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Okay I know this sounds really stupid...and I am not even sure if this is the right forum...but I was wondering if actually getting a massage burns any calories. Just thinking how it works your muscles, and gets the blood flowing..would that be similar to an exercise? I know I am probably reaching here.....

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Of course it burns calories!!!!

......for the person GIVING the massage (since they're actually using their muscles to do so).

I seriously doubt that laying there, letting someone massage your back (or whatever you're having done) is burning calories. 

It's like asking if you move your eyes to look at the TV burns calories :/  (since your eyes are moving right?)
Here is a link.

Notice if you scroll down, that you burn more calories giving the message.

Simply living burns calories.

HAHA!!! I knew it was a long shot!!!!

well TECHNICALLY, getting a massage burns calories... so does sleeping, sitting down, watching tv, etc.

But seriously, it's a massage, it doesn't NEED to burn calories to be amazing! haha

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Yes actually it does. But not from the massage itself. Just breathing and your heartbeat burn calories. Thats why you have a basic calorie burn per day, or your BMR.

I don't know about burning calories but there are many health benefits to massage. I get one about every 3-4 weeks and would get them more often if I could afford to. One of the biggest benefits is that it releases toxins in your body and your system works better because of that. It also loosens muscles and causes an increase in blood flow. Stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces pain, muscle cramps and stiffness.

So with that being said, it is very beneficial and should be thought of as part of your workout plan because if your body is relaxed, pain free, less stressed you are better able to workout and just function properly in your everyday life. I know I feel much better after a message and my workouts are easier and I am able to workout longer. Thus, burning more calories. Laughing

I posted this ridiculous question while relaxing in my i-joy massage chair I recieved for x-mas. It is one of those human hands deep massage chairs that really works your muscles. I am not niave in ANYWAY..but I thought of muscle contraction and how your muscles are being "worked" during a massage. I do love the benefits of a massage ..I just love relaxing after a long day and a tough workout. Would be a nice bonus though if it burned a few extra calories Winkbut I will enjoy it nonetheless. Thank you everyone for your there a way to delete posts..or do they just hang around forever?

You're welcome. No don't delete the post. Others will read, learn and add. They just move down the list.

Getting Massage does burn more calories then simple living and it does help with weight lost.

Last summer I lost 10 lb in 1 month just but taking walks 3 times a week and getting daily 40 min massage.

Massage tone your muscles and they muscles burn calories even when inactive, massage moves lymphs and draining extra fluids out of your body. Its increase blood circulation and heart rate as well (though you may not even thinking about it). It helps remove toxins and extra fluids and increase local metabolism inside you muscles and fat deposits.

So I count it as effective addition to weight lost program.


I know this question was asked quite a while ago, but just to add another answer to the queue, here's one from

"Bodies burn calories regardless of the activity, even sleeping burns calories. Receiving massage is similar to sleep in that a person is laying down fairly still. According to, sleeping burns about 0.42 calories an hour per pound of body weight for the average person. At this rate, a 160-pound person burns approximately 67 calories per hour of sleep."

Read more: many-calories-are-burned-during-a-1-hour-mass age/#ixzz1HgHN41Nm

It's something I was wondering, too. :)

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I am a massage therapist & nutrition consultant and I believe that you burn more calories while getting a Swedish or deep tissue massage than just sleeping.

  1. You burn more calories when you're awake
  2. Although you get to put into a relax stage certain body parts receive an increase of blood flow, depending what kind of massage you may experience some (good) pain.
  3. My suggestion is to compare an hour Swedish massage with a 20 min. moderate pace and a one hour deep tissue 35 min moderate pace.
  4. So for someone who is 130 lbs. and they get one hour Swedish massage, they'll burn about 65 cal. and for a deep tissue 114 calories.
  5. While sleeping a person with 130 lbs. burns about 55 calories an hour. Please note it depends the muscle mass though. Someone with more muscle will burn more when sleeping.

Hope this helps.

I came across this thread earlier when searching on this but didn't make an account until i wanted to respond to another post.

I have issues with my feet and use a Scholl hot foot massager. I'm intrigued to know how many calories these hot foot massagers may burn. I say this because some massagers come with a calorie burner indicator on it. Everything burns calories but has anyone used one with a calorie burnt indicator? I'm thinking of ones like the one from Sunny. ot-Massager/dp/B0016BSKXG

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The body requires energy to function; calories are burned during any activity. The more effort required completing the activity, the more calories will be burned. Giving a massage burns calories, as does receiving a massage. Bodies burn calories regardless of the activity even sleeping burns calories. Receiving a massage is similar to sleep in that a person is laying down fairly still. Sleeping burns about 0.42 calories an hour per pound of body weight for the average person. At this rate, a 160-pound person burns approximately 67 calories during an hour-long massage.

There are many massage parlors and massage schools from where you can avail the services of massage. I have recently avail the massage from the massage school named Institute Of East West Wellness and they have provided me excellent services. You can also avail the massage from that school. 

Obviously rub smolders calories!!!!

Getting body massage offers your body some assistance with cleansing poisons from your cells and thusly they are uprooted as waste. Some examination concentrates on have likewise recommended that back rub can blast the fat cases in subcutaneous tissue so that the fat is retained as opposed to being put away on your body. Furthermore, in the event that it isn't put away, it won't appear on your mid-segment.

No. Moving burns calories.
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