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Weight Loss
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I did it!!! I lost 100 pounds!!!

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Just had to celebrate by posting this!! My initial weight was 241 pounds (i'm 5'5'') a bit more than 2 years ago. First year I lost 70 pounds. Second year and a few months 30 pounds. After a long plateau, i upped my exercice routine from 1hour 4x per week to 1hours 20 mins 6x per week and today was my first day having officially lost 100+ pounds since I weighted at 140.4!!!!! Wohouuuuuu!!!! I'm so proud!! My goal was 100pounds but my final goal will probably be 135. I have to say that I also stopped eating gluten (intolerent) and have always ate pretty healthy (no meat, no sweets, 70 percent of my food are fruits and vegetables). Anyways all I want to say is there are no secret recipes or magic tricks just hard work, patience and believing in yourself!
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Congratulations!! You are an inspiration!
Party hats and confetti headed your direction! YOU are that person that people see and want to be like. You are the picture people post on their fridge saying, "i want to be like that girl". You are inspirational and motivating! Awesome job! Way to go :)

That is amazing!  So much hard work to get there!  I hope that I can post something similar by August of 2013.  Thank you for sharing this!

You did something really great! That was a wonderful post to read.

wow congrats~! sometimes when the scale refuses to move down (or even worse, starts moving up D:) i really get frustrated, but reading this was motivating~ and i guess not eating sweets would probably help, huhn xD


anyways, congratulations again! 

Way to go!!!!!!! Reading yo success helps me to stay motivated. I vowed to maintain over the holidays and now back on track! I have 45 pounds to go. Thanks for sharing your success.


Great Job!!!!!!!!!

That's amazing!!! Congrats!!

That is great!!

if i had your motivation i could accomplish something.


Wow! Congrats, on your hard work!

Yeah! *fist pumps*


Fantastic!! Well done Wink !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Job!


Wow well done, 100lbs is loads! It must feel so good to lose all that weight!  Make sure you keep eating healthily!

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Congratulation... Laughing I am so happy for you...  I only lost 16 pounds and I hope I can continue and will not gain weight too..

This is an amazing product...



Wow,  that is a great success, love how you did it healthy and with a strong commitment! Your example will help others around you! 

Hi Lauren,

Congratulations and welcome to the over 100 pound club! Feels amazing doesn't it? You have done something the majority only dream about and you should be very proud. 

Your accomplishment is yet another great example of drive and determination and sharing your accomplishment with us has not only inspired me but made my day so thank you.

May 2012 be filled with the unmatched joy that fitness and good health brings.

Nicely done!


Original Post by laurencevirtue:
 Anyways all I want to say is there are no secret recipes or magic tricks just hard work, patience and believing in yourself! True that, laurencevirtue. You have done wonderfully well, and you will surely keep it up down to goa (he!he! reads funny!). Then, the fine art of maintenance begins... Best of luck on your journey!


Congratulations! You rock! Seriously, good for you :D

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