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loss of appetite while sick.. any suggestions?

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Hey everyone,

I've been sick for roughly the past week and I have been having a really hard time trying to have 1200 calories a day. I've been drinking lots of water, and had a few Boost to get some nutrients, but I have to force myself to eat! Any suggestions for some calorie-rich food that is rich in good calories and that will keep my body running smoothly until my appetite comes back?

I forced myself to have scrambled eggs and an english muffin w/ home made strawberry jam today and that has been it so far, except for 2 soy drinks that were roughly 115 calories each. Including the eggs and english muffin I've only had about 650 calories.. half of what I should have! I'm going to go grab a Boost before bed, but I'd like some suggestions for tomorrow!

Thanks in advance! :)
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some avacado and almonds.  my favorite for getting some cals in.  besides, avacado is pretty easy to digest so it wont upset the tummy! =)
ugh, I had a stomach flu last year and wasn't able to eat anything for a week.  lost 10 pounds, according to the scales, but couldn't see anything from it.  water weight?
When I'm poorly I eat soups. Not alot of effort to eat and will keep your body ticking.

Hope you feel better soon.
try toast and bananas
Well, don't force too much-- don't want you to get sicker or anything. I'd stick with some general things like soup-- it'll give you what you need to keep on going and try to drink some juice too. I like the idea of having Boosts, that's good too.
thanks for all of the suggestions so far everyone!

Still no appetite today!

I'm headed to the grocery store later, so I will try to get some soup in the house, more Boost and maybe something else semi-solid or liquid.
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if you have an upset stomach/diarrhea, the following will calm it down:

#1 food = BANANAS




CREAM OF WHEAT/OATMEAL (no oatmeal if diarrhea - too much fiber)


BROTH (can add rice, noodles, potatoes, other carbs)

diarrhea - avoid veggies, fruits, fried food, milk, beans (ok to eat plain yogurt after a few days to replenish intestinal lactobacilli)

Oatmeal.. what a great idea!

I can make a big pot and eat little bits throughout the day when I am actually feeling hungry!
fruit juice
I have the flu now too and frankly, I see no reason to push food down your throat when you're sick. What's the first thing your pets do when they're sick? They turn their nose up at the food bowl. It takes a lot of energy to digest food and it's a response from your body not to make it do any work. A few days of eating just a little really isn't going to hurt anything.
to some extent i agree w/ spirochete - you don't want to push food down your throat just for the sake of getting calories.  if you have diarrhea, though, you do need to push clear fluids (you can throw a tablespoon of sugar + a dash of salt in it to replenish electrolytes, or just drink pedialyte. drinking apple juice is probably a good thing).  you won't go into starvation mode while you're sick, especially for a few days.

i think it may be a different story if the flu you're ill with isn't stomach flu, especially if you have a fever.  If you have a fever (especially if the fever is above 102-3), you may need the calories to make up for what your burning.  not that you want to put stress on your body by eating WAY more than you usually do (unless you have a chronic infection that causes fevers every day, but that wouldn't be a flu).  but get your calories from things that are simple to digest.  also, our pets don't have the option of eating things are easier on their stomachs (generally they just tough-to-digest, meaty, protein-filled kibbles and maybe some wet food) - i wouldn't eat that when i was sick either! but some bland carbs, bananas, or a lot of calories from juice?  sure!

if you don't get better or you just don't want to wait it out, there may be meds that can help: OTC meds for nausea (mostly just cheap antihistamines) are really lousy, the really good ones are prescription serotonin antagonists and they are EXPENSIVE (i take odansetron/Zofran b/c my HIV meds make me nauseaus and it runs $3k/month; compazine's cheap [as are other phenothiazines] but only works well intramuscularly + can create paradoxical nausea, and isn't as good as newer drugs, and has side effects)  Tigan works well, is available in suppositories if you can't get meds down, and isn't too expensive.  but, if you have diarrhea, the OTC drugs DO work well (especially immodium) - if you want something stronger, but still not morphine, you can ask your doctor for lomotil, which is cheap.   

to all you guys with the flu right now: just listen to your bodies.  whatever your strategies, i'm sure you know what's right for your own selves.  And feel better soon! hugs! -Erin
Don't worry too much, just focus on getting better. Like always, just make sure you're getting lots of fluids. Soup is good, dry toast, maybe a fruit cup and a multivitamin, water, fruit juices...don't force it down, just get better!
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try grains..like whole wheat breads, pita's, even brown rice. When I had a stomach virus and started to be able to eat again (but my tum was still very sensitive) I ate brown rice and it helped get my energy back and get my metabolism going..plus it was pretty easy to keep down.
Well.. still not much of an appetite today!

Thanks for all of the suggestions!

I went to the grocery store today and got more boost and some bananas, soup broth and some other stuff that will hopefully agree with my stomach.

It almost feels like I've got about 1/10th of the space in my stomach. It reminds me of watching the gastric bypass surgeries on TV, where there's just a little pouch.

Had some mushed up banana, oatmeal, soy beverage and a boost today. Lots of water too. Might try to make some home made soup later, or maybe some scrambled eggs. Solid foods like breads haven't really been liking me these past few days.

Once again, thanks for all of the suggestions everyone!
Whenever I'm sick I always buy the same things because I know I'll keep them down:

-Fruit Snacks (the fun kid kinds, with a son they are usually always in the house anyways)
-Applesauce (someone else mentioned this, it's really good)
-Gatorade (drink it like I would normally drink water)
-Crackers of any kind (graham, saltines, wheat thins are my fav)

Lots of sugar I know, and I actually don't normally eat these things when I'm not sick, but they keep me going and I don't mind eating them when I don't want to eat anything else.  How you did eggs I don't know!

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Hope you feel better soon!  I used to get bouts of nausea (from migraines) when I was in college and the best advice the student health person gave me was to keep fruit popsicles (not the pure sugar kind, but the kind with actual fruit juice) on hand.  It was a way of getting something in the stomach without upsetting it further.
Finally feeling a bit better today!

I was able to eat a whole pot of homemade soup (lots of veggies, pasta, v8 juice, all kind of yummy ingredients), 2 pieces of whole wheat toast, 1/2 cup of my bran cereal (13g of fibre baby!), and I'm going to attempt a banana in a little while.

I've been drinking lots of fluids, and i'm surprised my weight hasn't gone up.. I guess some of my weightloss wasn't water weight! I'm only 6 pounds from my goal which was supposed to be met by my birthday (the 25th).. so I am a happy camper!

Thanks for all of the suggestions.. I am keeping them in mind for the next time I can't eat!
it's not so much calories that you should be worried about, but demineralization.  Your body will get all the caloric value it needs through reverse metabolization.

If you eat sea vegetables, they are loaded with the vitamins and minerals you need to get by.

miso soup is really good for protein.

These are foods that you should only eat in small doses.

Also, avoid sugar like the plague.  It acidifies your blood which makes it hospitable to virus' and bacteria.  The more you alkalize yourself, the faster you'll get well.  And if you keep yourself alkalized, you won't get sick as often or as badly.

By the way...  Eggs are a good source of protein, but they are otherwise not fit for human consumtion.  The dairy famers just pay off the gov't to tell you that they are good.

Lizards eat eggs...  carnivores eat eggs...  humans are neither.  We are omnivores...  but our intestines are too long to handle anything more complicated than sea food or the occasional bird.  All those eggs and meats you eat are rotting in your gut before you finish digesting them, becoming toxic, and destroying your immune system and causing cancer.

Women who have never eaten eggs don't get reproductive cancer.

Feel better soon.
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