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Losing weight but not losing any inches

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Hello! I've been exercising and dieting for approximately a month and i've lost 10lbs so far but i don't seem to notice any differences in my dress size. However, my mother seems to think that i've lost some inches but i don't believe her because i can't even see it myself. I have classes everyday until 4pm and i do some cardio exercises for about 30mins a day. I eat a slice of bread in the morning for breakfast and an apple for lunch and i don't eat much for dinner and i ALWAYS eat before 6pm! i also drink about 5 glasses of green tea a day as it is said to aid in weight loss. what am i doing wrong? I know i've lost weight but i really want to see some changes in my body shape. Please share any of the information that you have with me :( anything that's reliable or learnt through personal experiences are totally welcomed.

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...Your day of food is a slice of bread, an apple, and a small dinner?  If you're getting 500 calories a day, I'd be surprised.  PLEASE tell me you're eating more than that - if you aren't, you're starving yourself.  Bread, apple, and a tiny dinner is a crash diet, and you can't get enough nutrients to fuel your body on that little food.  If I've misunderstood you, I apologise.

It also sounds like you're young, and young people need considerably more food than us older folks.

If you give us your height, weight, and age, the folks here can give you a much more accurate description of what kind of food/fitness routine would work best for you.

If you want to lose inches, try eating more (a LOT more) and starting some weight training in place of the cardio.  Toning would probably help you a little more now.

How much you change physically on the outside with a 10lb weight loss will depend on how much you weigh in the first place. Someone who weighs 200lbs might not start to see a difference before losing 20lbs. Someone who weighs 140lbs will see it from losing barely 3-5lbs. Have you actually measured yourself before and after? If your mum sees the change but you don't, then maybe you're just being too critical of yourself and not allowing yourself to see the positive aspects of your weight loss. The difference between two dress sizes is quite big, so you may have to lose 15-20lbs before needing a smaller size. Don't let yourself be discouraged. 10lbs in a month is more than most of us can dare hope for.

First is you want to see changes in shape try measuring yourself. Write down the measurements at waist, hits, bust, each arm , and each leg.

Second An apple, a slice of bread, and dinner is not a healthy diet.Depending on teh sizer of dinner and unless it is huge you are starbving your body. Go on and log your weight and height and age and exercise and shoot for a deficit between 400-800Calories per day. Any more then 800 and maybe more then 600 defict and you are starving and your body will react as if it is starving and not let you lose well.

You want to keep energy up and a healthy and balanced diet is part of that . Add some eggbeaters with that toast, and some peanut butter to that apple, have a yogurt snack. You sound like you have an eating disorder.

I have the same thing happening to me. Dieting and excercising for 3 weeks this Friday and have lost 11 pounds but I dont feel any different. People have said I look a little thinner but I started at 225 and am at 214 now. I probably wont show the loss until Im at like 25 pounds down. And I am eating about 1,000 calories a day and work out for 30 minutes 3X a week. I dont feel hungry or weak or anything, so eating 1,000 cal a day works for me! So dont be discouraged, it will happen, it just takes forever!

I too really hope that you are eating more than a slice of bread, an apple, and a small dinner each day.  That's a starvation diet and any weight you lose will come right back on...not to mention the harm you are causing your body.

That being said, I have lost only 11lbs and I wish I had been measuring myself from the beginning.  I started measuring a couple weeks ago and already have lost an inch off my hips (the biggest part of me).  If I hadn't measured, I never would have known.  I don't feel I look any different either.  I'm now going to measure every two weeks.  I wonder how many inches I lost those other weeks without knowing? Hmmm...

Hmm. A slice of bread. An apple. Small dinner...can't see any weight loss? Ya don't say!

Please eat more. This isn't rocket science. You have to fuel your body properly if you want it to perform well. Starve it and it will show you what it thinks of that.

Get thee to a BMR calculator and eat the number of calories it says to...see what happens.

Ignore Ladyluck, who needs to eat more calories herself. As others have said, 1,200 is the BARE MINUMUM.

Both of you need to eat mre.

You may be losing inches in the places you aren't looking. This is what happened to me. I was so busy looking how my belly wasn't budging that I didn't notice the pounds melting off my butt and thighs. It was only after about 10lbs that my stomach started to shrink.

In addition, I've heard that fast weight loss may be linked to losing more muscle and water weight, which might impact the scale, but won't make much of a difference on the measuring tape. 10 lbs per month is probably fine if you're over 250lbs, but it's a little fast for someone lighter.

Also, take a moment and ask yourself if this eating plan of yours is something you could stick to for life. Any temporary habits will result in temporary weight loss. Now, if you can follow rules like 'never eat after 10pm' for life, and eating such minimal, scarce, and boring foods, good for you! But if not, try adopting a more moderate, sustainable diet. You will lose weight slower, but you'll be glad in the long term.

well i'm 18 and i'm only 153cm. I currently weigh 59kg which is about 130lbs. my BMI is 25.2 which is slightly overweight so i intend to lose another 4kg. sometimes i'll eat a tuna sandwich during lunch hour at college and an occasional cup of yogurt but that's all i eat. i'm afraid of eating rice and potatoes or anything that contains carbs because i'm really scared of gaining weight. i know i haven't been eating a lot but i don't feel hungry after exercising. i have no idea what to do anymore :( i just want to look better and healthier! i don't want to be referred to as 'that fat friendly girl'. yes, i admit that it's mostly due to peer pressure because of the thin girls that i see everyday. i don't want to be stick thin; i just want to be normal.

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