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Losing weight but my waist is staying the same size!

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I'm a 26 year old male. With the exception of Tuesdays, which are rest days, I am in the gym daily lifting weights. In March I modified my diet to ensure that i'd have a calorie deficit and begin losing weight. It's not that i'm fat. In fact even in March at 5'9" and 206 lbs my top four abdominal muscles were visible. My problem was that I wanted to also see my bottom abs and I have a 36 inch waist. I work my abs five days each week with high repetition exercises (leg lifts, flutter kicks, cruches, etc) and I also do 4 to 5 sets of 20 on a resistance abdominal machine at World Gym with between 120 and 150 lbs of resistance. Now, almost seven months later, I weigh 184 lbs and still have a 36 inch waist. As was the case seven months ago I can clearly see my top four abdominal muscles, but my bottom abs are not invisible. What in the world is causing this? Now I have reached a point where I feel that i'm getting too small in all the wrong places. My weight has dropped enough that it's impacted my strength in all of my major lifts. I have clear definition everywhere but the area three inches below my belly button and I am nowhere closer to my goal. Grrrrrr....
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Shake up your routine a little bit.  Maybe your body is used to your current workout and isn't quite ready to surrender the remaining fatty tissue hiding those lower abs of yours.
why dont you get a personal trainer for a one off session at your gym. Im sure they could show you how to work that area and come up with a programme to suit you. Shouldnt be too expensive if its just once
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I'm amazed you can see your abs with a 36" waist.


Most guys hold fat around the waist. That means you'll drop weight every other place and still have fat around the middle. It takes time.


The ab work out isn't going to show off the abs. Might make them stronger. Might give them better endurance. But to show them off you need to drop more weight.


Have you had a body fat test done?


184 at 5'9 isn't too skinny.  Zeke is right.  You need to lose overall body fat to have abdominal definition.  Sorry. :(
Aye man... you are losing muscle if you are dropping strength. You have the same body type I do and at 185 I have a 30" waist. But yes, definately need to drop your BF to the near unhealthy essential fat range to get completely defined.
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