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Weight Loss
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I lost an entire pant size in 2 weeks!

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YAY! I'm down from a size 12 starting mid October to a size 10! I kept all my old jeans and I tried my size 10 on last night! They fit like a glove!!! I'm not losing too much weight- just 3 pounds... but my inches are falling off! Just wanted to share the wonderful news! My goal is a size 8, but I want a size 6 if I can make it there!

By the way, I notice a lot of people saying they fell of the boat with their diet plan... I wanted to share that my fiance loves junk food (he's a thin male who doesn't put on a pound after eating an entire pizza if he wanted to =P ). He loves fast food, and ordering pizza... etc etc... Well, I included his eating into my plan.  This is how.  Last week he ordered pizza (stuffed crust at that) I took one slice, took off the toppings, and cut off the crust.  I ate the one piece of pizza and then had a salad with it! The same with any fast food place.  I'll eat a jr. cheeseburger or a grilled chicken sandwich and then eat a salad or a piece of fruit with a water! Of course this isn't every night... just maybe once or twice a week.  Just control how much you eat and the weight should come off.  Plus, on those days I do eat some fast food, i'll work out an extra 15 minutes at night.

Good luck to all of you!
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Congratulations!!!  I believe in eating the things you love..just do in moderation.  After all, it is a lifestyle and not a "diet".  Keep it up!
kwietro I feel for you lol.  I have a very thin boyfriend who can eat thousands of calories a day and not gain weight either.  We tend to find middle ground.  He will eat some healthy things like salads and fruit and stuff with me.  When we get things like pizza we get thin crust with only veggies as toppings, that way we both get to have something we enjoy and can feel good about :).  Im vegetarian too and he's not so life is interesting sometimes lol. 

I like your plan on how to do the moderation thing :). 
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