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Loss of appetite

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Over the last week I have lost my appetite.  Normally I would be thrilled but I know I still need to eat my min calories.  I am supposed to be eating 1300 a day but lately I have been struggling to eat 800, just nothing and I mean NOTHING sounds good not even the fast food bad stuff.  I have lost a total of 28lbs on here since I started in early May and I really dont want to come to a screetching hault because of eating too little.

Has anyone else had this problem?  If so whats the best way to work up your appetite?  Any suggestions?

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Best way is to eat more....   For some people eating too little results in a binge.  For others (like you) the less you eat, the more used to it you get, the slower your metabolism, the lower your appetite, the less you eat.... can be a vicious circle if you're not careful.   1300 could have been too low to start with.  800 is dangerously low, of course.

Consciously make a day this week/end where you consume your 'maintenance calories'.... should be 2000+.  Plan the day carefully so that you can fit it all in and go with good quality high-cal low-bulk foods like nuts, oils, red meat, cheese, oily fish, dried fruit, wholegrains so that you get the extra energy without feeling uncomfortably full.   Start early with a good breakfast and work from there with frequent meals and energy-dense snacks.   Treat yourself to a dish of ice-cream or a glass of wine at the same time.  What you should find is that the extra cals spark your metabolism and your appetite back into action and the next day you feel a lot hungrier than normal.   Then maybe go back to 1500 cals minimum rather than 1300.  It could stop the same thing happening again.

The same thing has happened to me!  I guess I got too used to eating small amounts.  I've found that if I force myself to eat, I am hungry for the food after the first few bites.  I agree with gi-jane, it would be in your best interest to up your calories occasionally.  Good luck and keep up the good work!

Thanks I will try this....  see normally I always have one day (at least) a week where I go over the suggested 1300 calories (suggested by CC) and I will eat around 1800 or so.

But this last week I didnt even want to do that...  grrrrrr   And sometimes I do actually get hungry but then when I sit and think about what I want nothing sounds good.  I think of food and the though that comes to mind is BLAH  lol

I will try today to eat extra....  maybe I can find just something to nibble on all day at the office to get my calories up but yet where I wont feel like i'm  really eating alot....  maybe I'll grab some nuts like you suggested (wow that sounded bad lol)

and incase it matters I am: 5ft, currently 147lbs (started at 175lbs so yeah me) deffinitly large build (very muscular...  gee thanks mom for having me inherit your body type)  lol

Sorry but don't try to 'nibble' your way back because that's really not going to work.   You need to plan meals of real food... meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, spices, whatever... something tasty to spark your imagination, get your taste-buds woken up and your digestive juices flowing.  If you nibble on snacks at the office it'll just be mechanical eating - like a chicken in a battery farm pecks seeds out of the feeder - which isn't enjoyable or satisfying.  

Get the recipe books out and get inspired, maybe?  Try something  completely new?  Rather than getting hungry and then sitting and thinking about what you want.... decide what's going to be on the menu in advance.  Then look forward to it, make it and eat it.   That's the way to get your appetite back.

Will do...   maybe I'll head on up to the grocery store this morning before work and get something to cook up for dinner that I havent had in a while.  Thanks everyone  :)

Definitely plan your meals and snacks until you get back on track.  You could add in a small dessert or a glass of wine if that would help you on the calories, but I wouldn't go for more than 10% of your overall calorie allocation as a general rule with either treats or alcohol.

Sometimes I'll take a handful of pecans and a handful of chocolate chips and mix them when I'm too low on calories.

If you're going to graze, plan it out with plastic baggies and make sure they go home empty.

I was feeling kinda ill the other day and barely wanted to eat today, but I made myself eat a bit, here and there.

Then my BF came home and my appetite came roaring back.... so sometimes you just need to know a good meal is coming to get back on track!


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