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Low Calorie Options at Panera?

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I always eat dinner at Panera on Wednesday nights... However, I'm not that familiar with the calories in things.

Does anyone have any ideas on a low calorie dinner idea at panera? I'm looking for something that at max is 600 calories.

I know I could look this up, but I am just swamped with work and am hoping that someone might know of a good staple they could just throw out!


Thank you!

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Oh man, I love Panera. I'm so excited about one opening up near my apartment.

I usually get the Smokehouse Turkey panini. The whole thing is 700 calories, but I can only eat half of it. Add their chips in there and the meal is about 500 calories.

Their soups are pretty good too. The Clam Chowder is about 300.

I usually get a cup of their low-fat chicken noodle soup (100 cal), and a slice of whole grain miche (130 cal).  Very good and very low cal :)

My favorite thing to order is the Mediterranean veggie sandwich (hummus, feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, spicy peppers, and tomato herb bread) and a cup of vegetarian black bean soup. 420 calories for a really filling lunch.

The Fuji apple chicken salad is another favorite - it's a little over 500 cals.

Panera has a nutrition calculator on its website: http://www.paneranutrition.com/NutritionCalcu lator.aspx

Just pick what you want to eat and it'll tell you how many calories you'd be ingesting.

Thanks everyone! I ended up going with the chicken soup! I was just in such a rush yesterday, I didn't have time to look anything up!

Funny, I'm eating Panera right now for lunch!

Wetmosaic, I too am now in love with the Fuji Apple salad!

I got half salad half sandwhich:  Chicken Fuji Apple Salad, and is 290 Calories for the half portion and an A- according to CC.  And the Tuna on honey wheat (My Fav!) which is 360 Cals (of course I get everything on it even with the half portion).

They have a new creamy tomato soup which I'm curious to see the calories in it.

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