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low sugar= depression?

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If i dont have enough sugar in my system can i become depressed? cause i have been trying to aviod sugar in my diet and ive been alot more moody and sad lately.
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I've read that cutting sugar out of your diet can indeed cause depression and lethargy, but I can't remember where I read it...
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well if your body is used to having higher levels of refined sugar then it could be a kind of withdrawl/crashing. If your blood sugar is too low though, that could make you depressed and tired. You could still have natural fruit sugar as a transition.

I have actually read reports that the no carb and severly low carb diets acan cause clinical depression, not just bad moods here and there.

I am hypoglycemic and study every chance I get how sugars and carbs affect our bodies, and it is incredible.

I would suggest eating at least 4 servings of carbs a day, but be sure they are whole grain. And try for 4-6 servings of fruit.  If you are used to a lot of carbs and sugars you could be making yourself hypoglycemic (making you blood sugar low) and eating whole grain carbs and fruits should help level it.

If that diesnt help, try eating every 2-4 hours. Im not talkign huge meals, but try eating 3 small-medium meals with 3 snacks in between. You can still do that with low sugar or low carb, and it will help keep your blood sugar level (having it go too high and too low in one day can make you feel lethargic, moody and depressed too)

wow! thanks so much. it really makes sense cause i am trying for low carb. i think i should just transition to "good carbs" i dont like bread or crackers. chips i can stand sometimes. i duno i really just dont like those things ..they taste dry to me (i know im kinda weird) so should i just try to eat more fruits and veggies for carbs?
Fruits definatly, and try fresh fruit whenever possible.

And if it seems like you are having problems with your blood sugar, I would avoid fruit juice for a while. It has a higher concentration of sugar than pure fruit, and can make you blood sugar go all goofy.

And a serving of fruit isnt really a lot. To visualize a serving, it is roughly the size of a tennis ball cut in half, same with veggies.

Im on a diet to help control my blood sugar and the focus of it is "good sugars" and not too much of them, but not too little. So in a day Im supposed to eat 3-5 servings of protein, 2-4 of carbs (mostly grains), 4-6 of fruit, 2-4 of dairy, and 8-15 of veggies. So, yeah, pack in the veggies.

One of my favorite things for a snack is a salad with Lettuce and tomato (of course) but add avocado, strawberries, apples and pecans. Its almost everything in one little meal. Lots of veggies with some fruit and protein.
I can give you some personal info on this. I went on a high protein low carb diet a few years ago. I have had a depression in the past. After a couple of weeks I felt myself spiralling into what I knew would become a very deep depression. I was trying to think of what was causing it and the only thing I had changed lately was my diet. I went to my Physchiatrist and she said to stop the diet and eat carbs asap. Our brain is fueled by carbs and if we upset the balance it can have effects on us that could be hard to predict if we are susceptable to different concerns. Our bodies use carbs to fuel our brain and our muscles. We use protein  to repair and build any breakdown in our body. Protein is what supplies amino acids which are the building blocks we use. We also need fat in our diet...it is very important... more importantly is the type of fat we consume and most of us eat the wrong type. We need to supply essential fatty acids. You can get good fats from salmon, walnuts and  flax to name a few. You should try eating about 50% carbs or more a day if susceptable to depression from a low carb diet and see how that agrees with you. Make sure you eat healthy carbs if possible not the junk carbs that will cause insulin spikes which will then prevent you from losing weight.

Good Luck

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