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Weight Loss
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Why am i losing weight so fast?

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Who in there right mind COMPLAINS about losing weight so easily... lol.

Okay, i just want to make sure I'm not losing weight TOO fast.
I began a weight loss challenge on the first of July, and in the two and a half weeks i have lost about 3kg... which is 6.6 pounds.
That's about 3lbs a week!
And I'm only keeping a deficit of 500, so shouldn't i only be losing 1lbs per week?
I'm not really complaining, I'm just wondering if this is unusual.
I usually eat 1800 on the weekends (I don't know why, it just ends up happening) which kicks my ass into gear that i Have to be strict the rest of the week so i pretty much stick with a deficit of 500.
Though, i do have days, like yesterday, where i only consumed 1190 calories... give or take a few.
Is there such a thing as losing weight too quickly?
Also I'm finding my stomach is getting very fragile so if i eat large meals (like i used to only 2.5 weeks ago!!) i throw up.
Well, only into my mouth but it is really quite gross.
Is there something wrong?

To those struggling with weight loss, I'm sorry! please don't hate me!
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If you're just starting out it will go quickly.... trust me it will slow down later!! I did 4lbs a week for the first four.... now I'm lucky if I get one.
Lol oh... well that's fine, i only really wanted to lose 10lbs anyway :) maybe 20 if i get fussy.
Usually weight loss of more than 2lbs a week is only safe for obese people.  Is it possible this sites suggestions and expenditure could be off? maybe you should try raising your intake by an easy-peasy 100 calories a week until the loss slows down.  That's the only thing I can think of, unless you are exercising excessively and not making up for it.
I'm new here and don't know as much about weight loss as a lot of people, but I believe you lose a lot of water weight starting off.

I could be wrong on that, though.

Either way, congrats on the weight lost so far.
Thanks :) I'm pretty pleased with it.

I do over estimate my food since i'm paranoid i will under-estimate and i will gain weight instead.
I have issues with food, weight and scales...
But i think i eat enough.
I have my bad days where i don't eat, but on most day's i eat enough.
I just try and find low cal-high water content vegetables.
I don't exercise.
I'm meant to be doing 6miles (going at 12mph) a day on the exercycle, but i don't end up doing it.
On monday (two nights ago) i biked 20k's in one go to try and burn up what ever i gained over the weekend :S
But i haven't done any since.
I don't even walk much throughout the day, i just sit with my laptop.
That's why i try not to eat too much.
it's probably just water weight :)
I restarted my eating better a week ago and have lost 8 lbs - its mostly from finally eating right and water weight.  2 lbs a week for females is fine.  If it gets to be too much too soon then chances are you will gain it back once you start eating again, but if you lose it slowly you'll find it easier to keep it off.
three pounds a week doesn't sound unhealthy, then again I'm no doctor. However, I've never heard of the vomitting after large meals. If your body's reacting like that... maybe you're over-counting your calories? just something to consider. I could be totally wrong.
you look like a very young, thin, beautiful girl. Have you talked about your diet with any of your friends or family? You should give that a try. Nothing feels better than their support, and they can probably give you much better advice about your health.
I'm not much of a social person so i don't really have friends.
I have my boyfriend, family, then a few people online i talk to.
It's pretty much all i need :)
Since I'm not 'fat' my family just say i don't need to lose weight if i bring it up.
And of course my boyfriend says much the same.
I don't talk much, and if i said "Ag i keep almost throwing up when i eat too much. do you think my stomachs too small now?" they would probably accuse me of being anorexic or bulimic.
My sister is trying to lose weight (she actually needs to) and she just makes angry comments about how I'm anorexic if i talk about weight loss and dieting.
I'm not anorexic by the way, i always eat over 1000 calories.
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