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Okay - so I've been thinking about trying those Meal Replacement Drinks/Shakes. What do you guys think?? Some that I've seen - are made with Milk and total about 150 cal plus the calories from the milk.

Has anyone had any success with these?? And which meal are they meant to replace?? And which meal is best to replace?? I was thinking dinner - Any help/ideas would be great!! Thanks!!


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I tried that once...after I drank one...I would feel full for about 15 minutes then I was starving...they didn't work for me...I need to chew on something.  I used them at breakfast so by lunch I was famished.  All you can do is give it a try and see how it works for you.

I think 'meal replacement' anythings are better suited as meal supplements or snacks.

Thanks for the input - I believe I will try it as a 'snack'. Besides a drink for dinner?? Not quite appetizing...Thanks for the input!!


I have tried them, and my advice, don't drink them on an empty stomache, do it inbetween meals as a healthy snack, or maybe as a protein staple in your lunch.

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I've tried many of them and they all taste horrible. However, I do have something similar that REALLY works for me. It tastes really good (as in, actually enjoyable!) and comes in vanilla, strawberry, chocolate malt, and milk chocolate flavors. Milk chocolate is my favorite. It's great for my chocolate cravings!

The only thing is it doesn't come in a can/bottle.. it's a powder that you have to mix with milk. I use skim for a total of 130 calories. (They have two versions..sugar free and non sugar free. The sugar free I use is 60 calories.)

Carnation Instant Breakfast Nutrition Drink
4g fiber
5g protein
0.5g fat
60mg sodium
35% vitamin A
25% calcium
45% vitamin C
25% iron

PS. I NEVER use them to replace dinner because I just really like to have a substantial dinner. A lot of the time I use them to replace breakfast. However I use them to replace lunch just as much. Because they are so low calorie, I use them as snacks too. Can you tell I LOVE this stuff?! ^^

Sometimes I'll even drink 2 servings instead of one for lunch. But that's pretty rare.. 1 glass usually fills me up. And then since I'm back off to class after that, there's no temptation to keep eating. It does take a while to get used to being satisfied without anything "solid" but once you do it's really helpful and convenient. Good luck!

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I agree with sauciedj on this one.  I'm not sure what brands you are considering(they differ), but you should probably start these out as a snack...and be sensible about them.  They've already got plenty of Calories in them to be a snack in and of themselves, so be careful if you pair them with anything. Your attempt at doing something good for yourself can easily turn into added Calories Undecided

But I would say that it's worth a shot to work one into your day if it's something that you're wanting to give a try.


I've had the same experience with meal replacement products not being satisfying enough.  As other has mentioned though, I have found them to be great supplementry snacks.  Often healthier for you than other options.

I've heard of them working for some people, but I think they take a lot of will power.

All meal replacements 'work' short term because you're eating less than normal.  But what they don't do is retrain your eating habits or your appetite.  So long-term they don't work because you regain everything you lose in half the time it took you to lose it.

Losing weight it very easy.  Keeping it off is the hard part.  Change your diet to healthy food, eat a little less than normal, do some daily exercise... There really aren't any short-cuts.

  I drink a protein shake every day for breakfast after my workout.  I've tried the Myoplex powder, the Met-RX meal replacement powder, and the Met-RX ready-to-drink RTD 51.  They are all very nutritious and very filling because they're so high in protein.  I've been doing this whole lifestyle change/exercise/healthy eating thing for about three months now, and I've been really impressed with the results.  I think that the shakes have played a big role in it.

Why would you want to replace a meal? I'd much rather eat a big plate of food than drink a little, mediocre tasting shake. 

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i suggest them, atleast to start out on a diet.  I've lost about 20 pounds in a little over 2 months.  If you want to stay full faster, pour some fiber into it and stir, you can't taste it and you stay full much longer.  I would suggest doing one for breakfast, one for lunch with a snack (about 250-300 calories, like half a turkey sandwich) and protein and veggies for dinner

I've used the whey protein powder you find in the health food section to help up my ratio of daily protein (I eat some form at every meal and still never seem to get the percentages where I want them).  I mix it with some milk and frozen fruit and they taste heavenly (as long as you pick a flavor you like). But like a few above, I end up hungry not too long after. I've only successfully been able to use it as a replacement for breakfast, as that is the one meal I usually never want to eat (think trying to get a 3 year-old to eat broccoli). However, by about 10am (which is amply 3 hours after I have it), I'm ravenous and that is when my willpower has to kick in.

However, one of the best suggestions I've ever read as to when to use them is immediately following a strenuous workout. It is much like flooding a drained body with nutrients for a solid pick-me-up.

I use them to replace meals on occasion....If I am going on a potluck or company picnic or anything like that I will have one with me just in case.....If I have classes and know I wont have time for a real lunch I bring one with me....But I am one of the rare cases that fill up on them ..... I have to drink it quick to get it all down before I am to full to finish it. I think if it fits into your lifestyle and you make sure you get all the calories and nutrients you need why not try.

look really closely at the ingredients list.  they give you the nutritional value of the product alone, then the product with milk.  in most of them, the nutrition comes almost entirely from the milk.

so, drink milk as a snack/meal replacement.

[i have to confess, in a moment of weakness yesterday i bought a can of slimfast.  i've been getting lots of exercise lately, but not taking the time to cook, and i've been eating lots of crap while i try to finish all my overdue papers.  i've gained back about 4 pounds in the last few weeks.  so...the slimfast is loaded with sugar, adds very few nutrients to the milk, and doesn't taste particularly good.  it's going to sit in my cupboard until i'm getting ready to move, and then it will go in the garbage can.]

I use a slim fast shake to help start my mornings; I can't actually eat anything when I wake up, so a shake is perfect. My breakfast takes me 4 hours to eat and here's why: I start around 630 w/ a shake, then an hour or so later a yogurt, and another hour later a banana, then an hour or so later my lunch.

This way I keep my metabolism going w/o getting bogged down with having to eat a traditional breakfast. It is also something I can incorporate into my life, not just for the duration of me loosing weight.

Best wishes for you in whatever you decide to do. :-)

I am normally in a hurry on my way to work in the morning (7:30ish) so i will drink a slim fast optima rich chocolate royale shake to get my chocolate and milk fix for the day. They are 190 calories and i am normally good until noon, but most of the time will have a morning snack of up to 100 calories (fruit, yogurt or something like that).

I think they are yummy and the optima shakes keep you fuller a lot longer than the regular shakes. 

I do have to admit, they only keep me full if i have them for breakfast. If i try to have one for lunch i am starving soon thereafter... Of course i am always starving in the afternoon... thats just me though!

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