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Lost 13 lbs but clothes feel the same way!!

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hey i lost 13 lbs but my clothes STILL fit the same way!!!

why?? aren't they supposed to be bigger on me???

does it count that i lost it quickly??

i'm 127 5'7

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Some people just start seeing differences in the scale before they see a difference in inches, or the other way around.

Also, keep in mind that clothes tend to shrink when they come out of the wash, it happens t me all the time: My favortie pair of pants fit perfectly when they're freshly clean, but each time I wear them before they need to be washed again, they get a little looser.

Just hang in there, don't give up, and you'll see the difference Smile

This just shows that you have lost a little weight all over your body, not just in one area.  Also it will depend some on what you weighed when you started.  If you are heavier, you will notice it less, thinner, notice it more.  I probably had to lose a good 20-25 lbs before I could tell a real difference.

I have lost 33 lbs and my clothes are only slightly loose at this moment in time, I think it's because I have lost weight all over and not in just one specific area.  Honestly, I'm not really looking for my clothes to fit looser or to see the numbers on the scale drop, I'm doing this so I can make it a life-style and to be healthy and fit for life.

I feel the same way. I lost 15 lbs so far but my clothes still fit the same. It is a bit disappointing but I realize that for one you can't spot train an area and also even though I still wear the same clothes I feel a lot healthier.

I didnt think I was losing jean sizes either. But I was at 38lb weight lose and went to get new jeans and was down 2 sizes before I new it even tho I didnt think my old ones was loose yet. Give it time. Your probably losing in your thighs and arms and dont realize it.

it could be that you weren't really 13lbs heavier - maybe you had an extra 5lbs of water weight before you lost weight, because of whatever foods you used to eat?
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