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Losing Weight with PCOS. Does Metformin help/Work?

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Hey my name is Kaylee im 22 from Sydney Australia I currently weight 127 kilos or 282 pounds. I have been over weight my whole life in 2007 my doctor told me i had PCOS but to focus on my schooling at not to worry about it yet.

My symptons got worse and i went to a different doctor last night who perscribed me Metformin 500mg x 2 tablets a day.

I have been trying to lose weight as long as i can remember and nothing works, I'm really at my witts end and am hoping this works :(

The symptons of pcos are horrible
- hair growth where it should not be growing
- hair loss on my head
- cant lose weight
- having difficulty falling pregnant (This scares me the most, my partner and i have been together for four years. Im not on birth control but just cant seam to fall)
- Mood swings

Has anyone had tried this medication and had any success with any of pcos symptons?

I have also been told if i lose weight my pcos will go away. Is this true?

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Hey there!


I'm on metformin for pcos as well, have have been on it for a long while now. I'm 27 going on 28 and have lost around 150lbs over a year and a half. I'm now about 138lbs. :) I didnt find it hard to lose the weight honestly, and I've only been a healthy weight for 5 months or so and I can say not all of the symptoms of pcos have gone away, maybe just got a bit better.. maybe. Some say they get better tho, and maybe even go away so there it hope! :)

I've had PCOS for over 8 years or so.  When I first started to take the metformin, I lost about 30 pounds easily...I was not hungry like I used to be.  I was also on several other medicines for the PCOS.  I was watching what I ate.   I unfortunately became depressed and gained back the 30 plus more over the next 5 or so years.

In January of this year, at 242, I started to count my calories and eat healthy.  I was still on all the meds (birth control, spironolactone (for hair growth), and metformin.  After losing over 50 pounds, I was taken off all of the meds.  Since I was taken off the metformin in September, it has been extremely difficult for me to lose any weight.  I just started taking it again and am once again losing weight -- also with calorie counting and exercise.  Metformin is not a magic pill.  You cannot eat anything and lose weight.  It helps to regulate your blood sugar.

Your symptoms can get better, but you will always have PCOS.  The most important thing I did was to see an Endocrinologist for my PCOS.  He did blood work on me regularly and really helped me to overcome this disease. 

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I was diagnosed wiht PCOS about 6 years ago, but i am pretty sure i had it all my life, my only symtom of it was that i never got my period on a regular basis.  I only had it once a year or once every 18 months.  In my early 20's my Doctor's just pretty much told me not to worry about it and just put me on Birth Control to regulate my period. 

I was 130lbs for most of my 20's without medication. I gained about 20lbs after I got married  and was trying to get pregnat when i was diagnosed, I was started on  Metformin, it did not help me loose weight(however since i was trying to get pregnant, i was not watching what i ate or exercised).   I had to resort to a fertility dr. to get pregnant. We are extremly lucky and have 3 kids.

After my pregnancies, i am know about 45lbs overweight, and i am having a difficult time lossing weight, but  I have  lost 15lbps, with my own version of the  Paleolithic diet, I still eat dairy, and legumes, most of the sugar i eat comes from fruits. 

What surprised me about this diet is that I am actually ovulating monthly now and it was pretty consistant for the months that i followed it , during the summer I cheated and  started eating grains and refined sugars and my period stopped again, so last month i started again, and it started again.  If you like fruits and vegestables it is not a hard diet to follow. 

My sister, who is now 22, started out at a similar weight as you. She was told she had PCOS at 16 and she used birth control pills to moderate her hormones. She gained weight in her first year in college, going up to about 280 lbs. (2007). The following year she lost about 60 lbs. and has lost an additional 50 lbs. since then and now weighs about 170 lbs. and is still losing. She did a no carb diet for 9 months, and has sustained a low carb diet since then and she exercises regularly. 


Good luck!

I also find that a low (good) carb diet has helped me to lose weight as well as balances out the mood swings.  Eating carbs usually makes me very hungry; so I try to stay away from them.  I eat my oatmeal or cereal at night for a snack, that way I can still enjoy it, but it doesn't ruin my entire day.

If a food triggers me to become hungry, I won't eat it during the day or I will just become more aware of it.  Usually if I eat protein with my carbs, it takes the "edge" off and evens out my blood sugar.  Good Luck!

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I'm on metformin for PCOS but it didn't aid in my ability to lose weight.  I've worked out 6 hours a week and been on a 1,000-1,200 calorie diet and nothing worked.  Recently my doctor upped my dosage of my thyroid medication and I've started to lose weight.  Getting checked for hypothyroidism if you're honestly doing all the right things and aren't losing weight is a good idea.  Thyroid symptoms aren't easily detected and easy to dismiss as nothing.  Best to get a blood test to double check

I have PCOS and have pretty much always had it (even before anyone told me or possibly knew what it was.)  I had infertility and that's how I realized what I had (not ovulating when taking fertility pills.)  I was normal weight most of my life, although I tended to gain once I was out of college.  My point being that my weight did not cause the PCOS, I had it then and I have it now.  There was no treatment for PCOS back in the day.  I got pregnant finally from IVF and had 4 kids total (1, twins, 1.)  After the twins I saw a doctor and was put on metformin.  This gave me regular 28 day cycles literally for the first time in my life.  This was 13 years ago.  I lost 45 lbs too, but really that was due to the reduced  carb/low cal diet I was put on (that is in my "about me" section if you want to try it.)  I gained it back, lost 90, gained most back, lost 80, gained a lot back and am losing again.  All of this time I have been on metformin.  Essentially when I start eating carbs again, I gain.  Who knows if I'd have been able to conceive on metformin, by the time I tried it I had done the IVF and had frozen embryos and couldn't afford to try to get pregnant since I needed to use those.  People with PCOS often tend to produce lots of egg follicles, which is a good thing with IVF.  I'm not saying you'll need to do that.  You can use the metformin and eat low carb (try the diet that my doctor gave me, he was the MD who pioneered the treatment for PCOS) and maybe that will work.  He thought that I'd be able to conceive on it, who knows.  I am 48 now and now I wonder if I should continue on it after menopause.  People with PCOS are more prone to developing diabetes, which is a lot of the reason I use it.  As far as symptoms go, I quit getting acne from the metformin.  I didn't have too much trouble with hair in the wrong places, but did develop that as I got older (I think that's common.)  I think it will help you with symptoms though, like I said, my cycles were like clockwork for 12 years or so, until I started into perimenopause, and now they tend to be shorter than 28 days.  I just loved being "normal."  But it's not a magic weight loss solution, diet is important too.

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