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Low Limit on Calories - Gross or Net?

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Let's say I am supposed to eat 1500 calories a day for my weight loss - many more and I am not going to lose, but any less and I would be in danger of entering "starvation mode".   However, what happens if I work out and burn 300 calories?  Am I supposed to eat an extra 300 to keep my net over the magic 1500 number, or can I stay at a 1500 intake and burn more in a workout without worry?  Thanks a lot.


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The 1500 is gross, that is how many you actually consume in a day.  If you eat 1800 but burn 400 in exercise and thus net 1400, you're okay.  You just want to keep your burn/eat deficit from getting too high.

If you add 300 calories of exercise one day, there's two schools of thought. One is to try to eat roughly the same number of calories every day, so you should keep right on eating your regular daily level (and if this exercise becomes regular, then consider eating more every day).  The other is to try to keep your calorie deficit fairly constant, so eat more on days you exercise more and less on days you don't (but eat at least your minimum every day). 

The latter is what I do and it's never caused me any problems, but there are people who swear by the former and that's worked fine for them too.

I haven't been including my calories burned during exercise and I've already lost 10 lbs. with this website. I don't think the 200 to 300 calories is enough to put you into starvation mode - maybe if you were only eating 950 a day. You will get stuck on a weight level that lasts a few days every once and awhile. I try to avoid these by eating 400 to 500 extra calories one day a week.

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