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Weight Loss
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Losing Weight With Sea Vegetables?!

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So I have been told by my Doctor and Naturopath that Sea Vegetables (comes in pill form) are a natural way of boosting your Thyroid, if you have an underactive Thyroid, and therefore can aid in weight loss.

I have recently started taking them and was just wondering if anyone else had heard of them or tried them, and if they can help with an underactive thyroid or weight loss?


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If your doctor thinks you have an underactive thyroid then you need medication not sea vegetables.  Iodine deficiency can cause 'goitres' but this is extremely rare in people who eat a Western Diet.  Iodine is a trace element that is found in seawater and soil, and then enters the food chain. Iodine can be added to one's diet by eating fish, seafood, vegetables, and many dairy products.  Iodine is also added to salt. 

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