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Weight Loss
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What? lost 3lbs overnight! Gained 4 in an hour!

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Yes another light hearted 'scale' issue.  I weigh myself every morning naked (not a sight for the weak at heart).  I know many don't but I do.  Anyway, yesterday I'm at 175 and this morning I was at 172!  So I have my morning coffee and return to the scale (which I am now feeling some hostility towards - it's a trust issue) and weigh myself and lo and behold I am 176!!

Yes the scale is in the same place and blanced and - here's the best part, I put weights on it and it reads accurate.  How can I possibly be down then up like that.  The body, it's a funny thing.
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I have a digital scale (not sure if this is your issue or not) but I have this same problem, I‚??m now in the market for an old fashion scale as I suspect the digital kind (Or at least some brands) lack accuracy.
speaking of....scales.

i hate it when i eat like a pig all day/go out drinking at night/pig out more when i get home and dont workout...and then the next day i eat very well and workout...but i gain a pound?

ar ar ar.

in writing that, i realize that my body was prolly catching up with me and hence i gained a pound but it still sucks heh.
Hi brighteyes.  I was going to get a digital but the woman at the store (CT) told me she thinks the scales are more accurate.  I check mine against weights. 
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I bought a doctor's scale 25 years ago and it has been a wonderful investment. I bought it when I was pregnant with my first child, then had a digital, I was being so good to gain exactly the right amount of weight, went for my monthly exam and had gained 8 pounds!!! The digital had gradually gone off and I didn't realize it. So I bought a doctor's scale and never again do I have to worry.  I have a friend who has a digital, who also has the same problem with it. Was great for a long while, but has become unreliable.
One word: WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It just depends on how much you drink or eat! If you have chinese food or a full bowl of pho (vietnamese soup) you are going to gain AT LEAST 5 pounds because of all the sodium.

My advice would be to measure, not weigh.
Sodium, blargh!

Well, weighing in on the scale debate (no pun intended, har har), I have a "super-accurate" digital scale (Tanita? I think it's Tanita) that has been pretty darn consistent for me.

But I can't remember how to make it calculate my body fat anymore... hmm...
lmao rain! I really needed a laugh and that was funny.... well, at least to me, but I have a weird sense of humor.

Just because I think this joke is really funny, I'm going to tell you. Sorry, but it has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

Why did the girl fall off the swing?

*Look Down*


What? I thought it was funny....
What? lost 3lbs overnight! Gained 4 in an hour!

When I read the above subject line especially the gaining 4lbs in an hour, I thought, "Honey, you need to exhale!"

Ive seen scales that vary while your standing on them depending if you lean or whether your feet are towards the front or back.  They sell mini doctors scales where the pedestal only comes up to waist level instead of eye and theyre more reasonable compromise for the accuracy.
That has happen to me, I also belive it is water.  You were dehidrated when you woke up.  Hours later you drank your body adjusted.  But it is a good sign.  When that happen to me I did lose 4 pounds that week and it wasn't water. 
I'm usually 110 on my digital scale I bought a few weeks ago. Yesterday morning I think I was about 110, ate breakfast and was about 113, went for a 50 mile bike ride in 100 degree heat (drank about 2 1/2 bottles of water during) and when I got back I think I was around 108. I ate a huge turkey burger and a giant sweet potato for supper and then a big ice cream cone from Baskin-Robbins a few hours later (Maui Brownie Madness, mmm) along with several diet cokes and a liter of carbonated flavored water and by the time I went to bed I think I was 113. This morning I was an even 110 and today I ate like a pig and drank a ton of fluids and didn't work out except for some light tennis and frisbee with my boyfriend (basically didn't sweat a whole lot) and by midnight I'm 117. I understand weight fluctuations, but 7 lbs in a day? Wow.

I don't believe any weight to be my true weight except when it's first thing in the morning at least 12 hours after I've eaten or drunk anything. I also weighed on a doctor's scale last tuesday and was 111--pretty close to what my digital says. I have an older dial scale that is usually 5 lbs less than the digital (I should go back to using that one!)  ...I also realize that I weighed a lot in one day but I really was just curious...obviously my weight changes very easily. At least tomorrow is another bike ride. Also sorry for such a long post!
yep.  I go up and down approximately five pounds in a day.  which makes a lot of sense considering how much a couple of bottles of water weigh when you set them on a scale, and how much water I drink.
I don't know how helpful this is, but my doctor actually told me that you can lose up to 5 lbs with a single BM.  Your scale could be right, who knows ...maybe you just needed to Go  ;)
Well, I lost 7 lbs in 12 hours...I guess I'm okay.
Actually, it‚??s not a problem with your scale. It‚??s a problem with gravity.

Let me explain‚?¶..

You probably remember learning in school that the force of gravity is a universal constant, 32 feet/second2. And that is true.

However the force of gravity acting on your body is different at different latitudes and at different times of the day.

For example, at the equator, the centrifugal force of the earth‚??s rotation actually counter, to some extent, the force of gravity. So in effect if you weigh yourself at the equator (where you are spinning at 1038 mph) you will actually weigh less than when you are standing at the north pole (sideways rotation ~ 0MPH).

And then you have to take the phases of the moon into consideration.

No really, think about it for a second. The moon exerts enough gravitational force that it can lift the ocean up 3-12 feet, causing tides. Can you lift the ocean up? So when the moon is directly overhead it is exerting a gravitational force which is partially counteracting the Earth‚??s, thus "lifting you up" so that you weigh less on the scale.

And that‚??s not all. The Sun exerts a measurable gravitational pull on the earth as well. Because it‚??s further away it‚??s pull isn‚??t nearly as noticeable as the moons, but it‚??s still there. The sun can cause a tide of 1 to 1.5 feet.

So clearly what happened here is that when you first weighed yourself "first thing in the morning" the moon was still up. By the time you finished your coffee it had set, and the sun wasn‚??t yet at its zenith, thus wasn‚??t exerting its full effect upon your body. Therefore you weighed more because you weren‚??t being "lifted".

Ain‚??t pseudo-science grand?

For more info, go to 10.htm and/or html
Really? That sounds about as plausible as the idea that the moon's tides affect your appetite... but I suppose if there are websites backing it up (lol)... how fascinating.
i check the accuracy of my scale every 2 weeks or so with two 10lb hand weights. Sometimes if the floor isn't level this can throw off the results too. When it says 10lb-10.5lb i know it's accurate.

it was probably fluctuations in your water weight
THE MOON...i knew it..its all the moons fault.

i had the same exact thing happen to me today.
5 pound diff too.

freakin moon...hee hee

i was so excited and then blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
My mom lost 15lb in an hour once.

She gave birth.

Not a weight loss program I plan to use :D
I dont the scale matters so much. gaining that much weight in that amount of time is normal. It is only water weight. coffee is liquid which will make you heavier, but dont freak out about it, the second you pee you'll lose the weight. dont stress
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