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Weight Loss
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When you lost weight in your boobs, did you also lose the sideboob/underarm fat?

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did that help your boobs look more normal? 


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I think my boobs looked better when I was a little bigger-They were fuller and now they are basically the same, but way smaller. ...I never had side boob, but I have heard its hard to get rid of. I do know that push ups and presses help to tone that area..

I dont know if I helped, but Im sure that I probably shared too much information haha. opps! Sorry if thats the case!


Lol, I've been wondering that as well really. I don't have much of the side boob issue, but I am a DD and have always been big and saggy! With 128 lbs to lose, I do wonder if I'll end up a C cup or something.

Also a bit worried about excess skin I've heard some people have. I will NEVER do surgery, so do you always get saggy skin when you lose that much weight? Or is it only if you lose it fast? If you do it slowly like on here with 1-2 lbs a week, does your skin have time to adjust?

I hadn't really thought about it before, but now looking at my arms, I definitely have less jiggle. 

I have lost 20 pounds, verrrry slowly, but I have noticed a boob change.  They do get more perky, but I've noticed the shape has changed as well.  I'm still losing, so maybe it's still part of the transition.  I hope they start to look less 'saggy'.

The main thing w/ losing is to make sure you get properly fitted-most women don't wear the right size in the first place.  When I thought I was a 38 DD, I was actually a 38F!  And now that I've lost the weight, I first went to a 38E, but now found am a 36F.  And I highly recommend going to a high-end or specialty lingerie shop, as they are trained to find the most accurate fit.  Even if you don't buy anything there, it is the best place to get fitted.

As for excess skin, I don't really have any, but I think if like mystyfy, you are planning to lose more, than the weight loss can happen very fast at first.  Definitely moisturize with something like cocoa or shea butter.  It helps keep you hydrated and keeps your skin elastic & prevents creping.  If you lose 1-2 lbs/week, it won't be as drastic, but lotioning still helps prevent the bagginess.

Yes, I lost my wonderful boob fat but I also lost all that side fat, I just poked at that area and It's all boney. I don't think it made them look more normal though, they're still floppy and sad looking, like deflated balloons.

I, on the other hand, am all for surgery and my husband absolutely cannot wait until I get implants and my boobs aren't just empty sacks of skin hanging from my chest anymore.

I have so far lost 102 pounds and gone from a 42 G to a 38 DD. I still have around 48 pounds to go. My boobs have decreased in size but I'm happy with them. I still have back fat and side boobs, as for me that will probably be the last to go.

As for saggy skin I am planning on having a tummy tuck and arm lift. I have lost the weight over 20 months. I think if you lose over 100 pounds most people will have a bit of saggy skin. Its different on everyone.


I was all excited when I went to shave under my arms and it actually sunk in - you know like it did when I was YOUNG!!  I was so super excited about that!  So I think that as you loose weight - it is really all over and if you have fat in that area you should loose there too.

About the sagging thing - I have given this advise about more than just this - but do yoga!  I have lost an inch in each arm, and 2 inches in my chest.  I took before and after photos so I could see the difference and my chest has actaully lifted.  So I am a promoter of yoga for all sorts of things: chest lifter, arm reducer, butt lifter, leg toner!  Whatever yo uname it yoga has a pose for any body problem you have.

I'm an A cup and need to loose about 30 lbs. i don't want to loose what little boobs I have, but I would like to loose the fat on my sides and under my arms. are there any toning exercises that work the sides and underarms without making the boobs smaller? i'm probably SOL on this one. 


if you're 20 years old, you have an excellent chance of having things "snap" back, but it'll take about 6 mo to one year to snap back if you lose the weight too quickly.  exercise will definitely help things to get perky rather than saggy.  If I were you, I wouldn't worry.  Chances are no one will be able to tell you were ever heavy when you're done with your weight loss (ahhh - to be young again...)




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