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low blood pressure?or no?or i'm confuse..

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its been a while since the last time i post something..anyway,i been binge eating for a lot recently..but  i guess its better than before?i mean i started going to gym now but i only go for 1 hour something?30minutes for walk/jog on treadmill and 30minutes for simple workout..

the real questions..i been binge eat,quite healthy than before..I binge on fruits and sometimes,milk powder..but yesterday,i had a free blood pressure is this..99/54 mmHg..thats what the nurse wrote..the doctor told me its low blood pressure and i should check it out at hospital.But my mum says its because i eat too few,and i always think of stupid things but thats not true.I ate a lot.more than her and my bro.*then at night she say i ate a lot.This morning too she say she don't know how i eat..*"grrrr!!""anyway,is my blood pressure okay?i feel dizzy after exercise and when waking up in the morning..

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It is a little low, but you cannot be sure that you have low blood pressure or even high blood pressure unless you have it checked at least 3 times on different occasions and have gotten similiar (low or high) readings.

Feeling light headed after a workout is common if you are not use to the exercising and getting your heart rate up to a cardio pace.  As for when you first wake up in the morning it can be something called orthostatic hypotension; this is when you get up too fast from a lying down or sitting position, and you feel light headed/dizzy because of a rapid drop in blood pressure and not enough blood getting up to your brain. This is not usually a problem and can happen to people with normal blood pressure.  Its possible that you didnt get enough fluids that day which could contribute to low blood pressure.

I would suggest that if you are very concerned about it you get a home blood pressure monitor to track and record what your blood pressure is and if it is consistently very low then speak to your doctor about it.  If you cannot afford one then local pharmacies usually have blood pressure monitors on site that you can use for free.

Yeah, my bp is always around 97/55. I'm a bit worried as well...
Especially since I get the orthostatic thing a lot, and because I drink a LOT of liquid (as in, peeing at least once an hour. totally clear)

there's one more problem as well..i didn't have my period last month and till now,still no..

Missing your period is never a good sign, so get that checked out. If there is the slightest possibility that you are pregnant, avoiding that reality will NOT help! And if your eating habits are out of whack, this would be a chance to talk to your doctor.

My blood pressure has always been around 90/55-62. I have ALWAYS had to be careful about standing up too quickly; the more fit I am, the more I tend to get faint if I jump up too quickly. My resting heart rate is pretty low, too, and given that I've done cardio most of my life (and even most the past decade when I've been considerably overweight), my doctors have always felt it's nothing to worry about. Also, women get a benefit from their hormones that keeps their blood pressure lower then men's, so maybe that's it--but again, if you aren't having your period, you don't know what your hormones are doing.


err..i'm not pregnant..unless i been raped in my mum refuse to take me to the doc..she says i worried too much..maybe if this month i still didn't have period,she might bring me..i have to wait though..if anything happens to me,i just have to end it..easy..

From what you've described, it sounds exactly like someone who isn't eating enough. exactly.

You really need to increase your calorie intake.

I agree with starcrossdlovex  Your not eating enough.  Doesn't matter how much your mom is or isn't eatting.   Not getting your period is a classic sign of two types of eatting problems,  being to skinny or being too fat.  Your obviously not to fat.   To be honest, I wonder if you understand what binge eating is.   I had a friend who did that a lot.   She would take everything out of the fridge and eat not just until she felt like she needed to throw up, but until she did throw up.   Until her body would reject the food she was eating.  That is binge eating. 

I don't know how much you weigh or how much your mother weighs or even how old you are but I can say this.  Unless you are at least 150 lbs over weight, if your period problems are being caused by food its because you don't weigh enough.  

sigh..i eat a lot until my stomach feel like blowing up but it never throws just stay there and pains me like crap..anyway,thanks for the concern.i'll wait till next month and see if my period still won't come.then i'll go to see doc..

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