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Lowest-calorie meat?

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What is the lowest-calorie meat out there? Smile


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Chicken, turkey and white fish are all about 110-120 cals per 100g.  Lean beef is around 150 cals per 100g.  Lean lamb is around 140 cals per 100g.  Fresh salmon is about 190 cals per 100g.    So get a good variety of different meat/fish, adjust the portion-sizes and enjoy.

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Other than chicken and turkey (skinless), I've heard that bison is pretty lean.

Would you count seafood as meat?

85 cal for 100g of baked cod.  68 cal for flounder.

Bay & sea scallops are about 110 cal for 100 grams, and 23 grams of protein.

Imitation crab- 100 cal for 100 grams + 12 grams protein.

100 cal for catfish/pike/polluck.

100 grams is about 3.5oz.

All of the above and eggs & especially egg whites!

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Other than chicken and turkey (skinless), I've heard that bison is pretty lean.

Bison is much leaner than beef and it's delicious

Great suggestions here!

Venison (deer) is about 130 calories for 3oz (85g). Quite a nice tasting meat. It has an A rating in the CC database.

Moose/Elk (depending on where you're from!!) meat is delicious and only 103 cals per 100g (and 22g protein) Laughing

I like deli turkey.  It has around 100 calories for 3 oz, and it's very convenient.  You can make very low calorie wraps by substituting lettuce for the tortilla.  Low-carb, lo-cal and delicious!

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