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Lost 40 lbs in just 4 weeks!

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I know this seems VERY unhealthy and im only 16... But i changed my diet right arround!. I Stopped eating all junk food, stoped eating a lot of carbs, havint snacked once and am taking in 900-1100 Calories a day. I'll post more in a bit but right now i have to get back to class  ! !

Before I go, Dont worry... Im not starving myself at all... I got o the gym 6 days a week for 2 hours and i run 3 days a week doing the 6 min mile.

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There's a good possibility that you might be wrong about not starving yourself at all. Anything under 1200 calories a day is pretty much putting your body into starvation mode. Especially with all that exercise, I don't think you're eating enough.  Congrats on the 40 pounds down ...
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believe me hun, you ARE starving yourself. You should not eat less than
1,200 calories a day!! Your body WILL go into starvation mode. I
struggled w/ Anorexia for quite a while and im on the road to recovery
right now... my dietitan told me this : It takes 1,200 calories a day
for a 5'2" 100 pound 19 year old girl to live. Just for her ORGANS to
functiona. Her heart requires 144 calories, her kidney requires 144
calories, her liver requres 276 calories, her brain requires 276
calories, and her skeletal muscle requires 360 calories. You HAVE to
eat more... im happy for you and your weight loss but unless you plan
on doing this the rest of your life, you will GAIN that weight back
faster than you lost it!!!! TRUST ME! I lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks and
as soon as i ate over 1,000 calories, i gained 6 pounds back. The next
day i ate 1,000 calories and i "gained" another 7 pounds. Now i weigh
more than I did when i started, but im learning to get down to my IDEAL
weight for my hieght and age (110.. im 5'3) the HEALTHY way.. you can
NOT do this to yourself.. im not lecturing.. i hope i dont seem like I
am.. but you really really have to eat at least 1,200 calories a day..
Pry even more because im guessing youweigh more than 100 pounds and im
guessing you're pry taller than 5'2".. so just do yourself a favor and
use the tools on this website to figure out how many calories a day you
SHOULD be eating to lose weight the HEALTHY way! =)
what was your weight before and now?  I have to agree with the others about not eating enough.  You are young and have a higher metabolism than some of us.  FOR ANYONE, I would say eat no less than 1200 cals a day.  if you dont believe us check with your dr or look it up here on this site or many others.

Congrats on a weight loss but it just sounds dangerous.
Kid, you are in SERIOUS DANGER and you are RISKING YOUR LIFE!

Your body is not able to handle such a big change in such a short timeframe. Your metabolism is totally screwed up (all of a sudden there's no more snacking, not enough calories, plus rigorous exercise). Imagine, you eat only approx. 1,000 calories a day and work out for 2 hours = approx. 1,000 calories burned.  There are ZERO calories left for your body to function during the rest of the day. Your organs and your brain need food and enough nutrients to function. Also, you're not yet an adult and your body is still in development. You are doing serious damage to your body.

It's not a question whether being in starvation mode (YOU DEFINITELY ARE!!) but your situation is much worse: You are in IMMEDIATE danger of a serious circulatory collaps, even a heart attack or stroke.

Please stop this nonsense now, you want to be healthy and fit, but you certainly don't want your life to be over at age 16.

Please see your doctor to get professional help and develop a healthy (!!) diet and exercise plan together.

Good luck for you,

Kutie5 thank you so much for sharing that information!  That was really good to see how many calories your organs require!  I think most of us see calories as evil things to be eliminated but to see what you need and WHY broken down like that was very good!  I am going to print this off to show my daughter when I think she might be dieting - she doesn't need it by any stretch of the imagination!!  Thanks again!
ok did you lose 40 pounds or was that just a eye catching post.. If you lost 40 pounds in 6 weeks. Man.. You are damn near melting away..
Hmmm let's do some math. If the maximum amount of FAT the human body can lose is 3 pounds per week, that's 3x6=18. So you lost a maximum of 18 pounds of fat in six weeks (based on scientific evidence). But you had a total weight loss of 40 lbs. 40-18=22. You lost 22 pounds of water, bone mass, lean muscle tissue, and organ tissue during your six weeks. Now if we take the average amount of fat lost per person per week which is 2 pounds that makes 2x6=12. 40-12=28. 28 pound loss that was not a fat loss.

Just pointing out some mathematical facts. :)
You are SO my inspiration to hit the gym more often. I am going to try what you are doing RIGHT NOW! Lol thats just amazing how much you lost.

But one question, what is "6 min mile" I am assuming that it means you ran for 6 minutes every 3 days? Lol I have no idea. Please let me know. And what workout did you do?

Anyways I am going to start your miracle diet now!!!!
Lotsa love
Ok, before you go on with losing like that, read the post from me about "people who stay under 1000 calories" and I didn't even work out to the extend you did. I will put a reply in that post, since I havent figured out to link it in this one.

Yikes, I don't think I'd want to try that even if I could. Doesn't that also leave a good amount of loose skin that does not have time to stretch back?
At a young age, she might not have too much problem with the skin. But when you are older, if you lose weight rapidly, the skin doesn't have time to respond. That's why a lot of people who have gastric bypasses also end up getting rhinoplasty (I hope I spelled that right) to remove all that excess skin.

And losing weight that rapidly is just asking for painful digestive problems like gallstones. I bet some people don't read the warning posts that followed. They are more interested in the lose weight quick statement. I worry they are going to have serious and sometimes painful health problems later. :(

I guess it's like smoking. As long as you enjoy it and get pleasure from it and doing it outweighs the bad effects from it, you are going to keep doing it. But once you get chronic bronchitis or emphysema you decide maybe it's not such a good thing after all. The only problem is, by then the damage is already done.
Ok, Im 6' 4", 16 years old. Please believe me when i say my doctor sudgestid this diet lol... I have over 150 grams of protein a day (4 cal per gram of protein)... I changed my diet. I stopped [COLD TURKEY} eating Junk food, Fast food, CHips, bread, crackers, dips, sauces, food inhancers and all that. Yes your right about the body needing a certain ammount of calories a day. But i feel just as energised everyday eventhough i dont eat that much. I doo take arround 15 pills a day.. like Phosphorus (typo? ) Calcium, Magnesium, Omega fatty acids 3,6 and 9, protein drinks and such. MY daily food consistls of the pills (arround 300 cal from those allone), 300 cal a day from turkey, 10-50 cal from my salads (remember no sauces, dressings or toppers), if i do make a sandwhich i use a rap (whole wheet) and just used veggies and a lil meat (200-300 cal) and my cerial in the morning... another 100 cal including the milk... (its super expensive cerial but loads of fibre).

When i started i was 225, I am now 184 lbs wanting 170 then going up to 225-230 in muscle.

THe 6 min mile means it takes me that long to get 1 mile... and i run for 25 min, no stopping. And as for my diet. I dont Cheet or have any slip days, Since i think if i did i would go back to the old me.

I started this diet due to a melt down and me realising that i was a total slob. I have never had a girl friend, a real kiss or somebody to hold cause of my weight i believe. If you want to see what i look like go to www.nexopia.com then copy and paste this name (just the name no " marks


Thats me in the picture. I think i look much different, but not what i want to look like yet. And it sais on this site that i eat between 1125 and 1325 Cal a day, And burn (not including sleeping) over 2150 cal on a daily basis easily.

PLease keep the comments, sudgestions and conserns here. Thanks again for reading sorry if this seems a little long :)

Have a good day, ill check thyis tomorow since im going to bed right now

Thanks again

I forgot to add, I have no loose skin, I have grown close to an inch since i got of my ass. I feel proud of my improvement sofar, but most of you seem extremely conserned. I hope this dosent turn south on me. But till then i will keep it going on a monitured schedual by my Docter
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