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Where Do You Measure Your Hips?

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Hey guys. I've been measuring myself rather than weighing myself. I get where to measure my bust, my waist, my stomach, and my thighs. But hips!? No idea where to measure them! I know it's supposed to be the biggest part of your hips, but is that your butt? When I measure the biggest part of my butt, I'm also measuring my legs, which doesn't seem right. And it's hard to pick exactly what is the biggest part of your butt. My butt is big, that's all I know lol!

So where do you measure your hips? Lower up or higher, right where your butt curves, or smack in the middle or your butt? When it's too low it's going over my legs, which I don't think are my hips. So confused!

Help? Gracias!

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You are supposed to measure the biggest part of your butt which is the part that sticks out the most when standing sideways. Hope this helps.

is that in the middle? end? high up? I can't tell....the lower I go, it covers my legs which is probably why it makes it bigger. But is that still apart of my hips?

I'm a pear.  The widest part of my hips, is literally right where my hips meet my thighs.  The biggest part of my butt is usually the same or slightly smaller number, so I just measure right where i hit the thighs, because this helps me figure out whether or not I can fit into jeans via measuring chart.. 

There's no general consensus on where to measure your hips, it varies on every individual.  Just find the widest spot on you and measure that spot every time.  Or, do what I do, and take three different measurements from your hips.

I got an email from the Jillian Michael's website the other day that said to measure the hips, stand with your feet hip width apart and measure at the widest area.  

You can always measure where you feel like measuring and stay consistent on that area.  

When learning to sew my gma taught me 7 inches below the belly button is the hip measurement I follow this rule because that way I'm always in the same vicinity as my body changes. I don't know if that is right but it works for me

I was always told 9 inches from your waist. To me my waist is where the waist band of 'traditional' trousers (not hipster jeans) falls. Like dbackerfan I feel that at least this is consistent when I remeasure. If I measured from my belly button, it probably would be 7 inches to my hips.

picture your hips in the shape of the letter C and in the middle of that C is where to measure your hips. C--

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