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'Man sheds 80 pounds while eating at McDonalds'

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Man sheds 80 pounds eating at McDonald's The Associated Press




A Virginia man lost about 80 pounds in six months by eating nearly every meal at McDonald's.


Not Big Macs, french fries and chocolate shakes. Mostly salads, wraps and apple dippers without the caramel sauce.

Chris Coleson tipped the scales at 278 pounds in December. The 5-foot-8 Coleson now weighs 199 pounds and his waist size has dropped from 50 to 36.

The 42-year-old businessman from Quinton says he chose McDonald's because it's convenient.

His inspiration came from his two children and from the story of a blind war veteran who rode a tandem bicycle cross-country.

Coleson says his goal is to get back to the 185 pounds he weighed when he married Tricia Summer. Their 10th anniversary is Saturday.


***So is he going to be the new spokesman rather than the silly clown, Ronald McDonald?*** 

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Kudos for the guy losing all that weight but really.....McDonalds going to advertise healthy? Sigh.

I read another article about that--he restricted himself to 1400 calories a day, which doctors/nutritionists have dubbed as a starvation diet for a man his size. The fact that he ate McDonald's really has nothing to do with his weight loss--it was the fact that he practically starved himself!

If I recall correctly, McDonald's hasn't made a statement but a representation offered congratulations to Coleman for his weight loss.

Mom mom did something similar to this. She ate a banana and yogurt for breakfast, for lunch a Quarter Pounder without cheese, fries and a diet coke and vegtables for dinner. She got down to 98lbs and I told her to eat something! This was when i was in High School so it was *cough* awhile ago.

Yea, he was a big guy, almost 40 pounds bigger then me when I started losing. I ate more calories then him when I started, and I still eat more then him. 1400 calories isnt much at all for a guy at his size.  Still I don't think I could bring myself to "diet" on mcdonalds, its pricey and regardless of calorie content, alot of it would be high fat. Wonder what will happen when he comes off his diet.

If they want some real success stories they should pick from communities like this one. :P

This guy was an extreme, as was the 'super size me' guy. In moderation, it's ok to have fast food, if you allow it into your calories for the day (or week).

I have a weakness for 7 layer burritos from Taco Hell. They are about 600 calories. So if I eat one, and I rarely do now, I know that it's going to restrict the rest of my calorie spending.  That's big incentive not to. Not to mention, it seems like such junk just stimulates my appetite more : (

Original Post by gojuanago:

This guy was an extreme, as was the 'super size me' guy. In moderation, it's ok to have fast food, if you allow it into your calories for the day (or week).

I have a weakness for 7 layer burritos from Taco Hell. They are about 600 calories. So if I eat one, and I rarely do now, I know that it's going to restrict the rest of my calorie spending.  That's big incentive not to. Not to mention, it seems like such junk just stimulates my appetite more : (

 Yeah, I'm a stickler for the Spicy Chicken Burrito.  Not sure what's in it but it's DAMN good.  Problem is, it's like 350cals and I would need to eat 2-3 to even feel slightly full.  Taco Hell... how I miss you making me fat...lol NOT!


And yeah, McDonalds has been trying to pull this 'health' act for awhile... come on you're not fooling anybody!!!

I might be wrong on this, but a while back I heard that:

Quarter Pounder w/cheese = same calories as Chicken Bacon Salad w/ranch

McFlurry = same calories as Apple Dippers w/caramel

Obviously choice #2 is HEALTHIER.... but in the run of things, not so much a good weight loss idea.

An order of apple dippers with the caramel sauce actually has only about 100 calories.

McFlurry M&M (12 Fl Oz) 620 Calories

McFlurry Oreo (12 Fl Oz) 560 Calories

Apple Dippers w/Caramel 100 Calories

Quarter Pounder w/cheese 510 Calories

Chicken Bacon Salad w/ranch (Grilled Chicken) 430 Calories (Deep Fried) 510 Calories

Just pointing out that Apple Dippers are not in the same ballpark as Mcflurry's :) BUt the Salad/Quarter Pounter was right on.

Source: Calorie King Calorie, Fat& Carbohydrate Counter 2007 Color Edition

Ok, you're right- sorry for the misguided info... I should have googled it before I wrote it- but I had read in some article about McDonalds possibly facing another lawsuit because their 'healthy' options were not so healthy... and then had a ton of comparisons.

Anyway, the salad being equal to the quarter pounder is still pretty cruddy... but then again, if you're trying to eat healthy, getting fried chicken isn't your best option.

Another thing about eating that much Fast food.  Take a look at the sodium content in most of that stuff.  Unbelievably high.  It may be alright to have fast food once in a while and if you try to make healthy choices but it really isn't so good for a steady diet.  Sodium, fat, cholestrol and sugar in most of the fast food chains are extremely high.  Tonight I had to eat a McDonalds and I thought I made a good choice and Asian Salad with grilled chicken and Low fat ginger Sesame dressing.  When I got home and logged it the calories weren't so bad but the salad (with out Almonds and noodles) had 780 mg and the dressing I think something like 560 mg.  Anyway, I retain water with too much sodium.  IT just can't be that healthy even if you get chicken or salad!

Ooooo, they use a weight loss anomaly to promote another fast food diet. Nice.

I would love to see that guy's blood work. Waist size and weight are not the "indicators" of health we need to be focusing on. Why isn't it sinking into people that anyone can lose weight by eating fewer calories than they burn? Sure, McDonalds is known for making people fat...so this story would stand out. But come on!

Why not headline something like this;

"Thin business man from Virginia dies of hypertension after 5 years of eating mostly McDonalds meals. He was to celebrate his 15 year marriage anniversary but, sadly, his wife had already died from exposure to his toxic fumes"

There is this McDonalds burger that is made only in Alaska called the McKinley Mac (after the mountain) and the moto for it is "everything is bigger in Alaska!"  LOL, you guys should see it.  It is over twice the size of a regular big mac.  They have to use a special container for it, which is bigger than any of the other containers I have ever seen at McDonalds and even then it doesn't shut all the way.  I should go order one and take a picture.

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I only go to McDonalds for the bathrooms and the coffee. I always think about it being possibly nutritious to eat there after seeing the prison guard sequence in Super Size Me. It's not so much about the food as it is about moderation. If 2 Big Macs a day were all you ate you wouldn't be gaining weight, nor would you be spending a huge amount of money on your diet. Beyond that, the guard looked very healthy after eating the same thing every day for 20 years. It would take a lot more courage than I've got, in all respects.

The best regional Mac-food I've eaten was a Mac-lobster roll in Freeport, Maine. It was twice as expensive as a Big Mac but worth it.
Two names come to mid immediately after reading this:  Jared - Subway.  By no means is cold cuts a healthy alternative in the grand scheme of things-it is the lower calories and 'low fat'. The sodium content in cold cuts is outrageous.  The same hold true for reduced calorie/fat frozen entrees. So, this guy at McDonald's did what Jared did -BFD !!!  Has anyone asked to Jared's blood work; no doubt it is not any better/worse than the McDonald's guy.

McDonald's Diet vs. Subway Diet:  Neither are the best viable option long term.  Have you seen Jared's pictures recently?  He has "chubbed" up in his face a bit.  Hmmmm, could it be sodium ????

A well balanced diet, fruits, vegatables, grains, protien and dairy is the only best option for long term success in weight loss, weight management.

All McDonald's, Subway, Taco Hell, Wendy's are okay in moderation. 
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This guy lives not too far from me.  He said he ate salads, wraps, fruit/yogurt parfaits and apples with no caramel.


Y'all seem to put down people a lot.  The guy made good food choices at a fast food restaurnat.  Yay for him.


I eat at McDonald's often myself because I have a small child who loves the playland.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating there or any other fast food chain if you make the right food choices.  I always get a salad and fruit/yogurt parfait.


Quit putting others down...it's getting old.  Y'all are turning into a bunch of snobs and it's making me want to take my calorie counting elsewhere.  Geez...

This is just another point that you can have your cake and eat it too, so to speak.

Yep, he made healthy choices. No matter if it was 1400 calories, or his alloted 'deficit' calories, eventually he would have lost weight eating their food.

Mc Donalds has some amazing choices, and I go there at least once a week for a soft serve ice cream cone (my favorite cold treat) and their amazing South West Chicken Salad (420 cals).

We have to look past the number of calories, and focus on his choices. :) He made the right ones, even though we all know this lacks a lot of nutritional value.

If you read Jareds subway diet, you'll notice he also ate too little calories for him at his size. So who knows, maybe this new guy will be the new clown.

About 7 years ago I worked at Walmart .. and here in Canada almost every walmart has a Mc Donalds... I ate Mc donalds 2x a day 5 days a week, and I lost 2 pant sizes, I didnt weigh myself so i have no idea how much i lost .. i would say around 40lbs tho and i wasnt even trying. Since then I have gained way more than those 40lbs ... and they are slowly comming off again .. but this time the right way.

I didnt chose healthy either .. I either had a big mac or a MC chicken, and Super sized fries with a diet coke everyday !! Now that i think about it .. that was so gross .. Id never eat that now, but atleast now they have more healthy choices.

I would never reccommend this to anyone, Its so much healthier to just make your own salad imo.  Ive had some of the salads from Wendys and Mc Donalds .. and the salad always tastes old .. or like it wasnt washed ..  gross!

I weighed 180 due to eating Mc Donalds but then I stopped eating Mc Donalds meals after seeing Super Size ME  I saw how the chicken mc nuggets are made from old chicken and the meat has chemicals in it which causes so many problems one is obesity , asthma even too and many more problems in the body.  I haven't stepped in a Mc Donalds in over years now.  I refuse to eat that stuff.  I know weigh 151 due to not eating mc donalds and working out.  If anyone has any doubts rent the movie you would be shocked.  I was

Gasp!!!!  We must all stop. 

amilagirl is offended !!!!  She threatened:"Quit putting others down...it's getting old.  Y'all are turning into a bunch of snobs and it's making me want to take my calorie counting elsewhere.  Geez..."

That really bothers me.  Calling people "snobs". Who are you and what makes you or gives you the right to call anybody a snob! This topic it seems would be better suited for "lounge" as it is promoting discussion. as x17star17x said and even I said, all these fast food places are a part of our lives in today's 24/7 way of life.  Making the right choices - yeah.  However, you're at a fat food joint, (ooops, I meant fast) enjoy whatever in moderation.  To say it's a balanced diet, that is a reach.

edit to add this link, interesting in repect to this topic: http://walking.about.com/cs/howtoloseweight/a /subwaydiet.htm

      If you don't like it, you should practice what you just preached amilagirl "to take my calorie counting elsewhere".



ouch playergirl... amilagirl obviously has feelings haha.  yeah, we're snotty snobs, deal with it =) 

and I don't know how to get this moved to the lounge...

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