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Maple Syrup Diet...Lose 1 stone/15 lb in 10 days...Thoughts??

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to know peoples thoughts and opinions on this new diet thats taking over.!


Basically you replace meals with Madal Bal syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water mixed up into a drink. Its a detox but keeps you going from the natural sugars. Aparantly you can lose 1 stone / 15 lb in 10 days if you do it strictly.

I havent tried it, but just wanted to know if anyone has or has any stories on it. x

p.s. i dont wanna hear about cals per day, and all that, i know that already!
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My husband and I tried a diet similar to this about 10 years ago.  It was lemonade, syrup (I forgot what kind) and cayenne pepper.  I remember that they said the cayenne pepper was supposed to speed up my metabolism and aided in weight losss.  I was excited because I lost weight initially.  I think it was mostly water weight.  However, as soon as I got off of the diet, I gained it back and more.  My husband did not lose any weight because I found out he was sneaking food because he was hungry.
This is the diet that Beyonce did for her role in Dreamgirls... very hard to do! You gain weight like crazy after you get off it... I don't recommand it. Any diet you lose that much weight in such a little period of time isn't good for you.
quick fix fad crap...  and it will fail.... and the people who try it and fail think its their fault.. and feel even more hopeless..  its the old merry go round..  and it keeps on going around until people realize it and get off...  and come here..  and do it right..
I don't think this is an effective diet because once you get back to eating "real" foods again, you'll gain weight plus extra fat. It only works on the short run.
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Thanks guys, yeh i definatley think its a quick -fix. And you'd probably crave the fatty foods more and more, and once you do get of it you would probably go crazy!

Beyonce said she went crazy after the movie, she ate fried chicken, doughnuts, cakes and gained 12 pounds!

Ijones - your diet sounds very similar to this one, thanks for tellin me wot the pepper did, as i wasnt sure why your supposed to put it in the drink. I might just add that pepper to my food! :)
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If I can have pancakes with the maple syrup, I'll give it a try. LOL! :)
Hmmm...nothing but lemon juice, pepper, and syrup...

Or the bowl of cereal, granola bar, bowl of soup, gummy bears, some form of dinner, and then candy tonight...and still lose weight.

Gosh...I can't really decide!!!
I just came across this post. It is a bit old so I don't know whether my opinion will matter still or not.

I actually did the Master Cleanser, which is the original "diet" that has been given different names over time including the maple syrup diet.

One major thing... the Master Cleanser's major intent is not weight loss. Weight loss is more of a side effect of the whole process. This "diet" is basically a fasting that uses different natural ingredients to cause your body to get rid of toxins. The book explains the diet very well and the objective of each ingredient.

I did the fasting along with my boyfriend. We both lost about 10lbs. It is true you gain some of the weight back. But like I said, the intention of the cleanser is not weight loss. One of the goals of the cleanser is to cleanse your digestive system. The diet includes a daily step that basically flushes water through your system. Yep... from one end right through the other. It is all about cleansing!!! Hence the name.

If you were considering this only for weight loss, I still have some good news. The weight you lose is fat weight. I somehow dropped 3 points in my body fat%.

Because of the dramatic weight loss that can happen with the Master Cleanser, many people do use it as a quick fix, but don't let that make you think that is the all that is to it. Tons of people have done this cleanser, and most describe how much healthier they feel after a few days.

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