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Weight Loss
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I lost my boobs!!:(

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Its so funny how people who are trying to lose weight always lose and gain in the wrong places. My question...How do I get them back?

Any ideas?
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eat more? Implants? Fake ones to stuff in your bras?
Don't know
Yes, eat more to get back to a healthy weight. Your boobs just might return!
I vote for fake ones!  Oh, wait... that's me... never mind.

/strolls out whistling.
If you work on your pectoral muscles it helps support your boobs and gives you a bit more volume - worth a shot.
Take mine...PLEASE.
There's always pregnancy........I had FANTASTIC boobs when I was pregnant :)
You'v got to have kids and keep boob feeding till they go off and have kids of their own.

This way you will have nice BIG boobs and firm too.
I feel your pain my bust is now 31 inches. Ohh how sad, sad, sad.
Frankly, I could give you one or two of my cups
If it were possible I'd happily donate some of mine :-)  I'd be happy to lose weight that way.
I say enjoy your body as it is!! If you feel great, and your weight is in a healthy range, your breasts are probably proportionate. Don't let anyone mess with your head (or your body)!

To me, larger boobs mean more:
1. Grooves in your shoulders
2. Back trouble
3. Bounce (which some of us find painful)

Personally, I can't wait to lose 20 pounds and have my boobs go back to their normal size (aka 'smaller')!
I think if anyones gonna get rid of theirs, it should be me.  I'm
not supposed to have boobs.  I will gladly donate my boobs to
whoever wants them!
i lost my boobs too... but i gave them a little more volume by doing push-ups (45) and bench pressing 45 lbs in three sets of 10.... although i'm still only an A..they at least LOOK like they have some meat to them....
I lost mine, don't know where the heck they went to.

*looks at boobs disapointedly*

I've thought about implants, but then, I saw finewine's offer..

Finewine, send them to:

Boobieless in Flatsville

unfortunately, the boobs are the first to go for me too.  my husband said (after i lost weight and stopped nursing) that the (extra) boobs were just unneccesary fat that i didn't need.  he's a keeper.  :-)  the pushups sound like a great idea. i'll try that too.  i wonder did the exercises margaret did of Dear God It's Me, Margaret really work.
I have got plenty to share, I could donate to 3 people.  Mine got huge due to breastfeeding (they were pretty big to start out).  That was even before I gained so much weight!  Back when I was *just* somewhat overweight.   I have little hope to ever get back to my normal.  So, when I get that reduction surgery, a couple people can come along and have the excess.  LOL  I'll probably go down at least 3 to 4 cup sizes.

I'm getting implants once I reach my goal weight. My boobs are already small as they are and when I lose weight... they get even smaller.
If anyone does decide to go the route of implants (I'm not for or against them) just remember bigger isn't always better.  I'd love to fit into all those cute little bras from Victoria's Secret and LaSenza - all I get to wear are granny undies with a million hooks and super wide shoulder straps.  Tres sexy!
a simple, cheap, non-evasive solution... push up bra.

remember, it's fat that we don't need, so accentuate in another way. a fitted shirt and a miracle bra will make you look good.  why go artificial?  we're trying to be naturally beautiful here, aren't we?  don't be discouraged!
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