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are luna bars really good for you?

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or glorified candy? am i even getting those purported vitamins they advertise? do you think any amounts of protein/fiber it gives balance out all that sugar?

is it worth the calories? or should i eat something nice and not processed? (cheaper too!)

i'm often pretty rushed so i will have one to hold me over in the afternoon some time. they taste really good but i was wondering if i should just bring an apple or yogurt with me...or if there were any better kinds of protein/nutrition bars you would recommend?
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I eat these Nature Valley granola bars that have 180 calories each! I wonder if they are really worth it since I hardly ever feel full from them.
I can't comment on Luna bars although I just bought some for my wife to try out.  I do use Clif bars and Power Bars and they seem to be a pretty good source of energy.  Of course, 65 grams is not going to be very satisfying unless you have a small appetite.  I am working of shrinking my apetite.
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i guess some have good protein content... but nutrients, vitamins, etc, i can't comment on. they seem expensive and somewhat over-rated. though they would be easy to eat while walking, etc. a hard-boiled egg is also protein, full of nutrients, quick and easy. team it with some crudites... there are some ideas there. well... my post was useless.
i have them at my work and used to just eat them for breakfast because it was the most healthiest thing there...but then we were told we had to pay for them...so, iv been eating bad things like muffins and bagels cuz they are free =[  theres alot healthier stuff out there for you but i dont think they are terrible for you.
there are so many different types of nutriton bars out there it is not even funny.. it really all depends on what you are looking for. Protein? Energy? Vitamins? etc.

you should try looking in different healthfood/drugstores and compare brands and nutrition information. You will be surprised at how many are almost pure sugar and trans fat plus a few grams of protein and vitamins.

if you can find something low sugar, and high protein that would be best. Protein is filling, sugars give you the energy spike then crash effect.

of course fruit and yogurt is never a bad idea either... simple, inexpensive, convienaite, healthy, cheap :)

hey borges,

i have a new "no junk food" resolution which includes luna bars and "pure protein" bars and "think thin" bars, so i understand your question.  i don't think luna bars are bad for you at all; in fact, i think they're totally healthy.  it's just that the flavor combination is one that tends to sort of get my sweet tooth going.  i hear you, that you need something on-the-go, and actually i think that's the best time to eat them.  bec, at least for me, if i were in a room full of atkins advantage and pure protein and luna bars, i'd just eat every last one of them.

i know other people think the vitamins in nutrition bars are dumb, but actually i like that they're there.

They are actually too sweet for my test. I suppose it could curb your craving for sweets and those might be quite better than some candies. But I do have to wonder, what if I wanted somehting tasty that isn't necessarily sweet or doesn't taste like cardboard. I don't think I'll be able to find one that's in between.

I bought some Special K bars after reading how many people just "adore" bars, but sometimes they are so sweet, it takes me over 30 min to eat one. And I have to watch my sugar due to dangers of diabetes. I think they are quite overrated as in the whole granola section, none of them had that good of nutrient values. Probably won't buy them again after I'm done with what I have.

-Lemon Jello
I think the luna bars are great!! They are one of the few foods I eat that actually make me feel more energetic. Sometimes I have one mid afternoon and it satifies my craving for crunch and sweet. Don't know for sure if the vitamin info is accurate but I would guess it is.
Now I have to go buy some Luna bars tomorrow to try them.

Had my first Clif bar, chocolate and thought it was heavenly.  Felt like I was eating a brownie.

Luna bars are tasty and they do have pretty good nutrition

Nutz Over Chocolate is my favorite.  If I need a 180 cal snack I'll have one.  I like them because they don't mess up my nutritional balance on the Analysis chart. 

Good points

Bad points High in sugar (12 grams of sugar)

  • Fat - 22.9% (5 grams)
    Protein - 22.7% (10 grams)
    Carbohydrates - 54.4% (24 grams
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I use luna bars as a quick snack.  They're usually the thing I eat at about 4-5 to stave off hunger before dinner.  Right now I'm into the luna bar tea cakes which have fewer calories, and are better.

I would never say that they're 'healthy' but they aren't unhealthy, at least.  They're a good snack.
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