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Meal Plan with Grocery List

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I am looking for a meal plan with a grocery list that will suite 1150 calories for me and the taste buds of my picky five year old and husband.  I am 5 feet nothing and need to get my cholesterol under control.  This is hard when I have a five year old who doesn't each anything but fruit, bread, and meat.   HE also prefers chicken nuggets to anything else.   Also, my husband and I work and are tired when we get home and want something quick.  I like crock pot meals and 5 ingredient meals.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.  I need 1150 calories for the day for myself, things that are quick and tasty, and things my whole family will love.  Of course, they have to be low fat, high fiber, and tasty.  If you have a grocery list with your plan, that would be a plus!  Thanks!
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No one should eat under 1200 calories a day, even at your height. My mom is 4'11" and eats more than that. 1150 isn't too much of a difference but if you are active at all, you need more regardless of your height.

 You can check out my shopping list at for some meal and shopping ideas, if you'd like! :)

First of all a great book is 'Ultimate Food for Ultimate Health and Dont Forget the Chocolate' by Liz Pearson and Mairlyn Dennis. Check it out it has hundreds of recipes.

Second of all 1150 Calories isnt enough for you, min should be 1200, and definately not for your young son or husband. Below is my diet, most days it adds up to 1500 calories, that combined with exercise is working. Hope it helps.


Breakfast: Strawberry Soy Smoothie (strawberry soy milk, frozen Strawberrys and flax in a blender for 15 seconds)

Snack: Yoghurt and fruit (I swear by Activia)

Lunch: Cheese salad w/ whole wheat pita bread and low fat dressing (1/3 cup of any cheese)

Snack: Rice Cakes x 2

Dinner: Honey Mustard Chicken w/ whole grain rice and vegetables (2 tbs honey, 2tbs lime juice, 2 tbs mustard, 1 tbs canola oil marinade w/ chicken breast no skin, in fridge till ready to cook, you could do fries with your sons meal)


Breakfast: Cheerios w/ 2% milk

Snack: 3 squares of lindt 70% chocolate and fruit

Lunch: Veggie Wraps (Aubergine, zuchinni, onion, mushrooms, peppers all roasted in a little oil and put in a whole wheat tortilla with a little low fat mayo)

Snack: Baby Carrots / Baby Tomatoes / Peppers w/ low fat hummus dip

Dinner: Ham Steak w/ sweet potato mash and steamed vegetables


Breakfast: Toast w/ Honey

Snack: 2 Laughing Cow Cheese wedges w/ crackers

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Meal w/ salad

Snack: Breakfast cookie (from the book) and Fruit

Dinner: Quiche and Salad


Breakfast: Porridge

Snack: All Bran Bar w/ Fruit

Lunch: Cobb Salad (Lettuce, Chicken, Corn, Cheese, Beets, tomatoe with low fat dressing)

Snack: Fruit Salad

Dinner: Salmon w/ green beans toms and olives (boil the green beans for 5 mins, drain and mix w/ olives (pitted) and baby toms and a little olive oil, put into roasting tray with salmon and bake for 15 mins)


Breakfast: Pomegranite Smoothie (1/2 cup pomegranite juice, 1 activia yoghurt, blueberries and flax in blender)

Snack: Bran Muffin

Lunch: Shrimp Salad

Snack: 3 pieces of Lindt 70 % cocoa chocolate and fruit

Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognes w/ whole wheat pasta


Breakfast: French Toast (low cal version)

Snack: Trail Mix

Lunch: Tomatoes on Toast (Fry large tomatoes in little oil and put on toast (sounds gross but is yummy)

Snack: Fruit

Dinner: Tacos

And Sunday I adlib it!

I mean you may see things on here and think, GROSS, and thats probably why  alot of people havent replied, as a diet is avery personal thing. my advise, get books, use the calories calculator on here and the recipes page as well as using google and make up a diet sheet. every couple of weeks when i change mine I make sure that i am in my calories and that its all good food. and you will find that some stuff stays on week after week and some stuff doesnt. its all about trial and error really. as for the kid, well make it a fun game to try new foods. and as for the husband either tell him to make his own, or do what I sometimes do and make him chilli and all that good stuff put it into dinner size containers and freeze it, he takes it out and pops it into the oven.

Good Luck
Forgot to say, that you can pretty much make up your own shopping list from my meal plan above :)
I'm also 5'0" tall and I sympathize on the picky eater kid - though my picky eater is 13 now - and *still* picky! My 15 year old will eat anything, as will my DH.

I'm not one for pre-made menus and grocery lists, BUT I do like to follow a general plan that allows for flexibility. That tends to work best for me. So I lost weight last year on the following general plan (which is more like 1400 calories, give or take):

Breakfast: smoothie of nonfat plain yogurt, banana, and frozen berries (kids usually prefer to eat cereal)

Lunch (just for me): gigantic salad comprised of a base of greens, 2-3 other fruits/veggies, 3 oz of lean protein, 1 serving of cheese, and 1 TB balsamic vinegar, 1 TB olive oil dressing.

Dinner (for everyone - DH just got larger portions): 1-2 servings carbs (pasta, potatoes, quinoa, rice or other grain), 3 more servings of steamed veggies, and 3 oz serving of protein; 1 TB olive oil (used to cook); glass of wine

Snack: something small - like a skinny cow bar or 1/4 cup premium ice cream. Or an apple. Or carrots & olives when the salt-tooth hit. Or a handful of nuts with a bit of Fiber One cereal, on those particuarly peckish days.

With this general guideline, you can have endless variety. Lunch could be a spinach salad with chicken and feta and strawberries, or a romaine salad with pistachios and blue cheese and asparagus. Whereas dinner could be quinoa, fish, green beans and a veggie soup; or pasta with marinara, zhucchini, and a few meatballs. You can get creative. And it's also very easy to deconstruct/separate out so it's not touching, for a picky eater.

I cook in the crockpot at least once a week. I like making low-fat veggie soups  and bean soups with the crockpot, but I'd also make chili or a pot roast, but just portion out my serving according to the guideline above. Then recycle bits of the meat for my salad the next day.

Another great tool is a rice cooker, which you can use to cook any grain. We make up big batches that keep on warm for a few days, and the kids help themselves not just for dinner but for breakfast, snacks, and to pack their lunches.

As for kid-friendly, do some googling for "bento box lunch" ideas. Kids love this approach. You can get some cute bento boxes that make mealtime more fun. My 13 year old still packs a bento lunch every day ... the way it is set up, her bento set helps her portion out a 500 calorie meal that has 2 servings of rice, 1 serving of protein, and the rest veggies. She gets creative. While my own lunch plan is low on the starches, as a kid she needs more.

I also find picky eaters like:

1) foods that don't touch. So separate everything out, and forgo sauces.

2) raw veggies instead of cooked. I always set out a nibbling plate of fresh veggies while I'm cooking dinner... and DD's are so starving they'll be more apt to devour the whole thing!

3) choices... if he won't eat steamed asparagus, offer him an orange instead.

4) bland starches, with no added seasoning. The rice cooker is handy for this. Very few people won't eat rice.

As for your kid, fruit, bread, meat isn't so bad. My DD was a fruit, carrots, broccoli, bread and milk kid, no meat. The pediatrician said that was fine - it hits all the major nutrients. There are worse picky eaters. Heck, all I would eat when I was a kid was hot dogs! is a great site it has meals for every kind of diet there is and when you choose the recipes that you like it prints out a list for you.  I love it. 
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