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Lymphatic drainage..?

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I was just wondering if anyone has gotten a lymphatic drainage massage/ body wrap? I heard a lot of good things about it.. but don't know if it's all true.

Seems kind of weird to think that a massage can actually "detoxify" your body..!

I also heard that you can lose a lot of inches by doing the body wrap, but that the results are only temporary. True?

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You can help your lymphatic system probably in a lot of ways much cheaper than this.

The two ways I know are:

1. Swimming - Something do to with the water pressure around your body.

2. Trampolining - Being weightless for a split second between jumps allows the valves of the lymphatic system to open, and so allows movement within it.

Plus both of these methods of exercise strengthen your muscles and burn lots of calores.

A lymphatic drainage massage is indeed very helpful in detoxifying the body. Your lymphatic system's main purpose is to return excess fluids in your body to the bloodstream, and help the body repel foreign substances and cells,thus it is critical to immune system function. So if your lymphatic system is working poorly you retain more water than you should , you get sick easier and you just generally may not feel well. The lymphatic drainage massage is meant to get the lymph moving properly again so it is not so much a massage as it is a light pushing motion that helps the system get back to good....A push start if you will.  As for body wraps, there are different ones with different purposes. Any actual inches you lose will certainly be from water loss and NOT fat loss so naturally the results you see are temporary. There are still many benefits to getting a body wrap, just don't count "weight loss" as one of them.

Iknowmychicken- How often should someone get a lymphatic drainage massage? Do you have to go through a series of treatments, or is it just a one time deal?

That depends on why you feel the need to have it done (skin problems, edema, frequent illness etc.) and how receptive your body is to the manual drainage. It also depends on what area you are concerned with. If you frequently get swollen ankles for example, you may learn how to do it yourself once you have had it done to you. It's very important to never wear tight clothing if you are having problems with your lymphatic too.

Another great thing you can do on your own is to every morning in the shower when you're soaping up, put the flat of your hand under the opposite armpit and pull toward the middle of your chest going across the top part of your breast. Do it several times on each side. This will move the lymph and protect your breasts from breast cancer.

As others have stated, exercise is so important for keeping things moving!

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