, the way you do when you measure for your bra size. You always hear 36/24/36 as bieng the "perfect" size (which I don't think anyone actually has those measurements!) and that would mean measuring that way.

I am 22, 5'8", and 174 lbs. I don't have a tape measure, but I know I have lost 7 lbs. since Monday because of the drastic change of starting a diet. I hope to get down to 138, which is what a doctor says is a healthy weight for me. We'll see how it goes! Roughly, my measurments would be about 36/33/38. Blah.

22, 5'4", 113 lbs:  34/24.5/34

i'm 5'5 weight 139 and my measurements are 37/27/39.5


I'm 45 years old, 36 31 35.  Would like an inch or two  gone off waist!

5'6", 166 pounds, 41-30-42

well, i guess im the biggest.

20 years old, 5'4",  223 lbs,    47-40-50.  Im apple shape.  Im kind of square.

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23, 5'2" tall, weigh around 185 (my heaviest ever... I'm still in shock that I even got to this weight), and want to get at least to 140.

Measurements: 42-35-48

As you can tell, I carry most of my weight in the bottom.

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