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Massive Calorie Deficit...?

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Hi all, I'm new here.

So far as I understand my stats, my calorie deficit for today is well over 1000... but I only came 30-odd calories shy of my goal (1400 calories, the site generated it- I have a disability so I'm not very active, and I'm very obese). I did half an hour of light cycling. I don't know what I'm doing "wrong" to have such a high deficit. I don't want to eat any more- I think 1400 is plenty- and I enjoy my exercise, what with the happy buzz you get and such. So... er... does anyone know what gives? I'm not unhappy at burning over 1000 calories more per day than I'm eating, but reading these forums has given me the heebie-jeebies about it.

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I have the same problem...some days my deficits are - 1300 or more...but I try and eat the 1500 that was given by this site....although if you excercise you should eat more...they say a -500 or -700 deficit...but I find that almost impossible when I eat all of the right foods

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Well you should be eating at your BMR and getting your deficit from mostly exercise.
I would up my calories a little bit, remember just one banana has apx 110 calories!

I know sometimes it's hard when you're just not hungry but I'd try eating more on days you exercise to stay at a healthy deficit so the weight comes off and stays off. Try to find some calorie dense food like an energy bar, nuts, peanut butter, olive oil, etc. (Adding one tablespoon of olive oil to a salad, for example, will be around 120 calories.) Good luck! Sounds like you're on the right track and trying to be healthy about it!

The calculator on cc was low for me. You need to find your BMR.  I used this calculator iture-advanced which is very specific because you can add exactly what your activity level is.  The BMR is least you should eat daily. This is what your body needs to do everyday functions.

I take my daily expenditure and then subtract 750.  This is what I aim to eat every day,  when I have a real good intense workout, I'll eat about 200 more.

Looks like you are doing things the healthy way, maybe on workout days just eat a few hundred more calories.  Which is pretty easy, 1 greek yogurt, a handfull of nuts, 1 T olive oil, full fat cheese or salad dressing. Any one of these will give you about 150 cals.  Good luck to you. 

If you are very obese as you say, then 1400 calories is too little! Remember that body fat requires calories, so an overweight person will burn more calories. Use an online calculator to know how many you burn everyday.

This said, a deficit of 1000 calories is the limit between healthy and unhealthy diet, unless you are under control by a specialist. And that's only for the first part of your diet, after that reduce the deficit to 500 calories.

If you eat too little, your body will need to take energy from other sources. Fat takes a long while to become a useful source, proteins are much better. And what's the best source of proteins? Your muscles, so your body will start eating them because it has no food. This will make you weaker and reduce your basal metabolism, making it harder for you to lose weight in the long therm.

And remember that your heart is a muscle, too...

Obese people can handle larger deficits than overweight people. If you are getting in your nutrients, you're probably fine.

Yes. I have the same question.. I just started on here this week.. I chose to make 1500 my max caloric intake (because I want to lose weight and reduce body fat percentages) I dont know why ity shows up as a deficit.. LOL It makes it look like I should eat another 800 calories.. Am I doing something wrong?

I add my sleep time and my work time as activities. I honestly add my workout times.. But after collapsing fromn a crash diet, I wonder what the calorie deficit indicates exactly...

Any help??

3500 calories is one lb of fat loss.  For every 3500 calories you eat over your maintenance level you gain a lb. For every 3500 calories you eat under you maintenance level you lose a lb. Simple as that. Your deficit is your calories you are eating below Maintenance level. I average about 7000 a week which is about 2lbs of fat loss.

If you are getting all of your essential daily nutrients, protein, fat, and a small quantity of healthy carbohydrates, most people can handle 1000 calorie deficits or more.  It's why our bodies made the fat in the first place.

However, if you have special medical considerations, you should talk with your doctor about your diet and exercise plans.  This is particularly true with regards to some types of prescription medications or if you have medically relevant metabolic or organ syndromes.

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