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Lowcost things to do out at night, with out food or alcohol?

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Hey everyone,

So recently I wanted to go out at night (not stay in) and I was searching for things to do and realized how many things involved 1) Eating/Food or 2) Drinking...  Both not good for health and definately not good for weight loss!  Any ideas of fun things to do at night with either yourself, friends, significant other, which doesn't involve going to a bar/night club or going to a restaraunt? and perfebly for little or no money?

Some of the trite ideas:

Movie Theatre

Minature Golfing



Comedy Show/Concert (although a lot of comedy shows have the two item minumum for drinks or food)

Bonus points for coming up with things that get us moving!

It's just so amazing how much of our society, especially at night, is centered around food and/or drink!  And the most amazing thing is I never ever realized this until I made a conscious effort to lose weight/be healthy!
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We actually have a weekly Dodgeball competition going on near where I live.  I, honestly, have yet to attend (maybe this week if I can get away from the work!) but a friend of mine runs it.  It works in the following manner:  A large group (or small if anyone wants) gets together in a bank parking lot from 11pm - 2am.  It's BYOB if you want alcohol, but more generally "Bring your own beverage".  Anyone is invited to participate at any time or they can sit and watch on the sidelines.  It is a rather novel idea!

I have also seen a small group of people playing CornHole at odd hours of the night in the alley behind my flat.  I know for a fact that the game will give you a workout...  at least in your throwing arm!

If I can think of any other events I know of or have attended that exclude drinking and money I will make sure to pass it on!
some communities have free outdoor concerts in the summer.  local festivals usually go intil 9 or 10p.  art museums are not usually too expensive. 
get a round of people together and play CATCH PHRASE and make them crumpets
or if u dont want the crumpets a nice low fat snack could be a veggie platter and if u like lemon, u can drizzle that on them for more flavor instead of dip
Night disc golf

go to a baseball game or minor league baseball game

go to a local reggae club (surpisingly a lot of fun, without any alcohol or food necessary)

Go to a hukah lounge (if you are willing to smoke flavored tabacco)

Free pool night minus the alcohol and if you enjoy playing pool

batting cages

go cart racing

watching sex and the city reruns
I'm sorry it was supposed to be low cost and I said shopping lol oops.
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crash a wedding
haha! have u ever done that lippygal?

another thing is drink green tea and go on calorie count
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What I do with my friends:

We go out to eat to a restaurant that has NTN (Trivia) and we sit there and play it for hours.

And when you do go out to a restaurant, just choose something healthy from the menu such as a salad or chopped veggies.
-And if you have supportive friends, you could always eat your diet meal at home and then not eat anything at the restaurant, but jsut enjoy your time with your friends.
Cow tipping. As long as you don't lie down and suck the teats afterwards, it's low cal. :-)

Okay I'm just joking with you. I don't know where you live, but we live in an area with a lot of museums and universities. There are plenty of things to do that are free or inexpensive.

For example, we like to attend art gallery openings - yes they often serve beer and wine and appetizers but you can make this your whole meal, or just don't indulge. Check gallery calendars and look for the magic word "opening." It's like a big, free party.

Open studios - local communities host these throughout the spring, summer and fall. Includes lots of walking.

Museums usually have one free admission night per month. Check web sites.

Plays - check local universities, community theater, and even high schools (our local high school has a great theater program and some really talented kids).

Acapella concerts, dance concerts - seems every university puts on these.

Summers are a big time here for outdoor movies and concerts, many are free.

Robotic competition - okay, that might be local to MIT, but it's a must around here. :-)

Roller derby - that was a particularly memorable evening. Yes, there was beer involved but nobody was twisting our arms.

Boating - we have a rubber boat we found in the trash and refurbished; no need to rent one. But if you wanted to, you could rent one for pretty cheap around here.

Going to the beach/lake/etc.

Taking a hike.

Walking around our neighborhood & exploring. (Just did a 3 hour walk this past weekend).

Biking, Rollerblading, Ice skating

Play "tourist in your own town" and do all the geeky stuff that the tourists do but you never do because you already live there.

Compete in a 5K or triathalon or walkathon or something like that.

Pick up trash on the side of a road or in a park.
Wow lots of great ideas!

I like midnight hikes on full moon nights among lots of the fun stuff listed here.

I got some great ideas -- thanks!
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Comedy comedy comedy!

I go to comedy almost every night, and work in a comedy club, and think its a great idea. i've never been anywhere that has a rink/food requirement...i just go and have an orange juice and enjoy the comedy, which also distracts you from thinking about, or having to be around food! yay =)
i usually go to art openings when i want to go out, but my bank account is running low.  many galleries have one night per month where all the galleries in the area have openings.  of course, the beauty of galleries is that they are always free, but it's fun to go during the receptions, especially if there's a good crowd and the artist is present.  a side plus:  most galleries also serve free wine and snacks.
get a bunch of people to do a scavenger hunt!!! every team gets a list of crazy stuff to do all over your area:

-get a 1$ bill with ____ signature on it

-take your picture with a cop

-get an application to _____ (blockbuster)

-a menu from _____

-take picture of (any landmark)

that kind of stuff!! its SO FUN! :)
Oh man, you guys are awesome!  Thanks for the ideas! 

 I am, however, really dissapointed at the enormous caloric intake potentially involved in cow tipping.  Now, I don't get to suck the cow's teet after tipping it, damn I wanted my cake and eat it too!  LOL!

At UCSD we had kind of a take on the robot competition/derby (ours was like a downhill derby for robots) but I can just imagine what MIT's robot competition is like!

I just thought of an idea as well... any of you ever geocached?  It's great fun and you can do it anytime.  www.geocaching.com 

fun times

Thanks again everyone and if you can think of more keep 'em coming...
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Here are a few cheap date ideas that I find particularily fun (they can be done at any time of day though and may or may not be good for night):
-cycling (you can have a picnic of healthy items!)
-Laser tag (cause reverting to childhood is oh so fun!)
- Paint ball
- local concerts (skip the bar, stay in the mosh, look around a bit and you should find indie rock concerts for as low as $6)
- classic concerts (dramas or orchestra- you cant bring food into the opera hall. Lesser known shows are cheaper, matinees are practically half price. I once got box seats to the nutcracker dress rehearsal for about $15 and it was flawless)
- Stargazing
- Walking about the city at night (stick with the nicer areas of town and do get a nonfat latte to go while you stroll!)
- Swimming! (I love nighttime versions of daytime activities)
- Camping
- Paddle boating (check what time the rentals close though- some are early, some are late)

And finally- just check out your local seasonal festivals. Some can be pretty fun and not centered around food (though all will have those $1 hotdog stands :P) See if there are any fireworks competitions in particular- those are amazing.
oh man, just be glad you don't live in tucson.

there's NOTHING to do here but eat.

and we've got some damn amazing restaurants :/ such a drag!
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