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Love Handles?

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It seems that no matter how much weight I loose I always have the love handles.  My stomach is flat but if you look at me front on i have an actual muffin top without any clothes on to make it! HELP! How can i get rid of them?
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it might be your body frame, it might be somthing you have to come to terms with.

either that, or try toning your muscle there.

Unfortunately there is no way to spot reduce.

But a balanced healthy diet and aerobics/cardio is can reduce the fat better know as "love handles". 

Check out this article "How To Do Oblique Exercises".  It has three great exercises to do to build your oblique muscles.

Are you kidding??? I LOVE my love handles... not.

Haha, I think they just go away with time, or not at all. It's genetics and body frame, which is disappointing.

Most people I know have love handles even the little skinny girls, and they get even worse when they insist on wearing pants to small. That drives me nuts, when a girl is like "I'm a size 0!", but then has enormous love handles. Sorry for ranting.
Let's re name them Hate handles...LOL   I am constantly cupping my hands over them to see if they feel smaller!
Oh, I like that, Hate Handles... hahahaha. all my friends are gonna think I'm crazy :P
Man I hate love handles! My hips keep shrinking so I can wear a smaller size pant, well I have to wear a smaller size pant so they dont fall down, but my love handles and belly pouch dont seem to be getting any smaller. But yeah you an see from my pictures if you want. I am trying to get over it though because I am very happy with my progress and I know I have to let my body get used to the smaller size and let my skin bounce back. I really am trying to stop thinking abou the extra fat that I 'think' I have. I just tell myself daily when I pass a mirror or reflection in a mirror "your beautiful" instead of man look at that fat! hahaha
I know exactly where you are coming from. I have loose weight and i still have the "spare tire" effect. Its like my stomach is flat in the front, but when I where a dress or fitted shirt, i have to find some way to smooth those babies down. My and my friend use to call it "tucking". But I have learned to deal with how I'm more an apple shape for right now. It sucks but I am working on it.
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