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No matter what, can't lose weight!?

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I am between 110-112 pounds and 5'2. Im also 17 years old. I really would like to lose 5 or 7 pounds but no matter what I do, the weight wont come off!? I only eat about 1200-1500 calories. I NEVER eat junk food...every calories has nutritional value. I go to the gym almost everyday running, on the eliptical trainer, or some sort of strength training. Common sense tells me I can't eat any less than 1200 for a 17 year old and I would be killing myself by extending my workout time to over an hour. I'm rather chubby too, (in my opinion) since I am so short, 110 pounds doesn't look right on my tiny frame...and lots of people tell me that. Please, I don't need people telling me "you don't need to lose weight"...I need some ideas or something to tell me why I am unable to lose weight. Ive been looked at for medical conditions and everything is good, so it's not a problem in that area. The only thing that works for weight loss for me is literally starvation and the weight melts off, but I don't want to fall back into my Eating Disorder since it is so harmful and took so much to stop. 

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An active teenager should eat no less than 1800 so you are still under eating :(  If you don't like your shape, take up heavy lifting and lose inches instead of lbs.  Are you sure you are not viewing yourself thru the distortion of your old ED?  My sister is 5'2" and weighs 120 lbs and she is plenty skinny!  I hate to see someone young like you fretting over a few lbs when they should be out with their friends enjoying their teenage years :(  Bottom line- be healthy!

I'm going to agree with the above -- the lowest recommended calories for overweight sedentary teen females is 1500, for active overweight teens it is 1800 -- you are neither sedentary, nor overweight -- you will kill yourself trying to lose the weight.

Rather than trying to worry about the weight -- eat a healthy amount (2000-2200) and lift weights -- you would change your body composition and look like you weighed less.  No one ever knows your weight unless you tell them. Regardless, at 5'2" and 110, you are a far from needing to lose any weight -- it is quite a healthy weight for you age and height.

Thank you for your advice, I appreciate it. But the problem I didn't mention is that whenever I eat over 1400 calories, I gain about 1/2 pound every week...which adds up to 2 pounds a month. It adds up really quickly. Ive tried all the combinations of calories and exercise, and this 1200 calories is the ONLY way to maintain my weight. I know it's hard to understand how someone my age is so very limited, but thats what frustrates me as well. I want to live a happy life, but in my mind, the only way to have happiness is to be thinner. I have a problem...I know. 

Honestly, it does not sound like you need to lose weight. Perhaps look at your diet, eat no less than 1800 cal/day as recommended by dieticians, focus on weight lifting for muscle development, and start loving yourself. You mentioned you have a history of ED. I would suggest seeing a therapist (or if you are bring this concern up to him/her).

Make sure you are dressing for your frame. There are too many 16/17/18 year old girls wearing jeans one size too small due to ::gasp!:: not wanting to go up one size...can anyone say muffin top? It just looks painful. Find styles that play up your petite size.

And who are you asking about your weight? Friends will tend to agree with you or even bounce their insecurities off of you in order to make themselves feel better.

You are in the only body you will ever get. Start loving yourself now and you wont have half the body issue problems I did in my early 20's. I am now 28 and finally love myself. And if starvation is the only thing that works then your body wants to be the shape and size it is. Focus on being healthy and focus on how you feel...which should be healthy! :)


sounds like your metabolism took a nose dive when you restricted your diet. You will gain when going back to healthy eating after a period of starvation...see the sticky post at the beginning of the topic..

http://caloriecount.about.com/forums/weight-l oss/trust-worth

And as I said in my reply...please please please seek a therapist. It will be worth it...I would know. I am a therapist! :)


Thank you for your reply. I cannot afford a dietitian or nutritionist unfortunately right now. I've been to one and they told me nothing I didn't already know. I am studying to become a dietitan myself. But It's my friends, mother, boyfriend who tell me my shape is very, awkward. My waist is a 35inch waist, which is very large for a jean size 0 or 2. My hips, (where pants are worn) is small, but it immeditely gets huge, (35in) then at my ribs, i am like 26 inches. I have no idea how to correct this so I accepted I will be so awkward forever. 

are you not listenening??? sweety, you need to repair your metabolism. yes, that does mean gaining weight at first. I was eating less than you, gained probably much more than you will, but now, at about 2000 a day, the weight is like woosh. seriously. please

Thank you for your advice. I know the "average teen" always needs no less than 1500 calories, and probably 2000, but for some reason I gain a lotttt on anything more than 1400 calories. For some reason I am an exception to the calories requirements. I will take your advice and try to lift some heavier weights though. And unfortunatly, It's not my ED trying to distort my vision of my body... my waist is 35 and hips like 32. I store it all in my akward belly/ back. It just all doesn't add up.  


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are you not listenening??? sweety, you need to repair your metabolism. yes, that does mean gaining weight at first. I was eating less than you, gained probably much more than you will, but now, at about 2000 a day, the weight is like woosh. seriously. please

I have eaten over 3000 because I was told to by a "specialist" and then doctors and dietitians were like What?! so I stopped when that put me at 130...overweight. I have literally tried everything....2000calories with exercise and without it, 1800 with and without exercise, 3000 with and without exercise. 

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