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Weight Loss
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I am not losing weight!! Help!!!

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I have been working out everyday for the past 2 months.  (Different parts of the body each day and do lots of cardio.)  Whenever I enter my foods into my calorie counter, I am consistently about 500 calories less than my target intake.  How come I'm not losing weight?
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I am having a great deal of difficulty losing weight.  From what I understand, my BMR is 1403 based on the fact that I am a 51 year old female, standing 5'5" and weighing 157.  Because I have a sedentary life style I would need to eat about 1685 calories to maintain this weight.  Since I want to lose, I am eating between 1250 and 1450 calories daily.  I walk 2 miles three days each week for the past two weeks.  I AM NOT LOSING ANYTHING.....GRRRRR.  Am I doing something wrong?
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If you're eating less calories than your bmr, you're forcing your metabolism into starvation mode.  You also need to eat enough calories to fuel for your workouts.

Body weight x 11 = calories to maintain

Subtract 10%, 15%, or 20% from that number above, and that's your dieting calories.  If you work out, add more calories to compensate for the exercise (a couple of extra pieces of fruit, for example).

Break the calories up into 5 mini meals, and never consume less than 1200 calories.  Also start weight/resistance training....muscle is lost as we age, and the more muscle we have, the more calories it naturally burns.  Don't be freaked by the scale as muscle weighs more than fat.

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Ok, my weight is 157.  My bmr is 1727.  I'm eating about 20% less than that which would be on average 1385.  Somedays it is a little more, other days it is a little less.  And I seriously mean a little.  Why do I eat more calories after I walk 2 miles?  I don't get that?

Here's my problem.  I am somewhat disabled and haven't exerciesed in years.  I am now walking 2 miles three days a week.  What would be good exercieses for the days I don't walk?

I want to lose a pound a week. 

Seriously, though, I have not lost any weight.  It's so disheartening.


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Two miles is not much in terms of exercise, but when you say "disabled", it's a great place to start and I applaud you for making the effort! 

Since the exercise is light (compared to say weight training), you probably can get away without adding in extra calories.  If you feel a headache at all, add in a piece of fruit - it's your body's way of telling you you're not getting enough calories with the exercise.  Got it?   :)

You should lose weight safely and in a healthy fashion with the formula I gave you....I've lost 65 pounds with it.

Does this mean I need to eat more?  Since I exercise everyday and eat less than the targeted calorie intake how come I don't see any weight coming off?

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If you're eating too few calories, your body thinks it's in starvation mode.  You have to feed it so it thinks it's in "feast mode".  When your body thinks it's feasting, it burns the stored fat, assuming that you will replace it quickly.  The thing is, you don't want to replace the fat, but you want the body to think you are.

By eating more calories based on the body weight x 11, and subtracting up to 20%, your body knows there's a calorie deficit, but it's not severe enough to put it into starvation mode. 

When you eat too few calories, you are training your body to do without, and it makes it harder to lose weight.  Why should your body lose weight if you've starved it for so long?  You're setting your metabolic bar low doing that.  To lose weight, you have to push the metabolic bar back up.   

Break the calories into 5 mini meals - not three big ones.  It's like throwing a log on a takes a long time to catch.  You want to throw in small pieces for a quick fire catch that runs hot.  This is what you want your metabolism to hot and fast.  Eat every 3 hours or so on this schedule.

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how do you know that you're putting your body into starvation mode? i've been having the same problems with not losing any weight even while watching my calories and working out.

according to texmez's math, i need 1925cals a day to maintain, 1540cals with 20% taken off which i usually get around to eating, but probably a little bit less. however i work out pretty intensively (cardio sprints for 20mins, crunches and weight training). so am i putting my body into starvation mode?

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Gastesy, if you're working hard, add around 200 or so calories to your diet to start.  Watch and see how your body reacts as adding in is a little bit more tricky than subtracting calories out. 

Watch your scale for a few days while you add, and don't panic if you gain a little bit - if you've slowed your metabolism down through the starvation mechanism, it's going to take a little bit to bring it back in line.  Just be patient.  If it consistenly goes up and it's not muscle (use a fat caliper and start taking regular measurements) being added to your frame, back down on the calories a little bit.  You have to learn how to read your own body through the scale, a tape measure, and fat calipers. 

The key is to watch for headaches - if you're getting them, it's because you're hungry, so add in a few more calories.  You should be able to get through the day without feeling starved, or constantly thinking about food if you're doing it right. 

You should calculate your BMR, or Basal Metabolic Rate. This is the amount of calories you burn keeping yourself alive (heart beat, breathing, maintaining body temperature, etc). It's based on height, weight and gender.

You should not consistently eat less than your BMR. If you eat less than your BMR for a prolonged period of time, your body thinks it is starving because you're not consuming enough to keep it alive! A couple of days of very low calorie eating will not send your body to starvation mode, but if you do it on a regular basis, then your metabolism will gradually slow down.

This website has a BMR calculator.

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Good Morning, I started on cc about a month ago, started on 164 and currently 158-160. It worked for the first weeks and now I am stock at 160. I have been eating between 1200-1300 and going to the gym at leat 3 x week. I feel like i am not loosing anything. What can i do? I just want to get rid of at least 10 lbs. Please advice
j70--how many times a day are you eating? 
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are you drinking enough water? If you don't you may be retaining. Also eating the right kind of foods do make a difference. too. lot's of friuts and veggies, stay away from snack foods. Also try changing your gym routine, to give your body a wake up call. maybe interval cardio, or different wieght routine.

 I question the BMR idea ( not eating less than your BMR)  because my BMR is supposed to be 1509 and this site recommends  a cal for me  intake of 1350 . This has been working for me. I stick fairly close to that, sometimes a little over sometime over, and I have been losing about 2 lbs a week for the past month or so. I don't know if I will plateau out however.

I work out at the gym about 2-3 times a week and try to walk about 30 min. a day.



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I  just checked another thread about BMR. I think I understand it now.

in the  BMR  calculator use  your  GOAL wieght in the calculator that gives you what you currently should be eating, NOT your current wieght.


False, use your current weight, current height, current age, current gender.
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