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I weigh myself every morning. I always do it right before I get in the shower which is about 20 minutes after I wake up. I weighed myself a few days ago and then for some reason weighed myself after I got out of the shower and weighed .2 pounds less. Today I did the same thing. I weighed 160.4 before the shower and 160.0 after the shower. Almost a half pound. I want to think that it has something to do with the moisture and my electronic scale or maybe I sweat in the shower. I find it somewhat interesting. What do you think?

What were you doing in the shower? I figured I would get this joke out there before someone else could!

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i find that i always weigh more after i get out of the shower! My friends think my body soaks up the water and thats the difference! maybe i am dehydrated! WHO KNOWS!??!?!
You peed in the shower, didn't you... fess up... ! ;-)

Hahaha! I've lost 1 whole pound in the shower! I think it was because either

(i) I hadn't showered after my run the night before and I had a whole pound of dirt and sweat stuck to my body (ew), or

(ii) I washed very rigorously, such that I burned enough calories to shed a pound, or

(iii) the hot steam in my steaming hot showers is so hot that it sweated a pound of water out of me.

 Hm. But I guess the simplest explanation is:

(iv) My scale is tempermental and inconsistent.   


lol, yes I have peed in the shower but not on a regular basis and I didn't this morning! But that was really funny. I tried to get by the jokes in my first post but I guess I missed.

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I have had the same thing happent to me before. I love to know the reason!
Most likely it's water loss from sweating in the heat of the shower.  I've weighted myself before and after a shower and somtimes have seen a pound drop off.  I know it's not due to the scale being affected by heat and moisture because my scale is in my bedroom. 
Damn. I always weigh after my shower. Now I'll have to do a comparison to see if I really weigh more than I thought.

I always weigh before and after the shower.  I usually vary by about 0.5 lb, either up or down, but sometimes it's up or down 1.5 lbs!  I would like to say it's a finicky scale, but I can weigh myself several times in a morning and get the same weight, then take a shower and see a difference. Go figure!

On a related note: breakfast usually weighs about a pound. 

I think id weigh significantly more post shower cos my hair would be wet and I have a lot of hair to soak up water.

I think your scale was dehydrated, and appreciated your wet feet helping it out.

I vote for the "your scale is tempermental" guess since you deny ... umm ... doing anything in the shower except showering.


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Note to Self: never admit on a public forum to peeing in the shower. Tongue out

thats hilarious! i usually gain practically a pound, just cuz of my hair :P

but my scale is also "temperamental and inconsistent" ....depending where you stand you can lose or gain up to 3 lbs :D

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hahaha, yeah. It's totally normal. I've lost 20 pounds in 5 days once because I had to cut weight for wrestling. (Nobody tell me it's bad, I know it is.. it's just stuff I had to do because I was sick of keeping weight over the summer when I just wanna party! lol)


The bad news for both of us? Although we weigh less after the shower, it's because we sweat it out. Basically, it's water loss.  

Take for example working out for 2 hours, we lost lots of weight that night but after replenishing fluids, we end up losing like .1 pounds or so. 

Original Post by jenmcc:

You peed in the shower, didn't you... fess up... ! ;-)

HAHAHA I WAS SOOOOO going to say that! LOL

Not sure if your digital scale is working properly. I think it's the moisture from being in the shower messing around with the scale. May want to place it outside your bathroom next time. <a href=http://www.glitter-poetry.com><img src=http://dl9.glitter-graphics.net/pub/644/64478 9xqhqk9jjqx.gif width=406 height=221 border=0></a><br><a href=http://www.glitter-works.org target=_blank>glitter-graphics.com</a&g t;

I have the same thing happen to me. It was much greater at the beginning of my weight loss plan. I always assumed it was my cheap bathroom scale. I know how electronics change in different temperatures and my bathroom is about 30F when I start my shower in the morning (much warmer when I get out). That should mean that the difference should stay fairly consistent (with the temperature), but it doesn't. Water weight is my best guess now since I'm not retaining as much water, I can't loose as much during the shower? Who knows! I figure I'll log off of the pre-shower weight every day and it won't be a huge issue.

For the math geeks out there, water density at 98.6F is 8.29lb per gallon. That means for a .2lb loss you are loosing .024 gallons of water. That's ~3.072 fl oz. If tommy peed in the shower, it wasn't very much. Wink

// end nerd

It's hillarious that you've posted this, cause I've totally noticed the same thing...and obviously a lot of other people have too...I usually weigh anywhere between .2 and .8 less after showering (at least the times I've bothered to check).

I usually weigh in before the shower (because I thought my wet hair would add weight afterward)-- but I tried it today, and also saw 0.25 lb less afterward.  Go figure.
Weight fluctuates all the time. you should pick one day a week and weigh yourself at the same time everytime, that way your results will be most accurate.
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