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mariah carey! a big no-no??

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i was just watching TV and there was a program talking about how mariah carey lost 20 lbs (for some reason this is a big news story right now and making it into all the magazines). one of her diet tips was to "eat 1000-1500 calories per day" in addition to working out 90 min-2 hrs about 4 days a week. i just looked up that she is 5'9". there is NO WAY 1000-1500 calories per day is enough, right?? am i crazy or is that promoting unhealthy weight loss?

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I saw her on Oprah; she made a big deal about her weight loss.  I didn't know her diet was that restrictive.  She needs to find a better way to be healthy aside from restricting calories and exercising when she needs publicity.  I guess all celebrities should, though.  Speaking of which...

Rihanna's diet was/is just as bad.  I read an article about her in some magazine (while I was at the gym, mind you) in which she talked about her diet.  "Rihanna’s typical menu: Lemon water and pineapple in the morning, soup at lunch, a snack of egg whites, and chicken for dinner."  Seriously?  This is what successful dieters eat?  Forget it.

I think that's called "The Master Cleanse" diet

I was watching E!, and they were celebrating Richard Simmon's amazing weight loss (before he became famous I guess?) through "exercising and eating 1000 calories a day."

It made me angry and I changed the station.

I also love how they make it like she's going to tell you some great weight loss secret, and then she lets you know that she has a personal chief that monitors everything she eats, a personal trainer... and oh yeah and she works out in her indoor pool. Yeah that would work for us too if we were millionaires. gee thanks for all the tips mariah.

I've just got one slightly irrelevant word (and then an explanation)...."Glitter"


Man, I thought that movie would be so bad that it was unintentionally hilarious, but it was just bad.

I could care less about this woman, and it makes me a little nauseous to hear about her "dieting secrets". Eat very little calories and only low fat foods!? Lots and lots of time at the gym!? Who'd of thought you could lose weight like that?


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Mariah Carey is also known in law enforcement circles for being completely nuts, just some insider information.

I would say she is known as being nuts in many other circles besides law enforcement haha. Mariah is completely fabulous in my opinion but yeah I would not be ever going to her for diet advice or actually any kind of advice for that matter.

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i just don't see how any of this is relevant to me.  if someone comes along and tells me, "you need to lose 20 pounds in two weeks so that you can go on tour and make fifty million bucks in three months and look good in the tabloids while you do it," i guess i'll do what it takes.  until then, it makes sense to stick to the plan i have.

 i think it affects you (well maybe not you, personally, but other niave or impressionable people) because they do think it is okay to starve themselves.  it's like, well hey, this successful star does so i should too!  or even- this skinny star only eats 1000 calories, so that must be good for my body.  obv she is making millions of dollars for looking good, but i don't think some people think about that; they just see stars who are skinny/emaciated and want to emulate them.   i realize EDs are complex things but i believe the media have a huge impact on our society.  

and i agree with the person who says she gets lipo hahaha.     

I feel sorry for stars like Maria Curly (or whatever her name is)...

They are so distant from reality that they have no comprehension to what they actually say.

So give the girl a break for being thick and distant from reality, and let her age into someone that has money that people are not particulatly bothered about ;)
This happens a lot with "celebrity interviews". I remember something scary about Liz Hurley's daily intake too.

We think we feel pressure to be thin by the "culture" - imagine the pressure on the women who are defining that culture. Sure, most of them get photoshopped anyway (go to portfolio) but they are still expected to remain quite thin, often even underweight, at any age and even after things like childbirth.
In some ways, I agree that it is irresponsible to publish this kind of information. On the other hand, if they published this info along with guidelines for healthy living - so people could see the difference, and if the article stated clearly that this was an inadequate intake (maybe get a doctor to comment), it might actually help. Girls might realize that these people are actually unhealthy and not good role models in terms of appearance.


I'm bookmarking that web site to show my teen-aged daughter. She doesn't measure herself by society's standards, but it's almost impossible not to be affected by the culture that surrounds us. Even the women who supposedly set those standards can't live up to them, as the touched-up photos show.

Every day on this web site I read statements from girls and women who think they have to fit into a certain size jeans, or reach some magical number on the scale or bmi, when they're perfectly healthy. It's frightening that rather than listening to their own bodies and nature, they're trying to reach some ideal that isn't even based in reality. Of course, I've gone the opposite way, not listening to my body as I gained weight, affecting my health and fitness.

Hopefully, we can make realistic adjustment to our lives that will help us be healthy and happy with who we are. Not measuring ourselves against some standard that even the most beautiful people in the world, with lots of resources, can't reach.

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Whatever you say, spiro.

 I'm glad you agree.

I wonder if any famous people ever get on here hahaha?

I find it very very sad that so many people will read the magazines and watch the entertainment shows and try to follow these stars unhealthy diets. Such bad "role models!"

 I'm glad you agree.

How could I not?! ha.
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