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i LOVE my...

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Hey guys,

With all the hard work we're doing here, I thought it would be nice and helpful to take a minute and acknowledge some of the amazing work we've done... or just our God-given assets. Beauty on the inside counts most, no question, but sometimes it's nice to wallow in vanity for just a few moments and realize that we're NOT the hideous, bloated monsters we feel like when we're PMSing! We're all so BEAUTIFUL, sometimes I can't stand it! So I'll go first, just to get the ball rolling...

I LOVE my: legs (especially my calves!), my boobs, my eyes, and my mouth (I used to think it was too big, but I've grown to see it as beautiful and feminine). 

All right, guys, let 'er rip! 

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ankles!  I'm a big girl but luckily I've avoided cankles.  Mine are still pretty.

stomach. it's always been flat, regardless of weight gain anywhere else...and after pregnancy it returned to normal. i feel lucky about that.

and apparently i have a nice butt -although it's hard for me to see for myself

edit: because the 3-letter word i used the first time showed up as assterisks (pun intended)

I'm going to echo you and say calves and eyes.

What a great idea for a thread. :) Way too often we obsess over what's "wrong" with us.

Dimples of Venus! They just showed up :D

Also my legs, they look pretty good for a girl with a few lbs to lose-- even better in heels!

Legs.  They're long, slender, athletic, and strong.  :)

I like my Danish nose. :D It's very straight. I also like my eyes. I like my natural hair colour. I like my eyebrows because they never get bushy.

Love this thread [ :

I have fantastic hair and feel lucky to have avoided acne. Also, my nails are really nice and people always think that they are fake [ :

I love my hourglass figure, because even if i'm a few lbs more than I want to be, it just makes me even more curvy :D

Also: I like my brown eyes.  And I like my petite little hands.  This might sound silly, but I used to wish I had larger hands.  But now I like them.  They look dainty and feminine.  :)

But I still like my legs best.  Not just because they look good, but because I always build muscle there.  They're STRONG :D

Ummm, I'm not at a point yet where I love very much but I certainly quite like a few bits of me. My shoulders I like the look of, they are quite broad but nice looking. I also like my back, now that it no longer has rolls! My skin is pretty good too and a nice colour and feel.


There are some parts I me I like -- my curvy hips, generous breasts, the slight line over my abs, my skin tone (in that it's not deathly pale like most of my friends), and my colourful eyes -- but these are just things that I wouldn't improve; there's no flaws about them I can see; they are generally attractive.

But the parts of me I LOVE? That's a completely different story. The parts I love are the imperfect, unique parts. They may not be conventionally attractive, but they are part of my identity, and I love them.

My scars come to mind. Not all my scars (there's far too many to count), but the ones that stand out in my mind: a long line on my forearm, a raised white line on my upper stomach, another between my breasts, a little cluster on my left shoulder, and three wide ones on my thighs.

My muscles, too. Particularly my biceps, leg muscles, and chest mucles (which can't be seen, but can be felt). They're certainly bigger than anything I've seen on models, but I love the way they look and feel (of course I do; if I didn't, I'd stop weight training).

I sort of love the bump in the middle of my nose. It looks fairly unattractive, but I'd miss it if it was gone. I'm working on loving my square face shape and thin lips, but I don't think I could say I love them yet.

Strangely, I even love the way I look when I'm a little heavier. Of course, I prefer the leaner me, but I also find that since losing weight, I'm rather fond of curvier women, belly and all.

If is very appreciating that you are happy with your present condition. This is the toughest thing in the world to be happy with the present condition. But you are an exception. Best of luck for future.



At first I couldnt think of anything I really like about my self. I've always had aweful self confidence. But then I thought again. There must be something, and there is:)

I love my hair, because I have great natural color and its sort of wavy. I like my shoulders and upper back, despite the fact that I have acnescars all over, I dont think they show as much as I believe they do. I think my collar bone is looking better. Oh, and I have green eyes- I like that.

Myself. Finally.

"Myself. Finally."


You're right. Too often we focus on the laundry list of "flaws" we think we have.

I love my eyes. They've always been my best asset. Even though I've worn glasses for over 20 years.

My new favorite thing is my running endurance. It feels so good to barely break a sweat running 5k (and I sweat like crazy).

I love my arms.  They have gotten more muscular and less fat.  I also love that I am just beginning to see the top two cans of my "six pack".

My chest, which is tattooed beautifully, and my eyes, naturally bright green. I like my hair too, bettie bangs and long and black. And I think I have cute, nice looking feet.

My curves.  No matter how much weight I gain or lose, they're there.  I'm one of the lucky ones with an hourglass figure, so when I gain hits my breast and hips more than my stomach which makes my stomach not seem so big (even though it is).

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