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Losing weight with an oral fixation

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I'm trying to lose some weight, but I keep falling off the wagon because of my oral fixation. I just can't stop sticking food in my mouth just for the need of something being there.

The worst part is that I work at a Rita's Water Ice just about every other day where I'm not allowed to chew gum, so I end up munching on custard and ice all day.

I have been trying to drink water or diet soda to satisfy it, but the peeing every hour is getting on my nerves. It just goes right through me.

Do you guys have any tips for dealing with this? 


*And please keep the dirty jokes to a minimum...*

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I drink a ton of tea!!! Like 6 cups plain tea a day... I boil water for my tea in my mini-tea kettle (so cute) on the stove and feel all domestic lol - I have tea at breakfast, anytime I'm sitting around, or anytime I want to feel cozy and calm, and after dinner too. Keeps hands busy and mouth. Hot tea you have to sip so you won't drink it as fast as regular water (so maybe it'll keep you occupied longer without having to make you pee quite as much?)

I'm not sure of other ways. Altoids/tiny mints. Those mouth breath strips. Maybe hard candies/ticktacks/hard lollipops/jaw breakers - and you probably can't have those if you can't have gum though... 

I'll let others take care of the dirty jokes though I can think of plenty lol





Probably not a helpful suggestion but have you tried smaller things you can snack on throughout the day like grapes, blueberries, or raisins?

I, too, have a bad oral fixation. Have multiple packs of gum a day (so bad!). I drink water using the camelback bottle with the squishy/biting top. It's a small thing, but it's satisfying to bite on the top of it to drink the water. Perhaps try that!

The water thing bugs me too, I've been having to go to the bathroom so much more frequently now.  but I'd rather do that if it means helping shed the pounds, so....

How about mints?  I think there are some sugarfree ones around. 

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